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With all of this in mind, Citizen Gamer (a shark lover if ever there was one), can't help but wonder: How did we ever properly celebrate the ocean's wiliest inhabitants before the advent of iPhones, iPods and the App Store? To begin with, you'll notice that a little game called "Hungry Shark: Part 1" is floating around in the No. Tap the screen and you'll give your shark a nice boost so he can gobble up that Jet Skier skimming across the surface.
In addition to clownfish, blue tangs and the like, this game will let you raise and care for your very own virtual sharks (Tiger Shark and Whale Shark among them). If you happen to have $1.99 to burn and you've always yearned to see what would happen if you mounted a frickin' laser on a shark's head, there's the "Laser Shark" game. There's also an underwater-themed tower-defense style game called "Shark Attack" that you can download for 99 cents or try out for free.
But let's say you're the kind of person who actually wants to learn something helpful about sharks during Shark Week.
Folks, the good news is, while Shark Week will soon draw to a close, these applications will stick around for years to come. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

So when his sons Frank and Leo, aged 11 and 10, began badgering him for the latest Call of Duty game, he decided to strike a bargain. Eso no es nada tu en la noche personalizada puede que te salga shadow bonnie y te tire la partida y no solo eso tambien se te sale del juego y tienes que volver a empezar. Hola soy nueva en esta pagina alquien me dice como descargar este juego esq pongo descargar y descargar y no funciona. Yes, shark-related apps have invaded the App Store just in time for the Discovery Channel's beloved Shark Week (now celebrating its 23rd anniversary).
However, if you love these big fish and you want to kill some time on your iDevice, fire up iTunes and head on over. You'll keep their tank nice and clean, give them plenty of love and, of course, make sure they're well fed. And for additional sharky amusement, check out the games "Shark Survivor,""Shark Bite" and (I am not making this up) "Attack of the Mutant Zombie Laser Shark vs.
Winda Benedetti is wearing a frickin' laser beam attached to her head right here on Twitter. Their kids are spending a disproportionate amount of time playing violent video games, relishing the photorealistic gore, a wild look in their eyes as they gun down wave after wave of pixelated baddies.

He would take them to a war-torn area where they would be able to speak to some of the individuals involved.
You might want to try "Laser Shark Lite" for free first to see if this game floats your boat. Then, when they returned to Sweden, he'd let them play the game to their hearts' content, with a new-found awareness of the disconnect between fantasy and reality.
Both applications seek to impart important knowledge upon you, providing you with shark pictures and nuggets of shark wisdom. Make sure he gobbles up every fish and, yes, human you can find so he doesn't starve to death — being a shark is calorie-burning work, after all. These apps are hardly comprehensive, but they will perhaps teach you a little something new about one of nature's most misunderstood beasts. And with that comes the responsibility to educate ourselves and not just become zombies playing video games." As for Frank and Leo, when they returned from the Middle East, they decided they didn't want to play the new Call of Duty game after all.

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