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Zombie mods, in lieu of the shambling corpses actually appearing in the game as official content, are plenty for GTA V. Part of the wonder of the zombie genre is observing the tricks people pull to make it all still seem fresh (no pun intended). Humane Labs Experiments takes us back to the sinister bioresearch facility, which was the scene of one of GTA Online’s Heists.
The modder makes great use of the level design of the Labs, and the mod has plenty genuine scares in it. Welcome to GTA 5 Cheats - the ultimate resource for cheats, codes, guides and more for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC! I made this thread on GTAf, but it was deleted without any explanation, so I figured I'd remake it here, where things are a bit more lax, and the mods will at least tell you when you do something they don't like.
This thread isn't about any specific mod, though there a few I will be posting down the road hopefully, but rather looking through the available files and finding out more about GTA V. More Random Events - Increases the odds of a police chase or ped committing a crime happening. Riot - Just like Riot Mode cheat on old Renderware GTA's, this gives peds guns and makes them go nuts. There looks to be quite a lot cut from GTA V, whether this is from time restraints, lack of console power, content being moved to DLC or it was just plain un-fun; we'll most likely never know.
WeaponsThere was a SCAR like assault rifle (search builds.xml for SCAR), was originally going to be called the Heavy Rifle.
The Shovel and Wrench were apparently also going to be additional melee weapons, along with a third sniper rifle, called the Assault Sniper, and the Extinguisher was also going to be a useable weapon. In handling.dat there's handling data for a car called WINKY, URANUS (which was in GTA IV) and RHAPSODY (which was in TBoGT), none of these have models or are listed anywhere else. MissionsIn missions.xml there's a nice big list of all the missions, including a few cut ones, and even a cut heist. In order to perform the nice house heist Michael and Trevor will have to view the house which has recently come onto the market, so they book an appointment for a viewing online. To prepare for the heist Michael and Trevor get shown round the house as prospective buyers.
Another cut mission found in missions.xml involved the VTOL Hydra jet shown in the original trailer.

Trevor was going to have another 6 bail bond missions as seen in various files in scaleform_generic.rpf. Franklin also was supposed to have 2 more sets of random encounters, the first is where he meets a stranger outside of a nightclub and asks Franklin to get 10 pictures of hot women.
Franklin meets Dale in a club and discovers that Dale is planning on drugging the women in the photos Franklin took.
The second set of Franklin's random encounters that were cut, involved 2 neighbors who hated each other.
Franklin helps Mrs A get revenge on her neighbour by heading over to Mrs B's house and wrecking her car. Michael needs to attain perfection in body by purchasing and wearing high-end clothes to be welcomed by Magenta and to trigger the cutscene at Magenta's house. And lastly in missions.xml, there was going to be a mission involving keeping a band together and then stopping Trevor from sabotaging their concert afterwards.
Properties: At least 12 different properties were cut, including 11 bars, and the plane scrap yard. However, much like the game itself, they are all goofy, comedic takes on the reanimated dead epidemic (be it on purpose or otherwise). Something is always changed or added to the typical zombie formula in an attempt to strike gold a second time. Supposedly just a food packaging joint, the building is used for all kinds of shady purposes, such as bioweapons research. Granted, you’ll blow through it quite quickly, but it is a great way to mix things up. Also things may be a bit scattered and info blocks placed without transitions, I'll try to fix the formatting later on so everything's easier to read. There's even more cut content than whats listed below, but this is a list of tangible content found on disc. Some interesting info is that the weapon is actually a vehicle weapon that is UsableOnFoot, which means it can either be used like the Rhino's cannon, or like a pistol.
It can be found in the trailer for The Simian, in the Jack Howitzer TV show on Weazel (frame captures for both videos), and on the Warstock Cache & Carry's Lifeinvader page. NOTE: The Rhapsody was brought back in the Hipster update, though it uses a slightly different RHAPSODY1 handling line.

The heist was called The Sharmoota Job, it was a mission involving Trevor and Michael robbing from a billionare, stealing his safe, his prized horse and his wife. Stop a convoy and detonate explosives so Harrier jet falls through hole in ground then steel it. In a mission outlined in missions.xml, as Franklin you trick Brucie to go out with a prostitute, and while they're on a date, steal his car. After completing this on your own time, Franklin finds out the stranger was going to drug the women you took pictures of - after trying to stop him, Franklin gets drugged, and then you must stop and kill the stranger. Michael meets a girl named Magenta, who asks him to attain true perfection in body by buying nice clothes. However, while in recent years the focus has shifted to the parody side of things, the concept of bringing people back to life gone horribly wrong still has some genuine scare potential, even if it has been overdone, and then some. While mixing up zombies with animals is hardly a new concept, modder DJ Scream has decided to take that route when making his GTA V mod. This mod shows us the aftermath of a strange virus breaking containment, which killed most personnel and animals, and brought them back as violent, bloodthirsty monsters. In fact there's so much left over data for them, the only thing missing seems to be the models themselves.
It started out with both T and M either looking at their house online or going to their house as potential buyers. After doing so and going to her house, Michael is offered to join into an elder orgy - he declines. There's also pictures of Shovel, Fireaxe, Loudhailer, Fire Extinguisher, Wrench, and Lasso in mpweaponsunusedfornow.ctd.
From there you'd have the option of either stealthily breaking into the house at night, go in dressed as mimes - then having a big gun fight with Mexican gang member, or go in dressed as clowns - then stealthily pulling off the robbery. There are also some horse sound effects left from the Sharmoota Job heist that include horses, called sharmoota_horse.awc.

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