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If you have played GTA V, you have probably seen this place, as it is one of the main Protagonists’ (Franklin) home later on in the game.
It is a luxury condo located at the top of Los Santos hills, which are based on the real life hills of Los Angeles. Even the inaccessible doors from the original game has been featured in this map, and they are as inaccessible as ever! All in all, it is a good and faithful recreation of the house from GTA V, down to the missing rooms and darkened areas.

If you’re curious about the resource pack used to take the screenshots, its the amazingly awesome Sphax PureBDCraft Pack.
That’s it, you are now all set to check out this house for yourself, and refurbish it if you want.
It’s usually a place for the rich and entitled, but throughout the course of the game, Franklin gets some good connections and ends up here.
It’s a very luxurious modern home, featuring a pool, several floors, dining area, an area for chilling out, bedrooms, toilets, a kitchen and anything else you need from a proper home.

And if you are not a fan of GTA V, it is still a great modern-styled home that anyone will can find use for. But then again, you are free to carve your own rooms and alter the map in any way you like.

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