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The Survival Seeds Vault from Grow For It comes complete with a staggering 19,645 seeds covering 105 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Every seed is guaranteed to be 100% Non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated with a shelf life that will keep you planting for decades!
As an added bonus, each purchase comes with a free downloadable PDF guide for planting, sprouting and storing your seeds. These ten handy tools will give you everything you need to produce your own micro videos to post online. Vine has been popular from the moment it was launched, but it has now become a full on phenomenon.
Better yet, it puts you in with a community of supportive creators who are always looking at new content. You can make professional looking videos with pretty much no know-how whatsoever, thanks to their easy to follow platform and useful automated features.
You can work on the project together, even from across the world, and see all changes as they are made. It is a powerful Powerpoint alternative that is much easier to use, and much more creative. You can make micro videos that loop and share them on your account, using your Apple or Android phone. This gives your video a more quality look and feel, rather than the bland clip you may have had before. You may have noticed a trend on sites like Tumblr of non-looping micro videos, or collections of flashing pictures set to music. They support full movie editing, which is an interesting plus if your footage is a lot longer.

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Though things admittedly seem bigger when you’re that small, I distinctly remember them having a rather large garden in the back forty.
Nothing made me happier than getting to pick a ripe piece of fruit straight from the source and sink my teeth into it! Not sure exactly what we’d like to grow, my husband and I decided to try out a little of everything with the Survival Seeds Vault from Grow For It.
You can create your own looping videos that are only a few seconds long, and hey can launch you from obscurity to serious visibility in no time.
Pricing starts at $8 per month for personal, $22 per month for professional, and $33 per month for business. They offer a basic free account so you can try it yourself, which is great for micro videos. Everything you need is already there in their database, you just string it together and fill in the blanks.
Now they are finally getting on board with promoting the video service that was always there, as they rush to compete with Vine. It works by stitching together ten photos and allowing you to reverse, repeat, or edit them.
Simple, easy, and effective, it is a great way to make short bits of digital content that get you noticed.
If you need something business quality you can choose their Business account for $9.99 per month.

Though I would honestly keep it as a tool for mini videos, which only take a short time to edit and refine. There are two options: upload from your computer files, or search a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, or other hosting services. Rows upon rows of fresh produce featuring all the staples – potatoes, squash, green beans, grapes, tomatoes, and more!
Because of the wide array of produce, we decided to keep the garden indoors to ensure a good yield. It is a cloud based video editing service that allows you to maintain full creative control between yourself and your team. You put in the words you want to say, and it creates an animation that can be shared with anyone. Magisto takes your chosen video, allows you to add enhancements and a theme, and put in a sound track. You don’t have to deal with any complicated software or gimmicks, just give it a little time.
Then post it on the site where you can share with others looking for content just like yours.

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