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HBO has released the schedule of documentaries it’ll be airing for the first half of the year and included in the bunch are looks at acclaimed cartoonists, mother-daughter relationships, prison education, weddings, and poverty, among several other topics that will be broached by HBO Documentary Films this year. Subject: Sandra Bush, the mother and muse of director Mickalene Thomas, also a New York artist.
Subject: Women and poverty in the United States through the lens of a single mother with three children and a full-time job. Subject: Hudson Link, a prison education program instituted at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Subject: Camp Erin, a camp where children can go and grieve for the loss of a loved one that was founded by baseball player Jamie Moyer. Subject: Themes of love, commitment, and life following a wedding, juxtaposing present-day reality with wedding-day flashbacks. Shilo Adams is a contributor to TVHackr whose work has appeared on the likes of TVOvermind, KSiteTV, and ScreenFad. Deadline is reporting that HBO has opted to not move forward with Ryan Murphy drama Open, whose pilot was officially ordered by the network last April.
6Turner owns this station, but it is operated by Meredith Corporation under a local marketing agreement. 7HBO Latin America Group has distribution to networks owned by a joint venture of A&E Networks and Ole Communications.
If you want to see, I suspect, some of the most gripping documentary-style journalism out there than HBO”s four-part series is the event to see.
Be warned that the imagery shown in this short series can be intense and that this is a merely a brief look at the kind of person it takes to stand up and raise a camera to the war and destruction being waged. HBOWatch complies with all legitimate DMCA takedown requests and tries hard to respect the rights of hardworking photographers and content creators like ourselves. DID (dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder) has been described as one of the human mind’s most brilliant coping mechanisms. I am We will follow the life of several individuals as they and their family journey to the annual An Infinite Mind conference, where more than 300 people living with DID come each year for support, education and sharing.  The film will invite us into their world, so that we may better understand how they navigate life with this vastly misunderstood and fascinating disorder. LIFE IN THE DOG HOUSE will tell the inspiring story of Danny Robertshaw, Ron Danta and the remarkable stories surrounding the work they do at Danny & Ron's Rescue.
When Danny and Ron rescue a dog it lives with them, not in a kennel, but in their home until their perfect family match is found.
Harry & Snowman is a feature length documentary about international show jumping rider Harry deLeyer and his famous horse Snowman. Miss You Can Do It chronicles Abbey Curran, Miss Iowa USA 2008 and the first woman with a disability to compete at the Miss USA Pageant, and eight girls with various disabilities as the girls participate in the Miss You Can Do It Pageant. This multi-award winning film presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 34th Miss Gay America contest where fifty-two ordinary gentlemen go to extraordinary lengths to be crowned as winner. Featuring stunning musical numbers, this movie dives into the heart and soul of this make-believe world: the men behind the make up.

Docutainment Films would like to thank the following businessesfor their support in making this film. Documentary Educational Resources (DER) is a national 501C3 organization that is committed to helping independent filmmakers produce our films. We are also looking for any photo stills or old film footage of Harry de Leyer, Snowman, Sinjon or Dutch Crown.
For close to two decades Courtney Love and the surviving members of the band Nirvana, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, have feuded over the band’s finances, among other things. But Sunday night at the Tribeca Film Festival showed that the relationship between the wife of the band’s legendary deceased frontman, Kurt Cobain, and its members is improving. Following a screening of the new documentary on the life of Cobain, “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,” the film’s director, Brett Morgen (“The Kid Stays in the Picture”), and Love took the stage to discuss the film. An audience member asked if Morgen had reached out to Grohl to be in the film, as he was not in it but Novoselic is. But Morgen added that two weeks before premiering the film at the Sundance Film Festival this past January, Morgen got word that Grohl was done promoting the album and was available to be interviewed for the film. Morgen had already shown the film at Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival when he tried to work the Grohl interview into the film. Love did not comment on Sunday about Grohl not being in the film, but if previous Nirvana events are any indication, it seems the two are currently in a better place. Love, Grohl, and Novoselic partnered in a LLC in 1997, which controls band assets like unreleased music, images, and requires a unanimous vote on major decisions about the use of anything related to the band. In 2001, Love sued Grohl and Novoselic over the unreleased song “You Know You’re Right” included in a Nirvana box set due to be released the fall of that year, and asked the court to dissolve the LLC partnership. The lawsuit was settled in 2002 with all parties staying in the LLC and “You Know You’re Right” being featured in a retrospective album.
But things with Love and Grohl went sour again in 2011 when Love accused Grohl of seducing her daughter with Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain.
But at last year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of Nirvana, it seemed everyone was on good terms again. Love not only went on stage with Grohl and Novoselic to accept the honor, but she and Grohl even hugged on stage. At Sunday’s post Q&A screening, Morgen was asked how difficult it was to get the full cooperation of Cobain’s family and the surviving band members to take part in this project. Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude attend the New York screening of the the HBO Documentary Film, "The Gates," at Gracie Mansion February 12, 2008 in New York City. Last year included documentaries about amFAR, Stephen Sondheim, and chemical companies, while 2014 has thus far seen The Education of Mohammad Hussein, a documentary centering on an Islamic school dealing with radical Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones. What would you like to see the network profile in the documentaries it’ll produce for the second half of the year? Produced by Michael Mann (pictured), last of HBO’s LUCK, and director David Frankham comes this examination of four photojournalists from hotspots around the world.

For example, in the first installment, Eros Hoagland  shows us Juarez from his perspective. They are snapshots only of the political and social issues of the regions shown with no resolution in sight.
If you feel that we've used your work in error or against your wishes as the holder of those copyrights please send us a note and we'll immediately remove the content or cite the original source of your choosing. When children under the age of eight are subjected to repeated abuse and unspeakable trauma they must find ways to survive.
Seabiscuit did it in the 1930s, Harry & Snowman did it again in the 1950s and then not again until Secretariat in the 1970s. Pageant follows five of the most talented and beautiful female impersonators as they prepare to dominate in this underground competition. They are our fiscal sponsor on this film and through DER you can make tax-free donations that will go directly towards the production and completion of THE GALLOPING GRANDFATHER. But he said by that time he had “lost the feel to evaluate it anymore” and decided to leave it on the cutting room floor. He admitted that when he started working on the film in 2007 it was a challenge, but because Frances Bean Cobain was involved everyone agreed to take part.
Within these short films we engage what these journalists choose to chronicle on a daily basis and it is dangerous. For some, the mind’s mechanism is to compartmentalize their feelings and experiences into separate individual identities, which have their own personality traits, characteristics, and memories. The feature documentary will showcase their unique approach to dog rescue & adoption, while entertaining, educating and inspiring millions to make the right choices when it comes to animal adoption, care and safety. Snowman was an old Amish plow horse that Harry rescued off a truck that was bound for the meat and glue factory for $80. This documentary will be the first time that Harry & Snowman's remarkable and heartfelt story will be told by 85-year-old Harry himself. They are witnesses to the ravages of the world; we can witness their jobs Monday nights of HBO. DID is also one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders with no universal consensus regarding its existence, diagnosis or treatment.
In less than two years after his rescue, they were the national show jumping champions and had become national celebrities.
The authors of the amazing articles you are reading do not work for, and are not affiliated with HBO. This site is a service provided by HBO fans like you to promote the knowledge, enjoyment and awareness of HBO as the world's greatest premium television network.

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