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David Evans' thought-provoking documentary takes on the difficult feat of reexamining one of history's most atrocious events and exploring what is left of it. New distribution label STX Entertainment continues its track record of star-studded mid-budget drams with this Hollywood remake of Juan Jose Campanella's 2009 Argentinian crime drama, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.
By exploring the relationship between two children of high-ranking Nazi officials and human rights lawyer Philippe Sands, Evans investigates the complicated connection between the past and the present.

With a love triangle taking up most of the plot, the narrative is anchored greatly by Ronan's resilient performance, beautifully crafted visuals and Nick Hornby's robust screenplay.
Their year-long search for the truth uncovered a cover-up at the highest level of Boston's religious, legal and government establishments, igniting a wave of controversy and revelations around the world. The three embark on an emotional journey together as they examine the sins of their fathers, ultimately coming to some very unexpected and difficult conclusions.

The shocking story of an FBI investigation into the death of one of its members' children is full of twists that really hit hard emotionally.

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