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The wide base and swivel spout also give the purifier good stability and makes it very easy to use. Description: H2O International SAa€™s newest, Deluxe counter top model that is light, compact and economical. The RCT Deluxe is also designed to use a 7a€? Ceramic Filter Candle for areas or applications where added bacteria removal is required. The RCT-UV is best suited for areas or applications where added bacteria removal or protection is necessary (with municipal sources of water only).
Description: H2O under counter water purifiers are neatly installed under the kitchen counter and attached to the cold water supply. This purifier is only suitable for areas or applications with low sediment content in the water. Description: The RC is an inline water purifier cartridge that is designed to be used with modern refrigerators, ice machines and point-of-use (direct connection) water dispensers.
Description: The Maximizer Plus all-in-one air purifier delivers multiple functioning air cleaning technologies in one compact device. Description: The Healthway Air Deodorizer generates activated oxygen (ozone) to effectively remove offensive indoor airborne odours found anywhere that bad odours are prevalent and need to be eliminated! While other automatic aerosol air deodorizers only mask unpleasant odours by releasing perfumes or scented sprays in to the air (i.e.
Description:The H2O Ultrasonic Humidifier is virtually silent in its operation with Ultrasonic Ultra Mist performance, 7 colour Luma-Glo Night Light, easy to change and clean water tank, an adjustable humidistat for desired humidity levels and comes with an advanced replaceable Ion Resin filter system.

Healthway are winners of the NASA Technology Award for Technology 2005 (Small Business Innovation Award). Each Premier unit comes with a separate, chrome elegant faucet that is fitted on top of the counter, next to your sink or prep-bowl.
Out-of-the-box thinking and years of research have produced a totally new point-of-use drinking water system. It is certified by FDA as a class 2 medical device and defined as a medical air purification system.
The purifier utilizes a replaceable 5 Micron Carbon Block and UV light to remove the chemicals and contaminants found in municipal tap water, and offers added bacterial removal. The new Merlin RO System features continuous-flow water production, so a storage tank is no longer required. Independent laboratory testing certified that bacteria was reduced by 98% - 100%, virus by 99%- 100% and mold and fungi by 94%-100%. A Pre-sediment filter can be incorporated with the purifier to protect the purifier from clogging with sand and sediment, and therefore improve the lifespan of the purifier. The specially designed replaceable purifier cartridge also incorporates a unique, replaceable pre-sediment filter to protect the cartridge from clogging with sand and sediment, and therefore improve the lifespan of the purifier.
A Pre-sediment filter (CT-SED) can be incorporated with the purifier to protect the purifier from clogging with sand and sediment, and therefore improve the lifespan of the purifier. The US4-S is the top of the range that offers high capacity and high flow rate, and can therefore be connected directly to your existing tap or mixer.

The unit operates on line pressure, which eliminates the need for an electrical pump in most applications. The benefits are obvious: it does a better job cleaning your air, costs less than several stand-alone devices, takes up less space, and uses less energy than separate units.
The RCT utilizes a replaceable purifier cartridge, and is therefore the most economical Premier Countertop purifier to maintain. The RCT Deluxe comes in a stylish chrome finish, to match the many chrome appliances and finishes found in todaya€™s stylish, modern kitchen. The patented high-production, low-energy membrane reduces impurities in up to 720 gallons(2,725 litres)* of water per day! This high capacity performance creates new opportunities for commercial applications a€“ at the price of a residential system.
You can trust Healthway if you suffer from asthma or allergies affected by airborne triggers and want the best air purifier on the market at a reasonable price. The 12 inch diameter EMF filter is 100% sealed so no air can bypass around the filter to assure 100% of the air passing through the system is treated by the EMF germ killing zone. The choice and decision is easy, Healthway is the only product that will meet all your needs.

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