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This is part of the series on the Healthy Home Standard, and this second part about EMR is a follow up from an earlier post (EMF Rules of Thumb).
I find these guidelines useful for pre-purchase real estate decisions, and also for healthy building construction and remodels. ThermoSoft seems to have a good low-EMF electric radiant heating system that accounts for both magnetic AND electric fields.
Using only one of the following 3 strategies is necessary – each strategy is intended to minimize electric fields. These EMF Best Practices have been established for many years, and we have seen them implemented successfully in projects around the world. Glad the content is useful for you in attaining a more health-supporting indoor environment. The Building Biology general language and rule-of-thumbs for keeping condensers and refrigerant lines >10 feet from High Use Rooms (HUR) is primarily about magnetic fields.
Is steel armored cable with aluminum bonding strip grounded thru metal jacket (like southwire AC cable) the same as MC cable for emf protection? A satellite dish is a passive receiver that does not, by itself, produce any radio frequency (RF) signals. It’s tough with California Energy Code (Title 24), which requires either high efficacy (LED or CFL) or dimmers in many locations. Distance from the source is your best bet for reducing exposure to magnetic fields (EMF) from the breaker box and baseboard heater.
Using AC electricity to generate heat is less efficient and creates elevated magnetic fields.
I want radiant heating in our new home in Jacksonville, Florida but I’m concerned with the information I’ve learned thus far about its EMF output.
Stetzer was first to market, but their current version is a little more expensive than GreenWave’s, and the GreenWave filters have the advantage of still being able to use the outlet jack because they have a plug-in spot on the bottom of the filter. I’d imagine these systems would work on your voltage and could be used in conjunction with an outlet adapter in the EU, but you may want to speak with their customer service reps before purchasing. Who is Healthy Building Science?We are a group of scientists working to make your indoor spaces healthier.
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Or click the button below, tell us a little about your project and let our environmental consultants help you create a healthier building. We chose the above indoor environmental stressors for the base level Healthy Home investigation as they can be very costly and complicated to repair or abate.
Let ET&T help improve your residencea€™s indoor environment for you, your family and friends. If you think your sleep is being disturbed by the swirl of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your home, you might need this Radiation Reflecting Box Bed Canopy. A Box Bed Canopy is easy to install and needs to be fixed so that it touches the floor all around the cot to stop microwaves 'bouncing' off the floor and up into the canopy. Please note: due to continuous design updates by manufacturers, the product supplied may not exactly match that pictured.
Most certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants focus on AC EMF which has been created by humans.
There can be very high and wide-spread magnetic fields whenever there is a wiring error or stray current on an electrical line, plumbing system, data cable, or any other metallic conductor in a building.
We are environmental scientists and industrial hygienists – not doctors or public health experts.
Magnetic fields are present wherever there is current flow, but some sources are more notorious than others. Proper wiring of panels is easy – as long as the electrician understands the principals of low-EMF wiring. For some of the knowledge and images above, we extend great appreciation to Karl Riley and his book Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding and the not-for-profit Institute for Building Biology & Ecology. How can I make a magnetic filed with frequency of 230 Hz where the frequency of available electricity is 50 Hz? Reduce occupant exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields through electrical layout design, shielding, and field verification.
In properly wired electrical cable magnetic fields are low because they cancel each other out from the balanced Hot and Neutral. Magnetic field shielding material shall be installed between occupied areas and known point-sources located within 5 feet of high-use occupancy areas.
After passing electrical inspections and the home is powered up, internal fixed loads will be powered ON and a Building Biology Environmental Consultant using a gauss meter shall measure magnetic fields using long-established field assessment protocols from the International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology. Distance from the source, best-practice wiring methods, and magnetic field shielding requirements shall be observed first in electrical design drawings AND verified during field inspections. Field verification shall be performed by a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant. Low-frequency magnetic fields (EMF) have been linked to childhood leukemia and breast cancer in numerous peer-reviewed, published studies from around the world. In Germany, these EMF control measures are commonplace, and Bau-Biologists (Building Biologists) have been implementing these field-tested and well-understood magnetic field mitigation techniques since the 1950’s. LEED and USGBC are recognized early adopters, known for exceeding code minimum requirements and adopting more precautionary guidelines protecting occupants from known hazards inside buildings.

Image A: Controversy continues when it comes to maximum allowable exposure guidelines for magnetic fields, but many countries and medical organizations are supporting more precautionary guidelines – especially for sleeping areas. Image B: Low-frequency (60 Hz) magnetic fields drop off quickly, at rates depending on the type of source.
Image D: Scientifically supported precautionary exposure levels of low-frequency magnetic fields to product human health. The BART system began in 1972 and currently has 44 Stations in 4 Counties, covering 104 Miles and carries over 390,000 passengers on an average weekday. I was curious to see, anecdotally, what type of magnetic field radiation exposure was being experienced by this largely unknowing commuter population. On October 30, 2013 I took my Tenmars TM-192D Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter to the Lafayette, California BART Station to measure low frequency magnetic fields at the station and on the train. On the station platform, with no train near the station, the overall background MF (Magnetic Field) measured quite low, similar to general background levels, at 0.30 mG (MilliGauss). As the train started accelerating the MF measurement increased almost instantly to 17.72 mG.
As I passed through several stops, the measurements were quite consistent, highest during accelerating and braking (due to dynamic braking, I presume), dropping to around 12 mG when at steady speed, and less than 2 mG with the train stopped. As I went along I measured the MF on the floor (nearer the electric motors) and the reading was much higher at 92.90 mG. As magnetic fields typically reduce quickly with distance from the source, I also measured the MF near the ceiling of the car and found the reading to be 1.62 mG. BART trains originally used DC traction motors, but the newer Rohr cars were rebuilt with ADtranz model 1507C 3-phase Alternating Current (AC) traction motors with insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverters, both of which emit AC magnetic fields proportionate with the amount of current running through the motors and inverters. So although the supply current is DC, the use of inverters and AC traction motors emits significant AC magnetic fields, especially when accelerating and braking, as the trains use dynamic breaking where the motors generate electricity while braking and emit high MF during that process, due to the large amount of current (amperage) needed to power these trains. There are thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies demonstrating physiological responses to low-frequency EMF (electric and magnetic) and higher-frequency radiation (RF EMR). The DC powered motors should emit far less MF than the Rohr cars with the AC traction motors and inverters. I am not sure how the new cars that will go into service are powered, but I imagine they are AC with inverters. Since the different model BART cars have different traction motor systems (ie: chopped dc, inverted created variable frequency AC) I would think the EMF fields might be different from one type to the other. You inspired me to post an inquiry on BART’s website.The new BART trains being built by Bombardier Transit. EMF best practices covers low frequency electric and magnetic fields, as well as Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. Some mechanical systems may create elevated magnetic fields when they are in use, and wiring errors that result in stray current on refrigerant lines are common and can contribute to significantly elevated magnetic fields over a large area. I am in the process of building my first home and with a baby on the way a safe home somehow seems extra important. You could spend a pretty penny on magnetic field shielding material which may eventually reduce exposure by 30-60%, but a little distance will probably have an even more dramatic impact.
The house I am living in has the breaker box in the bedroom located five feet from the head of the bed. This may mean shielding or turning off the circuits around a bed at night, or perhaps additional dirty electricity filtration.
The SunnyBoy inverters are among the best – meaning they seem to produce less dirty electricity than many other inverters. Do you have any experiences with solar power inverters, and ways to mitigate or reduce the often high levels of dirty electricity that they create? While outside, we are exposed to environmental stressors which we cannot control, but in our residences we are able to choose.
Woven into it are gossamer thin filaments of metal which effectively block the most prevalent types of electromagnetic fields, shielding you or your family from mobile phone mast and handset radiation, and a host of other different types. Every bandwidth between the two green arrows has been filled up with human-generated EMF and EMR.
People call all the time for EMF inspections because they are considering buying a home near a power line, or an office suite is right next to a large electrical conductor.
If you’re near a large external source it might be impossible to achieve 0.2 milliGauss throughout a structure.
The electrical drop-down, wiring layout, and electrical panel locations should be isolated from high-use areas.
Where impractical to distance point-sources such as motors, fans, or lighting transformers, magnetic field shielding material shall be utilized to reduce occupant exposure levels.
The two methods in the last sentence of best-practice wiring methods are included in the National Electrical Code (NEC), but these two errors are tremendously common in the field and electrical inspectors are not trained to identify them. Note N-bus runs full length of H-bus, and Hots and Neutrals are kept together (m-field cancellation) as long as possible.
VERY common electrical code violation that results in significantly elevated magnetic fields. Notice that wiring errors drop off the slowest, ? the field strength, compared to other common point-sources. Excerpt from Chapter 17 of the “BioInitiative Report,” a summary of peer-reviewed, published health studies about EMF.
I suggest the following resources if you are interested in learning more about the health effects from artificial electro-smog.
The first prototype is scheduled to come to the Bay Area this year and the first trains will be put into use in 2017.

Even if you are not, If enough people inquire to see if this is a design consideration early enough in the design phase, I would like to think it could result in a healthier ride for millions of future BART riders.
I’m grateful to the Building Biologists that came before me… and not only created this handy resource, but also were kind enough to share!
Sometimes, due to the wiring layout of the building, you have to turn off other circuits to reach building biology goals for sleeping areas. It is essentially an antenna, like a GPS or radio, that receives a signal but doesn’t generate a signal of its own.
We’ve had several clients have to waste money and install dimmers for their final code inspection… only to remove them immediately after passing the inspection and replace them with simple on-off switches. Often, the home is the biggest financial commitment and we want to avoid surprises that are stressful and even costly both physically and financially. Current, like water, takes the path of least resistance through buildings and neighborhoods.
Oddly, the rate of reduction with distance is not constant from different types of sources. But, statistically speaking, proximity to these known point sources is often less of a concern than internal wiring errors. These levels are well below those established by our regulatory agencies in the US, and these levels can be difficult to achieve in some buildings near high-voltage transmission lines or in multi-tenant buildings with wiring errors and stray current problems. The following text is in the traditional formal of an ID credit application and request for a Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR). Main feed wires from the utility to the home, to the main electric panel, and to subpanels, shall not run immediately behind or under sleeping areas.
Hots and Neutrals in electrical panels, junction boxes, switches and electrical outlets will be kept together as long as possible. Field verification will test shielding efficacy against such sources, and additional shielding shall be installed if necessary to achieve stated goals for maximum allowable exposure levels in sleeping areas.
A certified Building Biology Environmental Consulting, using a methodology adopted from the International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology, shall perform separate continuity tests from the N-bus and H-bus to each individual Neutral in every electrical panel. Additionally, NEC code violations in the form of wiring errors are extremely common in the field. The International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology the only established, third-party American organization offering training and certifications specifically in EMF-mitigation.
Alternating Current magnetic fields, on the other hand, have only been around for 150 years or so, and we are still very much in the dark as to the actual effects of this type of radiation. If the EMF might pose adverse health impact to the public, then something should be done to change that. There are of course exceptions to the rule, such as a very strong RF signal using the dish as an antenna. The alternative is to install line conditioners (dirty-electricity filters) on any circuit with dimmers.
So sometimes we may inadvertently have current flowing on our plumbing systems, phone or cable utilities, or electrical grounding system. This is generally considered good news because internal wiring errors can be fixed, but distance from external sources is beyond owner control. Unfortunately the USGBC did not see the benefit of reducing magnetic fields and questioned long-established best practices for minimizing EMF.
This method will identify if Neutrals from different branch circuits are ganged together, and if Neutrals and Grounds are bonded anywhere other than the main electrical panel. Requirements outlined in this credit will reduce occupant exposures to magnetic fields associated with the building’s electrical system, and thereby reduce risks of cancer.
Doing some electrical and EMF testing upon completion of the installation should verify if there are any wiring errors. What possible EMF issues could the ductless split system present and how might I address them?
Unfortunately, with lighting circuits, there are often aren’t outlets so the less expensive DIY filters are off the table and a more advanced line conditioner often must be installed by a licensed electrician. That could be very helpful.A woman here is so ill she can’t stay in her (eco-)house when the solar power is operating and she is begging for help, so I am trying to find some solutions that could help her.
We can pinpoint areas to improve your indoor environmental exposure to mold, EMFa€™s, RFa€™s and other common indoor air quality contaminants. So if you’re concerned at all about EMF we suggest having an EMF assessment performed – even if you’re not near any mega external sources. Beds shall not be located within 5 feet of unshielded point sources such as motors, fans, or lighting transformers. But that takes some EMF testing equipment or an electrician or handy-person who knows what they’re doing.
But there is very little information to be found on this subject, so any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Buildings with active Knob-and-Tube wiring generally have higher ambient magnetic fields because of the distance between the Hot and Neutral of each circuit.

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