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Heart singlehandedly resurrected the most popular, revered, yet also most loathed (don’t go to a music store and start playing it, trust us!), song in rock history. Having seen the full Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience twice since November 2010, I was a little disappointed with their abbreviated 45-minute set. Of course there are a hundred other classic songs that could be played, but that is the difference between opener and headliner.

The Wilson sisters may have been on fire tonight because they had family (Nancy was born in San Francisco) at the show watching, or perhaps they just are on fire every night!
Actually, no matter what they played, there was no way that Heart was going to lose any of the crowd.
Anyone in attendance who did not know that Heart was going to jam Led Zeppelin songs with Jason Bonham was probably not even aware of why these two entities are touring together in the first place.

The tune was also a crossover smash and hit #6 on the Billboard R&B Chart and #2 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.

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