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Although energy storage based microgrids are attracting a lot of attention and investment, there's a niche for battery-less microgrids.
Figure 2 illustrates an off-grid CyboInverter that directly obtains DC power from solar panels, while generating AC power for the loads. As an example of a battery-less microgrid application, a dual-element electric water heater can be re-wired to connect its lower heating element to the inverter AC output, leaving the upper heating element connected to the grid. We now present the critical merits of our approach and solution compared with traditional off-grid solar power systems. Each solar panel is connected to an input channel of the CyboInverter so that the off-grid system has only low voltage and low current DC. Although the inverter may be affordable, the batteries that are required in the system is the killer for the budget. The CyboInverter based off-grid solar power system costs much less just by using fewer batteries.
In these cases, if grid power is available to power the loads at night, batteries are not needed resulting in big savings in both upfront and maintenance costs. The performance of the solar charge controller is dictated by the performance of the weakest solar panel. Because CyboInverters has MPPT for each solar panel, the partial shading problem is eliminated. Living without central heating for two months is hardly a disaster, but it does make life interesting when you have two young children. January 22, 2016 By John Adams 17 Comments Prior to our new central heating system being fitted, life was a bit…cold. Faced with boiling a kettle every time you need to wash up, you frequently wash up in cold water.
We like you have a wood burner, although haven’t used it that much this year annoyingly.
Oh gosh John I am right there with you and it was a bloomin’ nightmare I’m not going to lie!
One the three most influential dad bloggers in the UK, according to the Cision media database. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I have never installed one or known anybody that had one but my brother was looking at them too. The one you actually want uses a bypass sensor and pump installed at the farthest fixture that cycles the pump based on water temp in the bypass tube. 1) On the cold water IN on the Hot Water tank, a flow switch is installed that turns on when it detects flow.
2) A Delay-Off timer turns the pump on immediately when the Flow Switch turns on, but does not turn off the pump for a while after the flow switch is turned off.
3) An aquastat is used to turn off the pump when the farthest faucet in the loop reaches temp.
When the hot water is turned on, the pump comes on and hot water arrives very quickly (but not instantly). I put a recirculating system in my house about 20 years ago, and installed one for a neighbor down the street a couple months back. I used essentially the same pump that jjjedlic is talking about, but got it at a plumbing supply where it can be purchased without the timer. The alternative is that I could configure my Home Automation system to manually activate the circ system just prior to water use.
The main thing the delay-off switch does for you is allows you to momentarily turn on the Hot Water to get the system going. No -- the system pressure isn't an issue because the pressure is the same on both sides of the pump.
Did you know that your hot water heater is the second highest energy using appliance in your home?  A standard 50-gallon electric water heater will cost about $520 per year at 10.6? per kWh.
Less Waste – Many propane tankless water heaters are made of entirely recycled materials where as most tank units must be disposed of in landfills.
Saves Money – You save money by only heating the water when you need it.  While tank water heater waste energy heating water you aren’t using, the tankless unit save energy by only using gas when you need hot water.  This can cut your costs by up to 30% per year!
Cleaner Water – Traditional water heaters can build up rust and scale inside their tank, where the hot water you use for bathing and drinking is stored.
Overall a propane tankless water heater can save you money in the short and long term, all while providing additional comfort and convenience for your family.
Be sure to contact your local AmeriGas office to find out more about our tankless water heater rebate!
I have installed a tankless propane water heater, and although there are some benefits, belive that the review should be more balanced and also point out some of the drawbacks. Specifically, tankless technology is significantly more complex than a tank gas water heater, with computer controls, autoignition, sensors, fans, and control valves.

For best cost of ownership, consumer reports recommends getting a high quality standard tank heater with a good warranty. Considering most all these tankless heaters are from foreign companies and made overseas, while most tank units are made in the US, it seems like our government has missed the mark in economic recovery by subsidizing foreigh products touted as energy savers without educating consumers properly. AmeriGas does offer a FREE standard water heater and a $700 tankless rebate for replacement of electric water heaters.
Making use of a tankless water heater in your house is very helpful if you would like to save more money and energy. Furnaces have everything mentioned , however they have many modes and functions besides heating a medium. Induced draft fan motors , I have never sen used , however as stated furnaces use them since 1978 and everyone knows how to fix them, in fact self diagnostic s make it simple! Especially if you have hard water, they should also be flushed with vineger annually, usually by a technician.
NOW here you really got it wrong, 80% of any heat is going out the flue, surface temps of an insulated water heater are ambient!
FALSE, as noted the flue lets all the heat outside and does not close when off so any heat is up the pilot light, any heat to a basement is wiped out by the flue exhausting air which then draws outdoor air into replace the air expelled!
THIS is opinion stated as fact, a spark ignition which 99% do not have uses about as much power as a AA battery in a years time! They also require specialized venting, and some changes in plumbing These factors can easily add $500-1000 to the cost of the water heater itself. ASSUMING you are replacing a unit, not doing a complete cut in through a roof where no heater existed prior!
Also these units need a min flow rate to lite, so forget about having the spigot ol low to rinse dishes or shave.
IF this were true nobody would want one, why would such a bizzare thing be allowed to exist over decades of designs, its beyond silly! The long list of benefits of using a tankless water heater makes purchasing one very compelling. As shown in Figure 1, a traditional off-grid DC-to-AC inverter has to take DC power from the batteries. In this system, the off-grid CyboInverter has four DC-input channels, which connect to four solar panels using MC-4 connectors.
To save electricity, the thermostat of the lower heating element would be set higher than the upper thermostat. The battery is idle if the solar panels can provide sufficient DC power to allow the CyboInverter to run the connected AC loads.
When there is partial shading due to clouds, trees, dust on the panel, etc., the battery charging operation may not work well. In other words, one partially shaded panel will not affect the performance of other panels.
In other words, we limped on for two months with no heating and no reliable hot water source in the middle of winter, albeit a mild one.
We weren’t homeless or fleeing a civil war (in fact I recorded this vlog about first world problems last week). If I go and wash my hands now, even though we have hot water on demand, I reach out for the cold tap as that’s what I’d been doing since November!
Whether it’s encouraging the children to have a bower (when you put the plug in the bath and encourage the children to fill it from the shower), learning the quickest way to light a fire or make kindling and get used to using water bottles, you get by.
They do have an electric water heater for when they really need hot water and there is no sun. In fact in my blog post about first world problems I make absolutely clear that any issues I had, pale in comparison to those fleeing civil war in Syria and elsewhere. Thank goodness it has made us realise quite how lucky we are and taught us a good bit of endurance at the same time ?? wouldn’t want to do it again, to be fair! We were without heating for five days whilst we had our new heating system installed and I had to bail the children out – I was lucky, it was pre-planned so over half term. The product that you mentioned appears to make your current hot water tank operate as if it were an on demand tank.
Then install a bypass under the farthest sink that allows the water to flow back to the tank through the cold water line. It only uses about 23 watts when it's running, and it only takes about 15 to 20 seconds to get the hot water through the 60 feet or so of pipe between the WH and the shower valve farthest from it.
If I were on well water, it would save even more because I wouldn't be paying to pump the water that is getting run down the drain waiting for the water to get hot.
If it were, you would probably be experiencing some problems like a leaky T&P valve, pipe hammering, etc. For the last five years, he has been a Product Manager, developing strategies and programs for residential and commercial segments.
Since tankless heater are smaller and do not hold water, their life span is 20 years, twice its counterpart’s.

In my case, I was able to get a new tankess heater for $500, and can get a $500 tax credit till entdend of this year, however knowing what I know now without the tax credit this would not have made economic sense. The things that were mentioned will help you fully understand why these are already being used by most people. For example, my water heater is in the basement, and the “wasted” heat keeps the basement warm in the winter. The only deterrent is the cost of switching and getting a tankless water heater installed. As there are many off-grid solar applications where batteries aren't actually needed, battery-less microgrids are a possibility not previously offered in the industry.
As a better alternative, battery-less microgrids offer real-world solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, especially for PV solar heating and solar cooking. Each input channel has its own MPPT for each solar panel, so the solar energy harvest is maximized. This way, the grid power does not turn on unless a lot of hot water is used during a short period of time. Thus, the claimed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in solar charge controllers can get stuck in a "local maximum power point" and unable to harvest the available solar energy.
For this reason, higher volume batteries and larger charge controllers need to be designed into the system.
This is an important feature that allows the off-grid CyboInverter to deliver AC power to the load reliably and smoothly. It had been unreliable for some time but part way through the month it stopped working altogether. It makes you realise how pampered you are with modern conveniences and it feels good to cope without one or two of them.
They now use little electric heaters around the house as well as gas ones, but these only give warmth to the person sitting next to it… and it’s meant to snow tonight! We haven’t had to deal with anything like that – I guess the worst thing was when our bathroom was being renovated and having to find other ways to get washed! Can get very cold indeed if the Aga goes out, especially if it supplies your hot water too. You can read all about my adventures as a parent and the challenges I face as a man that runs the household and does most of the childcare. Too many times water is getting run through the pipes when it's not needed and will cool off, increasing your water heating costs too much.
It doesn't save energy, but it DOES save water, along with the convenience of not having to wait for hot water. If you think it's that high, buy a $5 pressure guage from a local hardware store and check it. They also require specialized venting, and some changes in plumbing These factors can easily add $500-1000 to the cost of the water heater itself.
I’ll have to discuss it with my husband but I think that we could cover those costs with our tax return. I was often outside at half six in the morning chopping kindling wood and logs for the fire. I think not being able to wash things up may have got frustrating but thank goodness it has been so mild! I write and vlog about parenting, fatherhood, family life, days out, travel, equalities, men's style and grooming, travel and a host of other lifestyle subjects. Instead, I installed a 30 minute wind-up switch in each bathroom (the 2 switches are wired in parallel) to control the pump.
With the wind-up switches controlling mine, it only runs when it's need and I don't have to worry about it ever getting left on. There is no reason to have more than 50 to 60 psi, and more than that will create problems. First thing in the morning, it takes about 30 seconds for the pump to get hot water to the shower.
Without the recirc system, my neighbors are running water for almost 3 minutes to get hot water to the same shower. We then noticed the mould and invested in a 3Kwh fan heater so we could heat the affected rooms. With the cost of the unit, a slight increase in heating hot water, and depending what you pay for water, it may take it many years to pay for itself. In the 20 years my system has been in place it has paid for itself 2 or 3 times over in water savings.
At only 23 watts for the pump, running it 30 minutes a day, it's using about 25 cents a YEAR in electricity.

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