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The Best Horror Movies Database App is the perfect companion to help you select the best horror movies to watch online. The Best Horror Movies Database App features over 600+ ( and growing ) top rated horror movies, cult horror movies, and classic horror movies of all time featuring great directors such as George Romero, Francis Ford Coppola, Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, Takashi Miike, Sam Raimi, Dario Argento, James Wan, John Carpenter and others! With The Best Horror Movies Database App, you will never run out of the top rated horror movie suggestions to stream online or top rated horror classics to watch right on your device! Please note that only the Android version has Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu links to the movies. Debating the greatest horror film of the 21st century could make for quite the daunting task. By the way, if you are looking for great horror movie costumes for Halloween or to recreate any of the characters listed below, remember to check outA Horror-Shop! 19 Ginger Snaps (79): Therea€™s no need to delve too deep into the positives of Ginger Snaps.
14 Let Me In (79.8): Getting a remake right is never easy, but Matt Reeves got this one right a€“ very right!
13 Mulholland Drive (80): David Lyncha€™s Mulholland Drive isna€™t an outright horror film by any means, however it is so damn shocking, and so unsettling it is guaranteed to climb under your skin. 05 [REC] (84) a€“ Did not have Metacritic score: [REC] Accomplished a few different things. 01 Pana€™s Labyrinth (90.4): Was there any doubt that Guillermo del Toro would top the list with his most unsettling feature film? For your convenience, the Android version provides the movies' Netflix, Amazon and Vudu links for movies you can watch on these accounts. Don't worry, with The Best Horror Movies Database you will find the top rated horror movie releases you've missed by searching by the current year.
On a dark night, gather everyone around your tablet for some horror thrills and create spooky memories with your friends! Ever loved a film and wondered how you can find similar movies?* View movie scene photos* View DVD cover details* Watch top rated feature films right on your Netflix, Amazon, or Vudu accounts online. Although the film is anchored by quality humor, ita€™s also a very chilling picture with terrific aesthetics and one of the most endearing spins on the trapped at home with nowhere to go trope. Upon release it won fans over without hesitation, in part because we rarely see werewolf stories to engaging, and in part because of stellar performances from Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle, who play off of each other life lifelong friends and professional collaborators.
The poor souls affected by the Rage virus not only transformed into flesh eating monsters, they also took on a huge improvement in cardio and speed. Ita€™s creepy, beautifully paced and dark (not simply because ita€™s shot in black and white) in a manner in which few films can rival. Ita€™s an American transfer of the depressing Swedish flick, Let the Right One In, and while some of the atmosphere of the original is missing, some truly mind blowing performances and a perfect pace all but make up for the loss. Therea€™re strange erotic undertones within the film that help to take the tension to new heights, and Naomi Watts turns in what could easily be considered her greatest performance to date. They consistently produce films that break the mold, never feeling the need to fit within Hollywooda€™s established confines and never willing to conform to anyone single demand.
The pic has already earned place on top 10 lists of countless genre followers and therea€™s a good reason for that.
With superb performances from Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, the picture never disappoints in regards to thespian involvement.

This film moves at a very measured pace, but the climb toward sheer insanity is a thing of beauty.
First, it proved that brutal, technically refined zombie pictures are still capable of winning the masses over.
Many would issue a chastising for such a revelation, because most do see it as the pinnacle of the subgenre. The Best Horror Movies Database App offers the database of top rated horror movies of all time searchable by year, decade, actors, director, keywords and more!
With The Best Horror Movies App you can download horror movies from the largest library of top rated spooky classics for those moments when you don't have a network connection. Ita€™s a fine list, and while wea€™re happy to share it with you, we also wanted to add a little insight into each of the films, to boot. This is must-see material, if for no other reason than female lead Morgana Oa€™Reillya€™s perfectly lovable variety of facial expressions. This is an atmospheric picture with A-class performances and one of the greatest twists youa€™ll see in a ghost story.
Although it is a vampire film, the complexities of the story, which make for stellar contrast to the very haunting but simplistic visuals, elevate it far above the norm. Del Toro obviously has a keen eye for horror, as this film is easily one of the most unsettling to see release in the last 15 years. This one is loaded with tension and discomfort, and if David Lynch is a filmmaker you respect, you should probably see this, as it is no doubt one of his greatest achievements. They make the movies they want to make, and thata€™s precisely why theya€™ll be remembered as two of the greatest filmmakers the world has ever known. The visuals are moving, the story is both frightening and heartbreaking and Essie Davisa€™ performance is one of the most shocking and convincing things youa€™ll ever see captured by camera. But the participation of the living legend Bill Murray take it to an entirely different level.
Natalie Portmana€™s performance is of the kind that really defines a performer and the fact that she doesna€™t leave her counterparts (Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder) in the dust really speaks testament to the overall quality of the cast and production. But Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi find a way to make the idea work, what may even be more efficacious is the fact that they actually create a relatable picture thata€™s going to appeal to a wide variety of viewers. It also proved that found footage films can be more than enjoyable, they can be deeply, deeply unsettling. Wea€™re in agreement with that sentiment as the film chills to the bone by offering forth a well-written script and poignant but often quite subtle visual approach. While Zombieland gets my vote in the department, Ia€™m not about to refute the quality of this movie. There are extremely violent moments in the story, mind blowing creatures and a character a€“ Ofelia a€“ that we totally and absolutely adore. The Best Horror Movies Database App will keep you entertained with hours of horror movies at your disposal! Check it out below, the top 20 highest rated horror films of the 21st century according to the masses who dwell online!
The script is beautiful and screenwriter Alex Garlanda€™s social commentary is absolutely mesmerizing. Therea€™s no overreliance on jump scares or goofy digitally enhanced creatures, therea€™s just a slow burn chill that escalates until the horror boils within our very core.

Grindhouse brings two pictures together, Death Proof and Planet Terror, and while they couldna€™t be any more different, theya€™re both genius productions. And, for the record, Black Swan just might sport the most jarring finale wea€™ve seen in the 21st century. Spoilers are going to be avoided here, as the film is still a brand new release that hasna€™t been taken in by the masses just yet, but what can be said is this: Edgerton takes this opportunity to prove hea€™s a true chameleon and masterful player in Hollywood. The production has flown under the radar since release, but that doesna€™t change the fact that it is certified must-see material. Jaume BalaguerA? and Paco Plazaa€™s cramped tale of the undead features a slew of jaw-dropping scenes that leave viewers on the edge of their seats and a performance from the lovely Manuela Velasco that to this day remains one of the strongest showings in any found footage flick on the market. There are scares aplenty to be had here, but theya€™re not always in-your-face jump scares, that just adds to the beauty and profound bleak tone of the picture. But above all things, this fantastical tale really places emphasis on some of the most creative, innovative monsters in history.
The Best Horror Movies Database App also offers the largest library of only the top rated and legal horror classics to watch or download right from your phone or tablet! The picture remains slightly overlooked, but that should change as the movie lands on more lists like this. If you favor slow burn terror with stunning dialogue and throwback chase scenes, look into Death Proof. Ita€™s fast, ita€™s funny, loaded with awesome characters and ita€™s a total nod to many other classic works to boot.
These beasts look legendary, and have already worked to inspire plenty of fellow filmmakers.
If you prefer a far more animalistic approach that showcases aesthetically disgusting special effects, eye-popping transformations and ruthless slaughtering, go with Planet Terror. It is the strongest vampire release post-2000 and the aesthetic quality of the film a€“ the marriage of a snowy backdrop and the occasional bucket of blood a€“ is a wonder to behold. Quite possibly the closest thing to a perfect modern horror film, Pana€™s Labyrinth takes the number one place rightfully! If both of those kinds of films work for you, sitting down for the full double feature is going to leave you speechless. Sean Byrnea€™s The Loved Ones didna€™t arrive on the heels of a tremendous marketing campaign, but it sure as hell turned heads of genre fans across the globe. Oskar and Eli are captivating personalities and their plight is both depressing and stunning.
This movie will leave all high schoolers really contemplating their decision making when asked to the prom by someone they may not be interested in. Excellent performances and a fine dose of disquieting humor ensure fans will love The Loved Ones.

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