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The parades mark will mark the conferral of the Freedom of the Highland Region upon the Royal Regiment of Scotland by The Highland Council. In Inverness, members of the public can watch the Regiment parade today starting from Crown Primary School at 3pm. The parade will be led by 4 SCOTS and Regimental Mascot - Cruachan IV down Stephen's Brae, Eastgate, along High Street, Young Street, Ness Walk, and Bishop’s Road to the Northern Meeting Park arriving at around 3:30pm. Following a ceremony the Regiment will parade out of the Northern Meeting Park north gate at 4:45pm with colours unfurled and bayonets fixed and onto Ardross Street, Bishops Road and past Eden Court where the parade will end. In Fort William, soldiers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland will exercise their Freedom of the Highlands on 16 October at 11:20am when they will parade from the west end of the High Street to Parade Gardens. Brigadier George Lowder MBE, Lord Lieutenant of Inverness Donald Cameron of Lochiel and Leader of the Lochaber Area Councillor Thomas MacLennan will take the salute in Cameron Square. Also on Friday 16 October at 3pm a parade will be held in Dingwall starting at Ferry Road marching onto High Street.
The Convener of The Highland Council, Brigadier Monro CBE, Council Members and Lord-Lieutenant, Mrs Janet Bowen will take the salute outside Dingwall Town Hall. The parade in Wick will commence at 10:30am starting at Dempster Street and ending at Sinclair Terrace.
Members of the public are invited to view the parades at Inverness, Fort William, Dingwall and Wick. Highland Hospital’s rebuild is being done in three phases and scheduled to be completed by 2017.
Construction crews are making progress on the rebuild of Highland Hospital’s acute care tower in Oakland.
Highland Hospital is owned by Alameda County and operated by the Alameda County Medical Center. When completed in 2017, the ATR project will bring Highland Hospital into compliance with the State of California’s seismic safety laws. Phase Two is the construction of a new 9-story, 169 bed Acute Care Tower to house inpatient, maternal and child, and support services currently located in the existing Acute Tower. According to the project description, “the new facilities will unify the 14-acre campus both functionally and architecturally. The Highland Hospital project is designed to earn a minimum LEED Silver certification from the U.S.
Highland Hospital opened its doors in 1927 and has been Alameda County’s major source of acute care for low income residents and people without health insurance coverage.

Scaffolding around Highland Hospital’s new Acute Tower was set up this summer, after the steel frame structure reached the ninth floor. Part one of a continuing series on abandoned buildings. More than 60,000 vacant buildings are scattered across Detroit and Highland Park, driving down property values and attracting crime, rodents and fires. In the two months since then, the 96-year-old building that housed a high school and one of the country’s first community colleges has come under attack by thieves who have torn apart walls, ceilings and floors for metal. Turns out, the responsibility for protecting the abandoned school belongs to the state because it took control of the Highland Park district and its buildings in January. The state, which stopped mowing grass and weeds at vacant schools in the city, said it inherited a deficit of more than $11 million.
Before thieves began picking apart the building, the Motor City Muckraker toured the pristine school and its grand halls.
It’s a far cry from the building that attracted thousands of students to Highland Park High School and Junior College in the early part of the 20th century.
Outside the school Tuesday afternoon, a scrapper chucked a glass bottle at my car from a second-story window while I was trained my camera on someone rifling through one of the decoy police cars that recently had been spray-painted. Police arrived about 15 minutes later, towed the vandalized car but left without closing a wide-open door in the back of the school.
Before the state takeover, the district protected the building because of its historic and monetary value, said school board member Robert Davis. In preparation for their DofE Bronze Award, girls from Aith and Anderson High Schools practice their expedition skills in Yell.
Senate Bills 1953 and 306 require that all acute care hospital buildings meet seismic-safety requirements by 2020.
Construction of the new 3-story Highland Care Pavilion began in late 2010 and was completed earlier this year. So even as the hospital reaches for the future, they’ll harmonize with the past, respecting and complementing the elegant facade that has graced Oakland since 1927.” Carl Christiansen, Vice President of the architecture and engineering firm SmithGroup, said “Our team’s design solution is inspired by the campus’ historical significance. When that wasn’t enough, the cash-starved police department stationed two squad cars as decoys outside the vacant building at Glendale and 2nd. Televisions, air-conditioners, computers, desks, thousands of books and student records containing Social Security numbers were left behind when the building – then a career academy – closed in 2009. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations. Clark is a signatory contractor to agreements with the Carpenters and Laborers unions and has had crews of union workers on the project since 2010.

The County requires that 20 percent of contractors and vendors on the project are small, local, emerging businesses (SLEB). In addition to meeting seismic safety standards, the ATR project will allowHighland Hospital to provide healthcare in a new state-of-the-art building. Construction began in 2010, with the steel frame building rising to the ninth floor earlier this year. We have included simple building facades that reflect the scale and tone of the existing campus and pay homage the master plan from the 1920s.” That will include salvaging some of the historic materials from the demolished buildings and rebuilding them as architectural elements in the construction and the landscape and reestablishing a central outdoor courtyard that was part of the original hospital’s campus. The project’s sustainable components include an innovative thermal storage concept that will lower energy costs, exterior green screens that cool and shade the interiors, and use of sustainable building materials.
The $430.8 million construction contract is the largest healthcare investment in the history of Alameda County. While the project isn’t being done under a project labor agreement, it is a prevailing wage job.
Clark reports that 19 SLEB firms have been procured for work, and 89 firms have been procured for work under the County’s Enhanced Construction Outreach Program designed to ensure that small, minority-owned local businesses are included. Highland Hospital’s upgrade is one of many in the Bay Area that are under construction or scheduled to begin construction to meet the seismic safety regulations. It houses campus-wide support functions and outpatient clinic services currently located in the existing Acute Tower. Concrete wall pours began in February and are continuing, along with installation of stairs and underground utility work. Highland is one of the County’s largest employers, providing more than 2,600 jobs, and is the largest teaching hospital in the East Bay.
They include new Kaiser hospitals in Hayward and Oakland, Alta Bates Summit hospital in Oakland and San Francisco General Hospital. The facility was built over a 176-space parking structure and will include connectors to the new hospital.
The old Clinic and Auditorium were demolished to make way for construction of the new Highland Care Pavilion.
At that time, the hospital’s existing tower will be demolished and a one-acre interior courtyard, dining terrace, and connecting structures will be built.

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