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100 ships from 19 countries as they assembled for the International Fleet Review hosted by the Indian Navy.
In this documentary, director and producer Brent Owens takes us to the streets of Hunts Point in South Bronx, for a candid documentary about the local sex workers. Pacific Storm stood out: a working boat, black hulled, a West Coast trawler in a previous life, reborn now as a research vessel. There were bigger, more opulent boats in the harbor—fortunes are invested in the white yachts of Acapulco—but this 85-foot trawler, with its grim mien and high black bow, was the ship for me.

Attending Chiefs of Naval staff from foreign nations were ceremonially received by the Chief of the Indian Navy, Admiral Sushil Kumar. Asked to choose, from all this fleet, the vessel to carry me on a month-long cruise in pursuit of blue whales, I would not have hesitated. The Chiefs participated in the event and shared perception, exchanged gifts and pledged co-operation.
As Flip Nicklin and I passed our gear up the trawler’s ladder and stowed it in our cabin, I felt an almost savage contentment.

The objective of the International Fleet Review was to enhance co-operation, spirit of friendship and solidarity between the different nations via their Naval fleets.

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