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Between the efforts by the partisans to find a way to blame the Bush administration for intelligence failures and the media efforts to rehabilitate the Clinton administration, the report fell through the cracks.
I have no idea how much damage - other than it wasn't the end of electronic technology in America.
From what I understand- in order to cause an electronic tsunami, a nuke with a particular yield has to be placed at so many miles above the surface.
If some one tries we will smoke half the planet like a Marlboro and everyone will need a new teevee and stereo. All these threats are hyped to an extreme extent by people who have a cottage industry promoting fear in the minds of people of less than average intellect. Contrary to perception, most motor vehicles are safe, even those with computerized engine management systems.
Thank you for your concern of our security, your input and your article, it is appreciated. EMP grenades released a 3-meter blast of disruptive electrical energy that damaged and disabled electronic systems. When rolled at just the right speed, EMP grenades could bypass the shield of a Droideka and disabling it, making them more effective than blasters.

Other anti-droid weapons that produced similar effects were the ion grenade and the Electromagnetic pulse launcher. It is believed that screenshots may be exhibited on Wookieepedia under the fair use provision of United States copyright law. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It seems like American culture and society exists to act like ether- keeping us occupied with things other than this.
I see some websites making it out to be the end of civilization as we know it in this country, and other sites that present a good case that this is way over hyped. Of course, the fear-mongers who post EMP nonsense (always claiming that EMP blasts are "easy") leave out the part about getting a nuke into space!
Two, 3.8 megatons tests detonated roughly 48 and 28 miles above Johnston Island respectively.
Particularly when Iran is estimated to be only months away from being able to build nuclear weapons. Note also that the photos below show some, not all, street and housing lights knocked out in Hawaii.

The test appeared quite spectacular from Hawaii (800 miles away) and at Kwajalein (1600 miles away), with impressive light displays from an artifical aurora lasting up to seven minutes.
These electromagnetic pulses were not quite as effective against organics, but were still capable of electrocuting or stunning lifeforms that had cybernetic enhancements.[2] Detonations also temporarily disrupted the sensors and visual displays of a clone trooper's helmet systems for a few seconds, somewhat similar to the effects of the reverse-polarity pulse grenade.
Also, amusingly, the tinfoilers might actually be on to something, because lining a room completely with tin foil can be effective if done properly. The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from this test sent power line surges throughout Oahu, knocking out [some] street lighting, blowing fuzes and circuit breakers, and triggering burglar alarms.
Since the clone commandos had a more electronic helmet, the effect on them would last closer to an hour than just a few seconds.
It exploded shortly after take-off in what was described in the Western media as a second 'failed missile test'. The W-49 warhead used in this test was used on the Thor, Atlas, Jupiter, and Titan missiles, and was a descendant of the versatile Mk-28 thermonuclear bomb.

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