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Watch Movies Online from different languages like tamil, telugu, hindi, gujarati, english, punjabi, bengali and others. TV and movie cast reunions are all the rage these days, and ‘American Pie’ may be the next franchise to bring the crew back together! Unfortunately, there are a bunch of other cast members that need to be accounted for if another movie is to be successful, and it was difficult enough to round everyone up for American Reunion.
The series will focus on DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron-Bure), who is left pregnant and widowed with two children, and calls in her sister, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and BFF Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber) to pitch in and help out.
The movie was released on 6 May 2012 with a sense of recreating the same drama that the very first movie of the series did, the movie is good comedy movie.
The word LOL is the short abbreviation  for Laugh Out Loud and since the name is so, it can be simply thought in mind also that the movie is going to take you to the laughter rides.
It is obvious to have a movie hit, when the movie is having couples hit Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in lead roles. The movie is a American cop story relating a high voltage drama and Starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the movie is just a hilarious piece of comedy with some distinctive gestures from the lead actors.
The movie is a comedy based from the famous trio of American slapstick and this is a remake version from Farrelly bros. No comedy movie list is complete without the listing of this movie because of return of Will Smith back in to action with some hilarious comic actions and total non-stop laugh punches. The movie has its story set for a guy who is in loving relation with his childhood teddy bear and in the midst of his busy and screwing life, he finds one day time for his ted and then on the story continues to take turn.
This was the list for the funniest movies for the year and once now when the wait is over, I hope you will be rushing to the cinemas near you. In a new interview, Tara Reid gives the scoop on the movie’s possible fifth installment.

In fact, the movie’s success has paved the way for another possible sequel, which Tara Reid, 39, confirmed to still be in the works on May 11. They however try to do everything but at the end they end up knowing that no matter what, the ghost of the past still haunts them. The father is Adam Sandler playing the role for DAD Donny and son is Adam Samberg playing as Todd. The movie starts with the last scene where Alex the lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe is on the mission of their fight to each other that is a conversational fight to have a way back to their beloved city New York. The movie has its plot set back in 1960’s where J is set on a mission to stop a criminal alien to stop to kill his present partner Agent K. Out of all genre of movie, the comedies are the best where we express our joy with a new way of forgetting our sorrows and problems. The movie exactly shows the misbalance, drama, pressure of a high school romance and then on the in-between problems with a great sensible laughing plot. The movie a laughing drama with a high and low bits punches while in the loving and forced to live in commune lives of a married couple. They meet after a long separating years and the moment of their meeting is the wedding day of Todd.
Whoever has seen the last two movies of the series, would surely enjoy this laughing siren movie. The story revolves with the attempt of saving their childhood orphanage and they end of entering in to a  murder drama which continue to haunt them with a right and equal tone of comedy and they follow up showing as some leads in the TV .As it is known, that things never go to plans and want to have some fun, you all have to do is to visit a theatre near by filming it since 22 August 2012. The plan as usual dint go as smooth as he had thought of and the ending of the movie is fantastically comic as a result. For this very particular article, I am reviewing about the ten best funniest movies of the year 2012 and they are sure to make you laugh.

The movie stars Sean Scott as Stifler, the famous sexy Stifler from Stifler family, who is just too naughty for girls and too bad in intentions. The movie exactly shows how to live a life without money and fancy clothes but yeas that at a cost of suffering a lot. The leads of the movie meet again at the police academy after being departed from their high school and they continue to follow the trend of screwing each other and ending up with a total laughing riots in the scenes for the audiences. One can just imagine what if your dad comes in the middle of your wedding, when you don’t even know how, when and why.
The movie is hilarious on the account of a few new aliens added in to it like those of  fish and the villain with now eyes wearing a black shade always make him humorous. The movie is directed by David Wain and the movie is simply rocking with the sense of high altitude drama between couples who pays and plays well while for their happiness and making the fun over and simply amazing. A total fun and action comedy is awaited with its adventure full of drama and mysterious journey of ride. The comedy starts as soon as the reunion takes place and friends get to know each other after their last meet up at school. In fact the movie has been brought with a sense of re installing its pre-era magic that was once created by the very first installment of the series by the then casting leads.

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