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For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.
At Advance Restoration we know how important basements can be to homeowners and business owners. Professional Flood Damage Cleanup and Mitigation Services For Residential & Commercial Basements, Do You Have Coverage??Many homeowners and business owners are not aware that disasters that include water damage may not have coverage in their basements. Sometimes visualizing the project and having a material list gives us that extra bit of motivation to tackle a project. Camping gear, food storage, canning jars, bug out gear can all be organized by creating a vertical shelves for easy access. CALLAHEAD has the ability to provide Emergency and Disaster Response Services of all of our portable toilets, portable sinks, portable showers and restroom trailer facilities for immediate hire and same day delivery within New York.
Our fresh water delivery is available and will be delivered in our “FRESH WATER ONLY” delivery truck.
Our portable heavy duty utility sinks will also assist in medical emergency situations to protect medical personnel so they may have the best possible sanitizing ability. CALLAHEAD is the leader in providing quality service with all of our temporary toilet rentals, portable handwashing stations, restroom trailers, security guard booths, porcelain toilet rentals for construction site office trailers and fresh water delivery in N.Y.
CALLAHEAD provides fast quotes on all of our jobsite and event porto potties including the economic standard porto john, construction jobsite porta potty, contractors wash and flush portable toilet, full service toilet, high-rise porto sans, standard restroom trailers and luxury bathroom trailers, hand washing sinks or heavy duty utility sinks, guard sheds, storage sheds, waste water holding tanks, fresh water holding tanks, fresh water delivery, extra service and all of our accessories.
Our convenient quick price quote of our portable toilets, sinks and all of our portable sanitation equipment rentals can be given over the phone, email, fax or mail. Call CALLAHEAD today for our rental rates for all of our mobile restrooms, porta potties, high rise building construction toilets, ADA compliant Handicap toilets, bathroom trailers, handwashing sinks, heavy duty utility sinks, security guard booths, water delivery and extra service. Our service areas cover all of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), as well as Westchester county in New York. CALLAHEAD has the newest, cleanest and most reliable trucks in the portable sanitation industry.
When CALLAHEAD delivers, installs, inspects, maintains or services your porta potty, portable sink, restroom trailer, guard booth or homelike porcelain toilet’s portable water and sewer system for your construction site office trailers they will arrive in the most dependable and sanitary trucks in the porto san industry. The only difference is the CALLAHEAD Portable Water and Sewer System can be easily moved when the office trailer has to relocate to another job site. Our invented waste water holding tanks and fresh water holding tanks come in many sizes to accommodate small jobsites to very large jobsites. We also understand that our customers have diverse preferences, needs and economical budgets while still wanting a pleasant experience when using restroom facilities.
We have the largest variety in porcelain flush toilets giving our customers the ability to choose the best portable porcelain toilet for their needs while never compromising on quality and comfort. CALLAHEAD’s four porcelain toilet systems include the Econo Porcelain Toilet System, Trailer Porcelain Toilet System, Contractors Porcelain Toilet System and Home Porcelain Toilet System. We also provide every rental with our standard winterization package to eliminate the possibility of freeze-ups, to ensure uninterrupted service! All rentals of our portable porcelain toilet system for office trailers include our guaranteed cleanings and weekly service of your toilet and sewer system. All of our portable porcelain toilets are available for same day delivery and installation within the New York Metro area by one of CALLAHEAD’s uniformed installation specialists.
To find out more about our Porcelain Systems, give us a call today -- Our friendly Customer Service Representatives will gladly assist you, and answer any questions that you may have! CALLAHEAD has the most reliable and sanitary cleaning service in the portable sanitation industry. There are several reasons why increased cleaning service may be the best option for your rental.
We can provide additional cleanings of your porto sans, portable bathroom trailers and portable washing sinks from 1 to 7 days a week and up to 2 times a day if required.
Instead of having automatic additional sanitized cleaning services automatically, you just call our office for quick, immediate “On Call Service” of all of your portable toilets, portable sinks and portable restroom trailers. Our commitment is to provide the cleanest, most sanitary portable sanitation equipment for all of our customers. CALLAHEAD has the largest selection of portable restroom trailer facilities and exclusive portable bathrooms for rent that will add a classy touch to your wedding, formal ceremony or black-tie event.
Our portable restroom trailers have stalls with lockable doors to give every person the privacy they require. CALLAHEAD has been the leader in providing New York with superior portable sanitation equipment for nearly four decades.
We offer the largest variety of portable toilet rentals, restroom trailer rentals, luxury bathroom trailer rentals, high rise mobile port a potty rentals for apartment or building construction, ADA compliant and handicap portable toilet rentals.
New York has been renting CALLAHEAD’s porta potties, sinks, sheds and services for their construction sites, contractor sites, road and highway construction sites, new home construction, building construction, contractor sites and emergency, hurricane or disaster relief situations. CALLAHEAD is the leader in supplying NY’s construction and contracting job sites the greatest equipment and service in rentals of portable toilets and portable restroom trailers.
Portable flush toilets, urinals and sinks are just the start of the benefits of CALLAHEAD’s restroom trailers. CALLAHEAD’s restroom trailers have all the convenience of portable sanitation and can be moved from job site to job site with ease. Portable toilets are a necessity when it comes to just about every special event that is held outdoors.

No matter the reason, CALLAHEAD has the equipment to accommodate your porto san or portable restroom trailer needs.
Our port a potty rentals can include a homelike flushing toilet, separate non-splash urinal, full service sink with hot and cold water, antibacterial soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, Headliner toilet seat covers, automatic time released air freshener, mirror, convenience shelf, coat and hat hooks, lockable doors with occupancy sign, trash receptacle, interior light, stereo system, thermostat heat and air conditioner. We have the biggest and best variety in portable toilets and portable restroom trailers that will suit every economic budget and requirement. Every construction jobsite requires security and protection of their equipment, utilities and tools. Due to increased OSHA and Health Department requirements on construction jobsites, contracting jobs or where food is being served or prepared, handwashing facilities have become a necessity.
All of our sinks come with soap dispensers filled with antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria along with filled paper towel holders. There's a good way to figure out how to get organized -- use printables and checklists to keep you on track. Each person, family and home is unique so lists will only get you so far, but they are a great way to get started, to reference when you need ideas, and to get you back on track if you start to get disorganized.
The printables and checklists I've provided will also help you brainstorm ideas for how to use various spaces in your home, and where to store certain items to get the most use out of the space you've got.
Many of these printables can be combined into one book, called a "household notebook," which I suggest you personalize to fit your family's routines, schedules, wants and needs. Here are the printables I've added so far (check back often because more are added all the time!).
I run both a weekly organizing challenge and a daily decluttering mission on this site, consistently. Share Your Comments, Tips & IdeasI would love to hear from you, sharing your thoughts, questions, or ideas about this topic, so leave me a comment below. Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters. Basements are used for a variety of reasons such as, storage, entertainment for guests, play rooms for kids, hobbies for men and woman, man caves for guys, studios for women, extra offices for businesses, equipment and document storage and many others.
Advance Restoration has found it to be very common for owners to experience this misfortune. All of our mobile sink rentals come filled with antibacterial soap and paper towel dispenser.
We purchase our vehicles brand new and have them customized to specifically handle CALLAHEAD operations. Each of our fresh water delivery trucks have an enclosed stainless steel tank in which the fresh water is transported to your site and is clearly marked “Fresh Water Delivery”. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD, invented the revolutionary Portable Water and Sewer System specifically for the construction industry and their jobsite office trailers restroom facilities. We also offer security guard booth rentals, storage shed rentals, portable sink rentals, mobile utility sink rentals, portable antibacterial station rentals, porcelain toilet systems for office trailers, fresh water holding tank rentals, waste water holding tank rentals and fresh water delivery. CALLAHEAD can provide you with same day delivery when an immediate delivery of your toilet, sink or guard shed rental is required. Optional servicing is available, from 1 to 7 days a week, for every portable toilet, restroom trailer and porcelain toilet system for office trailers.
CALLAHEAD has the most durable and largest selection when it comes to portable security guard sheds and portable storage units for temporary short term or long term rentals in New York City and New York. Our mobile commercial grade utility sink comes with Go Jo hand cleaner to handle the toughest cleaning jobs.
Join over 150,000 others and get tips, articles and organizing challenges sent directly to your inbox to help you get your house in order. Be sure to check your policy especially if you have a finished basement, have offices located in the basement and or store valuable items in this area. Having a fleet of brand new and perfectly cleaned trucks and cars at our equipment sites in NY not only represents CALLAHEAD, but our clients’ choice in their portable toilet rental. Simply call our Toll-Free number (800.634.2085) to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives!
CALLAHEAD’s porta johns, portable bathrooms and restroom trailers are the cleanest, most sanitary, highest quality and overall best portable sanitation equipment available in New York: New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), and Westchester. They're free to join, so I encourage you to check them out and see if you want to participate too!
If you are located in a flood zone be sure to by flood insurance, remodeling basements can be very expensive and this is not a cost you will want to reoccur.
Each of our vehicles is fully equipped with GPS navigation systems which we update daily with each service technician’s personal route. Enjoy.Food Storage Tips For Space Challenged PreppersFinding room for survival supplies is one of the most common problems preppers face. Advance provides emergency cleanup and repair services for wet and water damage basement disasters. One of the common endorsements to look for on your policy is “Back up of Sewers and Drains and sump pump failure”. Our smaller sized porta potty can fit through tight spaces including alley ways, hallways, doorways, up and down stairs and into attics, basements or cellars and elevators with ease. If you’re one of the few lucky ones with a cellar or basement, you have plenty of room at the appropriate temperature.

Our certified technicians will arrive quickly to begin water extraction and structural dry-down to help restore your flooded basement. Unless you have this endorsement on your policy or the water comes from another source of water located in the dwelling you will not have coverage in your basement. But for the vast majority that do not live in bigger houses, storage of survival supplies is a major issue. Advances Technicians undergo extensive education and are certified in Applied Structural Drying and Water Restoration technician through the IICRC. Contact Advance Restoration immediately and we can help reduce the amount of water damage using state of the art equipment dehumidifiers, air movers and drying furnaces. Our stainless steel waste tank truck will be driven by a uniformed service technician with its purpose to clean out the waste from your portable toilet or waste tank.
Common disasters in basements include outside water from storm damages, sump pump failures, flash flooding, sewer backups, broken pipes, frozen pipes, leaky basement walls, broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, clogged toilet, leaking roof, plumbing leaks and other sources. CALLAHEAD’s service technicians and inspectors will only arrive at any sites in CALLAHEAD vehicles that are in like new condition, cleaned daily and serviced regularly.
Construction job site workers, special event attendees and party guests will appreciate the feel of using our restroom trailers. Advance Restoration disaster recovery basement flood services include complete basement restoration, extraction, drying and reconstruction. Our portable toilet trailers provide all the comforts of home and the feel of using a restroom as if it were in a permanent structure. Examples are broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows or appliance malfunctions that involves water supply lines.Category 2 Water - Refers to a source of water that contains a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants and causes discomfort or sickness when exposed or even consumed is known as "Grey Water". Advance uses the latest in industry proven solutions called anti microbial to help kill and eliminate bacteria and mold. While most people just dump their stuff there, it can actually come in quite handy if used in the right way.
Our solutions our environmental friendly so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets. We have portable sink stations that have a foot operated pump for easy hands-free turn on and shut off of water.
Examples are toilet bowls with urine (no feces), sump pump failures, see page due to hydrostatic failure and water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines.Category 3 Water - Known as "Black Water" and is grossly unsanitary.
We also use air scrubbing equipment to help eradicate unwanted odors that water damage can produce. However, if you’re looking for a much more cost effective and temporary solution, you can store some stuff in buckets and place a cardboard on top of the buckets to make another level. This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. Wooden planks can also be used on top of the buckets and more buckets can be placed on top if the plank is strong enough.ClosetMost closets, while being spacious, look quite small because they are cramped with stuff.
However fast it occurs, water damage is a major contributor to loss of property.Those individuals who are affected by wide scale flooding may have the ability to apply for government and FEMA grants through the Individual Assistance program. If you place your belongings in an organized manner, you’ll see that the closet can be used to store a lot more. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water. On a larger level, businesses, cities, and communities can apply to the FEMA Public Assistance program for funds to assist after a large flood. Category 2 Water or Grey Water that is not promptly removed from the structure and or have remained stagnant may be re classified as Category 3 Water.
For example, the city of Fond du Lac Wisconsin received $1.2 million FEMA grant after flooding in June 2008.
Things will be more organized this way.Hanging shelves and over the door shoe organizersOver the door shoe organizers can be used as an ingenious way to store canned foods. While some may not be strong enough to hold heavy items, you can always get good quality ones that you deem may be able to hold small amounts of canned food.Under the bedSurprisingly, this is one area that most people don’t consider as an option to store things. You can place a lot of canned food, cartons of water bottles, and other emergency food supplies under your bed. If you live in a very cramped up place, you can also place bricks to raise your bed and put that space to effective use.SuitcasesNot only are suitcases ideal for travelling, they can be used to store a lot of items at home too. You can always store canned food and other survival supplies in an empty suitcase and place it beneath your bed, on top of a cupboard or inside your wardrobe.Additional tips to rememberWhile prepping up and stocking your emergency survival supplies, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind.
This is especially for people who are in areas where the weather is hot and humid.Secondly, keep checking up on your survival supplies, like medicines, first aid kits, etc. He loves to write about survival skills and techniques that can help us to survive in a teotwawki event.

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