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With natural and man-made disasters occurring more frequently, more and more households are now creating their own emergency preparedness plan.
While many families consider pets as part of the household, pets are often left out when planning for emergencies or natural disasters.
When you prepare for disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and severe winter weather, do not forget to include provisions for your pet. And by the way, if this looks like your company’s disaster recovery plan, you may want to look more closely at a cloud backup and data recovery solution like ours. This is my attempt to make sure we store what we use and eat--and that we store the correct amounts. My trusted documents list includes a column for our 72 hour kits, various safes, and trusted contact. DetailsI hate to print paper over and over, so I am always trying to find ways to print once and use repeatedly.
While this is not something that I do or plan to do (long term food storage), I do respect it immensely. Elizabeth, my number one reason for ever starting food storage was definitely religious like you said. When McKenna was born, I wasn't sure exactly when I was going to start sleep training with her. A really difficult time to navigate is the time when your baby starts to wake in the night around 5-6 AM. Screen shot of the timeline I made for you Even when you have several children, it is easy to forget when to expect certain milestones. There are so many talented people out there.  So, I love it when they share their talents with the rest of us! Bekah from Pinch A Little, Save a Lot created cute Family Emergency Planning Kits that you can print off for FREE.  They include pages for Emergency Contacts, a Family Emergency Plan, an Emergency Preparedness Sheet and more. I’ve re-pinned her Family Emergency Printable Planning Kits on Pinterest.  So, feel free to re-pin and share as well! Consider downloading the FEMA brochure, Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense for more information. Thanks for joining us for the Be Prepared Summer Challenge  – Every week do one more thing to be prepared.
If you have pets, be sure to read further and learn how to make a comprehensive emergency contingency plan. As you stock up basic necessities for your family, such as food, water and medicines, you should also prepare a small travelling kit for your canine or feline household member.
Look for nearby places that will accommodate animals, especially in times of disasters – shelters, kennels, relatives or friends.

In times of disasters, pets can become disoriented, agitated and cause them to wander away from home. Regularly review your plan and rehearse it often so that you can execute it well when time comes. They are Food Storage Tracking, Food Usage Tracking, Water Storage, Emergency Kits, and Recipes. She tells me I won't be making cookies if I am in a "food storage usage" position, but I am here to tell you, cookies will be made! I have water storage guidelines (how to safely store, how to purify, and how much to store).
I have made several books that I have printed, laminated, and use a wet-erase marker on and it works really well. Do you use your food supply throughout the year as you would regular groceries and just replace as it goes or does it sit in the basement or someplace for safekeeping?
After having done it, I see great monetary benefits, mostly that when you shop for food, you primarily buy foods that are on super sale, so you spend so little. We use it at school to keep a record of where the kids are with their multiplication stats. But what A Place for Mom recently discovered was that when natural disasters strike, senior housing searches spike. You may have seen dramatic news stories about pets being reunited to their households after a disaster. It does not necessarily have to be as comprehensive as the emergency kit of a child, but the provisions should be good for at least two weeks. Write them down along with your emergency contact numbers, so you have easy access to this information. At a time of a crisis, with all the other things to think about, you do not want to another trouble with a lost pet. I am not at perfection (I am sure it will take me years), but I think I am far enough to share my progress so far so you can get thinking about how to track your own emergency preparedness items. But I figured my emergency preparedness needs would be more dynamic that that--meaning to laminate and bind something would lock me into something that I might want to change 6 months from now. When you need to start over usually some acetone (nail polish remover) or some rubbing alcohol will do the trick. In fact, senior living and assisted living inquiries spiked anywhere from 11% to more than 90% following recent hurricanes.
But this should not happen, in the first place, if households come up with a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan that includes their pets. Some supplies to include in your pet emergency kit: pet food (canned foods), a first aid kit (with pet-specific medical supplies), clean water, an extra leash or collar, and a blanket.

They smear easily (see my picture under "food storage tracking")--at least on the page protectors with no texture to them. My daughter starts preschool in the fall and her school is implementing an emergency preparedness plan starting this year. I know lots of people who have been out of work for that long in our current economic situation (or longer), so that is a big help. In an emergency we want them to be safe so it’s important to make a plan for them ahead of time. At the beginning of the school year, you bring in a supply pack for your child with some snacks, water, a blanket, family pic, etc so that in the event of an emergency where the kids would be stuck at school they would have basic supplies to last at least a short while. I think in the case of an emergency, having a one year supply would enable you to help neighbors in need, also.But first, a three month supply should be the first goal. And with the 2013 hurricane season approaching, senior living needs are likely to increase in hurricane prone areas of the country.
Expirations--I obviously don't store a one year supply of something that expires in a couple of months. According to Reuters, 33,000 people were affected, including children, seniors and their caregivers. If things are getting relatively close and I don't think we can use it, I donate it to the food pantry. But preparing for hurricane season by taking extra precautionary steps to ensure safety, and by getting important documents in order—such as medical and respite paperwork and power of attorney—definitely helps. They offer comfort through what is often a stressful situation by ensuring that seniors maintain access to food, water, shelter and necessary care. Support is provided in the event of power outages and evacuations, and services for storm cleanup, like shoveling snow or picking up fallen tree limbs are offered. Originally from Alaska, Dana has a passion for the outdoors and finding life’s next adventure. She graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a degree in English and Communications, and her writing has appeared in a variety of digital and print publications. She loves connecting audiences with ideas and is also an advocate for enhancing care and support for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

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