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Zombies might be coming any time and you want to be prepared to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!
It might seem silly at the very outset but preppers (prepared for the end of the world) always have one at hand. Also do yourself a favor, keep a small map of your area marked with supermarkets, hardware stores, hospitals … if you have to leave on foot.
The only thing worse than a zombie is a human. They can try to be friends of yours to steal your weapons, your groceries or even both.
Semi-automatics (“pistols”) might seem like the best handgun to get (since it is the majority market, and that’s what we see on TV and the movies), but for a novice it might not be the best choice (might not). 4) The slide must be all the way in the “forward locked position” or the pistol won’t fire. 5) If you get a “dud” round of ammunition not only will the pistol not fire but you will also have to “rack” the slide again hoping the “dud” round just falls out easily and make sure the slide locks all the way into the forward position before you can again try to fire the pistol. Now imagine trying to go through all of these steps while a rapist, murderer or gang banger is attacking you — and by the way, you’ll need BOTH hands free to do this. Thoughts: Some might argue the difference between a revolver having fewer shots than a semi-auto. Another thought: Mounting a laser to a revolver makes the weapon even simpler during a highly tense critical moment — point the red dot on the target and squeeze the trigger.
Some 290 skeletons from the cemetery have so far been studied with care, and they show that at least 75 percent of the men of that day died before they had reached the age of 40! Childbirth would seem to have been hard in those days because only half as many women as men reached the forties.
The commonest disease revealed in the skeletons was arthritis of several types — sometimes severe.
Interesting is the fact that the teeth of these people were much better formed and spaced than are ours today; and out of 5,000 teeth examined, only some 200 showed any signs of decay.

From Click Americana: 7 new collections of beautiful hand-drawn vintage portraits to color! More in 1962, death, discoveries, england, history on historyHow America got its name (1920)What's in the name "America" Millions sing "America" -- comparatively few know the origin of the name. The trend now in some schools is to offer classes on how to escape the zombies or survive a zombie invasion. Keep an emergency survival backpack at the ready (ideally keep two or three backpacks distributed at home, at work, in car) with a bottle of water, matches, knife, some preserves and medicine cabinet. But keep in mind the exits and entrances of your building, workplace and some other safe places such as warehouses nearby. Believe it or not there are people who take this very seriously, so if you’re worried about a possible zombie invasion, at least research and gather ideas if needed. Just avoid leaving any part of your body exposed. Use  sturdy clothing that is light and heavy duty.
Note this is a kind of ‘end of the world, people are not much concerned with the moral. This is not necessary in day to day, but in case of a zombie invasion, you should have a weapon at hand always. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Perhaps it has to do with uncertainty of what might happen next with regard to the erosion of, or the ongoing attacks on gun rights (and the 2nd Amendment), or maybe it has to do with a heightened awareness of self security in today’s increasingly uncertain times and future, but more and more Americans are buying guns for the first time.
Pistols can be somewhat complicated to use (although not always), especially in chaotic, high-stress situations.
Most revolvers don’t have or need a safety, as the trigger pull is “heavy” enough to prevent accidental firings.
While that is true, the revolver in this case (purpose) isn’t meant for ‘battle’, and I believe that most personal protection shooting incidents are over with quickly (though not always).

As happens with many primitive people, their teeth were ground almost flat, due probably to the presence of hard grit (from rough grindstones) in the flour from which their bread was made. So beware if you see that the streets are quieter than normal or, conversely, there are sounds of sirens and too much noise in general. On the other hand, remember that fire does not do anything … so do not waste your time trying to burn them. Each additional step necessary to operate a handgun, is one more chance for something to go wrong.
With that said, the semi-auto Glock might be the equivalent ‘reliable’ choice if one wishes to go the route of the pistol. With that said, reloading a revolver (unless practiced with a speedloader) will likely take longer than reloading a magazine in a semi-auto. If you are rowing downstream or are at the sea … escaping without a plan is not such a good idea.
They will not get there fast enough to potentially save you and your families lives during a home invasion or burglary intrusion.
First and foremost, a gun HAS to go “bang” every time you squeeze the trigger — your life might depend on it. The Police carried revolvers for 100 years and it served them well, some individual officers still choose to carry revolvers in part because of the guns absolute reliability. The appearence of some of the bones suggests syphilis, but the disaease could have been the related yaws, which still is common in Africa.

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