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Making the Straw Containers All you need to make these is a bunch of drinking straws ( link to these jumbo clear milkshake straws that we used is on this page), whatever you want to put inside your straw packets, a lighter and a multitool! Trick Birthday Candle Survival Fire Starter With these jumbo milkshake straws we were able to put three candles in each and seal them up for our kits!
DIY Individual Pain Killer Packets What a great way to keep your pain killer of choice (in this case some Advil Liqui-Gels) with you! Stormproof Matches Why not make Stormproof Matches even MORE stormproof by storing them in a waterproof straw packet? Iodine Water Treatment Tablets We can't get over how well segmenting these off like this is so handy for just using two tablets at a time!
DIY Waterproof Cigarette Sleeve Not that we advocate smoking, but you could use your drinking straws to protect your cigarettes too!

Freshly Sealed Stormproof Matches Four stormproof matches with a striker strip inside ready for action! What was the scariest or most annoying thing you had to deal with, when you moved out from your parents’ home? These trick birthday candles are great fire starters because they are so wind resistant and candles are terrific for starting fires in wet conditions! See how segmenting little individual packets all in one long strip like this can be used to separate the items into useful portions (2 tablets for 1 liter of water in this case) but keep like items together?
Put your favorite spices in these packets for survival kits, camping, road trips, purses, office drawers and more! Keep your adhesive strips (Band-Aids) and bandages dry and protected with a survival straw container!

Make your own little packets of antibiotic ointments, healing salves, vasoline, toothpaste, lotinos, aloe, sunscreen and more! You can use these to store virtually any favorite tinders including WetFire, lint and wax, fatwood and more! Great for camping, backpacking, hiking, road trips, purses, EDCs, survival kits, bug out bags and more! But, the truth is, you never stop learning, getting into trouble, or going through hardships.

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