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The Survival Stores small survival kit isn't your commonal graden survival tin with all those relatively sub standard bits of kit in it. A Maxpedition M-1 waistpack - A Two pocket compact pack that can be worn directly on a belt through an integrated belt loop or become a modular pocket compatible with ALICE or MOLLE type webbing.
A Columbia River Knife and Tool RSK Mk 5 Ritter Lightweigh survival knife - One piece stainless skeletonized construction. US GSA Compliant 550 Paracord - None of your Mickey Mouse nonsense this is the genuine gear straight from the USA and a real bonus for strong shelter making. Care Plus Hand gel - Not only is this stuff great for hygene it is highly flammable making a great firelighting aid. Waterproof Matchbox - Fill it with strike anywhere matches and you will have no trouble firelighting. US Issue Water Purification powder - This the top product on the market, Chlorofloc powder will even separate the silt in foul water giving you clean and fresh water.
Fishing Kit - A fishing kit is always handy as it is always easy to find bait and a line can be left in water for prolonged periods of time leaving you free for foraging and the like. Can Opener - Sounds like a daft one doesn't it but imagine coming across a hunting cabin in the back of beyond and there is no can opener!! A US Issue Sharpening stone - Light and compact it is a great addition, a blunt knife is as useful as a chocolate teapot. The Zombie Apocalypse Store is located close to the Strip, so if you are visiting Vegas, it’s not too far away. Never heard of this place but I’m sure my hubby would drag me out there for the Venison Jerky alone. A homeless boy who lives in an airport with his father, moving from terminal to terminal trying not to be noticed, is given hope when a trapped bird finally finds its freedom. There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money.
Next, insert an onion, and then use another twist tie to close the bag off right after that single onion. If you have a little space left at the top of the bag, but not enough for an onion, you can always throw a couple of cloves of garlic in there. Along that same line, I’ve actually seen people store their onions in shoe boxes with holes punched in them, and even using bamboo steamers like these. Do not store onions in the refrigerator for an extended time as the cold temperature will soften their texture. Never store potatoes and onions together — stored together, they accelerate spoilage of each other.

Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching.
How long do onions store for when using either of the brown bag or mesh bag storage options? We have stored them for up to 3 months that way (but we always use them before they go bad).
Make your own solar box or folding panel cookerEasy recipes that can be made with little preparation at home or in campSide dishes and snacks, soups, stews, chilies, fish and seafood, casseroles, pasta, and baked goods Quickly toss together the ingredients for Cashew Curry, place it in the solar cooker, point the cooker to the midday sun, and head to work. This the real deal with really useful bits of kit that you really will use in any survival situation. We will NOT simply change everything for low quality products it will simply allow us to substitute an item if it happens to be out of stock. Mattie is quite the expert, so if there is ever such a thing, I know our family will be in good hands. Noelle found a Hello Zombie t-shirt that she thought would be perfect for Comic-Con this summer.
I would recommend stopping in and checking them out — it makes for a cool photo opportunity and you can even pick up one of their t-shirts so you can brag to your friends back home that you went to one and only Las Vegas Zombie Apocalypse Store.
In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! However, if you happen to have an onion or two that look like they’re starting to sprout or that have soft spots, freeze them! Remove from the freezer and transfer to a zipper bag or mason jar (or an air tight jar like this one), and return to the freezer.
Pour the onion puree into ice trays (they make them with lids), cover with plastic, and freeze. Peel off the outer papery layer, wash the onions, and blanch in scalding water for about 5 minutes. He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live.
Other half came home with a box full of onions yesterday and I was scrambling to find a way to keep them. We will always replace it with the equivilent value or better quality product and not trade it down.
As someone who isn’t into survival gear, I was actually hoping for even more novelty zombie items, but I would imagine the average survivalist would say there was too much novelty zombie stuff.

I think there was stun guns somewhere too, although I either missed them or I wasn’t paying much attention.
We still joke to this day that his Dad could never find or keep his flashlights because Little David always found them and took off with them. The kids also got some jerky to snack on and some zombie target practice sheets, which Mattie uses with his Nerf guns. I understand why people might like zombie movies, but I don’t get how it got to the point where there are zombie themed stores and people actually take the concept of zombies seriously. I believe cooking doesn't have to be complicated or fancy to be memorable, so I share easy recipes that get you out of the kitchen fast.
Typically, you rip into the bag from any old angle, dump the contents, and toss the bag in the garbage.
Also, we like to keep twist ties off various bags of food we get (and we keep the ones from the trash bag boxes that never get used), so get those ready, too.
It is best to hang them in a cool, dark, dry place — if you have an unfinished basement that you use for storage, or a root cellar, those are ideal spots. It allows for air circulation between the onions so they don’t gather moisture and go bad faster. This will make sure all the little pieces of onion freeze separately so you can pour out as much as you need for any given recipe. There was many years that Little David got a flashlight in his Christmas stocking or as one of his birthday gifts.
Any moisture that has already come into contact with the onions will evaporate, giving your onions a longer shelf life. You should have 4 lines of holes down the front and back of the bag, and 2 lines on each side. To begin with, when we were first learning how to properly store food, we were scared to get some of this stuff. Like the mesh or pantyhose, these holes will help the air circulate around the onions to keep them dry.
We had thrown stuff in the freezer before, but a lot of the time, it would just get freezer burn, turn brown, and not be worth eating, anyway. Fold the top of the bag down and secure it with tape, staples, paper clips, clothes pins, or my personal favorite, binder clips.

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