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There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. In the southeastern part of the United States where I live (Georgia), tornadoes are a very real threat. Stay away from windows as the winds from a tornado could shatter them and send glass flying like shrapnel fragments. If you happen to be in a vehicle and spot a tornado, get out, find a ditch, culvert, or low area, and lie face down in it. Keep your emergency radio tuned to a weather station, and remain in your cover position until the storm passes. It’s always good to have a plan and a contingency plan ready in case of inclement weather. Make sure you have a few supplies in that area – snacks, some water, emergency radio and maybe a deck of cards.
Practice your shelter plan with your children on a regular basis so when the time comes, you execute your plan without hesitation or issue. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. If you live in an area prone to frequent visits of tornados you might already have a tornado shelter, however, few know what should the shelter contain. Having a safe underground or above ground tornado shelter is an excellent idea, however, if you find yourself wondering what is missing – there is probably something wrong. First of all, you should know that despite the fact that probably you won’t have to spend much time in the shelter, you might want to make sure that it has everything needed for longer stays. If you wish to furnish the shelter so it appears like an indoor room, it is essential to decorate it as any other room.
I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! It is not the wind inside and around a tornado that kills and injures people - it's the flying debris that's in the wind.
If the entrance to your storm cellar is outside, you should allow plenty of time to get to the shelter before the storm arrives. A reinforced safe room (or above-ground tornado shelter) is as good as an underground shelter in most situations. Bathrooms MAY be a good shelter, provided they are not along an outside wall and have no windows. Bathrooms have proven to be adequate tornado shelters in many cases for a couple of reasons. However, with tornadoes there are no absolutes, and you should look closely at your home when determining your shelter area. Generally speaking, you should not leave your home in your vehicle when a tornado threatens.
In some cases, the apartment clubhouse or laundry room may be used as a shelter, provided the basic safety guidelines are followed.
Mobile homes are especially susceptible to high winds from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Taking cover under sturdy furniture, in a bathtub or closet or under a mattress will be meaningless in a mobile home if the home itself is destroyed, blown over, or rolled over by tornado or severe thunderstorm winds. Again, you need to have access to a shelter that is available at any time of the day or night. I was browsing the Internet and came across a picture of a small door sticking out of the ground.
I spent quite a lot of time in Iraq and saw some of the buried shelters that were only underground partway, and they were all buckling under the pressure.
That’s not even counting the actual logistics of not leaving the container, including human waste, trash, emotional pressure and the actual tactics involved. Not to mention the fact that shipping containers are prone to have toxic paint and chemicals in the wood, including fumigation sprays that will likely require you to replace all the wood and strip all the paint to be safe. The plain and simple truth is that a shipping container is designed to be stacked and have pretty much zero horizontal external pressure. The biggest lesson you need to learn is that if you’re gonna build an underground shelter, you need to have someone who does this kind of thing for a living come in and take it all into consideration. As long as it’s sealed, you can make it useable if you spend some time reinforcing the walls, depending on the soil and rainfall in the area. Basically, a shipping container is pretty good for above-ground fortification as long as you fix any chemical problem. So what should you do if you find shipping containers for sale and really want an underground bunker using these metal boxes? If you really want an underground bunker and you want to do it the right way, you should be talking to someone like Vivos Shelters or or someone else that has a lot of experience and references. If you’re still considering building your own underground shelter, at least check out The Bomb Shelter Builders Book and get a good base of what to do, or even better, check out this page that has plans you can download to build one. Filed Under: How to Be a prepper Tagged With: bunkers, shipping container bunkerStay updated with my newsletter! My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. Reinforce the container, properly prep the exterior and interior for corrosion resistance, and then bury it. Keep in mind that shipping containers are only rated to hold about 325 pounds per square foot- and even premixed, bagged topsoil weighs 125 pounds per cubic foot. I doubt anyone who is building these connex box shelters are making them to withstand a direct bomb hit.
The deeper you go, the less likely you are to be discovered and the more protection you’d have from radiation, blast, attack etc.
In a lot of cases, a buried bunker is so expensive and complicated that it isn’t the best choice.

Burying a couple of long escape tunnels and camouflaging their exits can be pretty damn expensive to do it right, but you might want to consider putting one or two of them in even if you don’t go underground. For most people, using a fraction of that money for tactical and medical training is much better spent. You might want to look at getting a welder and learning to weld It is an amazingly usefull skill and them you can purchase the steel in increments.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! If not, go to the bottom floor of your house, find a small, internal room (like a closet or a small bathroom) and huddle in there.
If you have any more ideas that I may have missed, please leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!
He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. We had tornado straps built-in to the home that were anchored deep into the ground in concrete. That should at least keep the trailer down on the ground and keep most of your preps in order. Here you will find the most comprehensive information on how to furnish a tornado shelter, so read on. Decorating tornado shelters might be a little bit over the top, however, if you want to make shelter appear homey – it is the key ingredient.
Therefore, you might want to take flashlights, blankets, pillows and perhaps minimum food and water supply. So, pick the color or wallpaper with a soothing pattern, as being in a shelter is stressful enough.
Your plan at home should be known by everyone in the home and practiced at least twice each year. If you wait until the storm is upon you, you may be exposed to wind, hail, rain, lightning and maybe even flying debris as you go to the cellar.
If your basement is not totally underground, or has outside doors or windows, stay as far away from them as possible.
Safe rooms are specially-designed reinforced tornado shelters built into homes, schools and other buildings.
Remembering the basics of tornado safety, you should look around your home to determine the best place.
Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing magically safe about getting in a bathtub with a mattress.
Again, the closet should be as deep inside the building as possible, with no outside walls, doors or windows. Again, the goal is to create as many barriers as possible between you and the flying debris in and near a tornado. If your complex does not have a reinforced shelter, you should make arrangements to get to an apartment on the lowest floor possible. You will likely not be safe in a mobile home, whether you’re in a hallway, a closet or a bathroom. They’re called Intermodal Freight Containers because they can be moved on trains, boats, helicopters, whatever. Now imagine if someone drives a truck or even just walks over your supposedly-hidden bunker?
Burying it will add a LOT of side pressure, especially if you’re in a rain-prone environment or have certain soils.
Just make sure that you don’t bury a 9-ish foot container under 6 feet of earth in an area that has a water table 12 feet under the ground. You can decide to bury one (or more) but to do it properly (not even counting the tactics and other considerations), you’ll have to spend a lot more money to make it right than just buying and delivering the containers. It would suck to spend all that money, planning, and time just to make yourself a ridiculously overly-complicated coffin.
Nothing says you can’t do all the research yourself but the point of a shelter is to keep you safe. 3 ft of dirt is adequate enough, along with a power supply to power small cpu-style fans for filtered air to live though the 3+ months it takes for 90% of radiation to go dissipate ( not saying the remaining 10% isn’t lethal) and wait it out.
By the time you get it all safe, secure and working, you could have paid for a fantastic above-ground facility that has its own benefits. What would you do if you spent everything on your bunker and had to leave it or couldn’t make it there when the time came?
I have started to at least buy canning jars and freeze food when I make too much though lol. This has several advantages, First no one will have any clue what you are building because you can build it in the hole. I was considering a 20 ft container that I could split half and half for flowering and vegetation but I am concerned about moisture and mold I am going to be using 1000 mhb and 1000 hps I don’t know if 20 will be adiauite space or if I would need to go with 40 ft but with inline carbon and exhaust system I think under four feet of dirt should be sufichent. I was originally gonna just write the post about the tactical mistake of doing this (which will come at some point now) but I found so many problems with the logistics of doing this that I completely changed the article. I was planning to use a smaller 20ft container, paint it with paint that prevents hydrolisis, and add concrete around the lateral walls and rear.
During inclement weather, staying alert to the sky is the best way to determine the possibility of a tornado.
If anything, you’d be putting yourself at greater risk rushing around trying to open all of your windows. Check out some amazing blogs and how they attack their biggest threats to being more prepared and more self-reliant! I have become quite adept at reading radar and assessing the evacuation route, timing, and travel preparation. Barring that, I would say that if you live in a mobile home park there isn’t much else you can do.

Bring in the furnishing items, such as tables, lamps, chairs – if your shelter is large enough. Make sure to include something for entertainment, so you can take your mind off the anxious thoughts while it is storming. Children who may be at home alone should know what to do and where to go even if no adults are there.
Items from above could fall into the basement, so it's a good idea to get under a stairwell or a piece of sturdy furniture.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in close cooperation with experts in wind engineering and tornado damage, has developed detailed guidelines for constructing a safe room. Secondly, it is thought that the plumbing within the walls of a bathroom helps to add some structural strength to the room.
To be an effective shelter, a hallway should as be far inside the building as possible and should not have any openings to the outside (windows and doors). Mobile homes cannot stand up to even a weak tornado, and you should make plans BEFORE the storm arrives to get to a safe shelter. I hear a lot of talk about a zombie apocalypse or some sort of government breakdown happening in the near future and it looks like this is the best solution to your worries.
Also consider that you have to add in some safety margin just for shits and giggles plus to compensate for the materials aging over time.
If you’ve ever been in combat in an urban environment, you know just how shitty of a decision it is to hole up in a room with only one entrance. If you want to see some common specifications of shipping containers, check out this wikipedia article. The problem is that they’re round and we like our stuff to be on flat floors with flat walls. I am thinking of using shipping containers (several of them) and reinforce them but going 20 ft under dirt. I have a large family and want to do whatever it takes to keep them all alive but in saying that want to do it right. This will add enough weight that you will probably need very little ballast and the HARDOX will make it very impact resistant. Some of it has been dumb luck, but most of it has been because surviving a tornado is something my family and I know how to do. Of course, living a few miles from the National Weather Center and in the state with the country’s best meteorologists, learning how to stay safe without fear is possible. If you’re on your own land, you can build an underground storage facility for your preps.
These measures might not be necessary, however, if you need these items you will be thankful afterwards. If you can’t bring in the furniture, at least bring a little bit of home comfort in a form of drop pillows and such. If you will equip the shelter with all of the needed items, the prolonged stay there won’t seem like a burden. Due to the potentially short amount of time between a warning and the arrival of a tornado, people should consider executing their safety plans when a tornado watch is issued- Do not wait for the tornado warning! The company Atlas Survival Shelters is creating underground shelters for those of you who want some security. They were not to be buried or cut into, and certainly weren’t designed to be used as underground bunkers. Just for reference, a cubic yard of dirt weighs somewhere between a ton and 2700 pounds or so. I’m just here to tell you that it happens, even though you may not have heard about it.
A room that I’ve lived in for many, many, many months overseas on different deployments. Why on Earth would you try to save a few hundred bucks to risk it caving in on your family or electrocuting your kid to death during the first rainstorm? If, however, you could put a rectangular shipping container into a cylindrical pipe underground, you’d be set structurally. Durabak is currently being used by our naval fleets for its anti corrosion from salt water.All steel will be coated in this process from containers to the outside of the steel coated structure. Use coverings (pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, coats, etc) and helmets to shield your head and body and to protect yourself from flying debris. If your bathroom has windows and is along an outside wall, it's probably not the best shelter. You can usually find him hiking in the mountains, kayaking on a lake or in his garage building something unique. Imagine how much pressure a buried container bunker must have to withstand and then realize that the whole thing is surrounded by metal that’s only about as thick as a saw blade. You can stand on one with no problem but then push your finger into one of the sides and the whole thing crushes. If they control the entrance, they control the exit, and they have a lot more room and supplies outside than you could have in a bunker.
I used them just to sleep in, along with anywhere from one to three roommates and I gotta tell you, it’s not fun.
No matter how fortified your structure is, unless you spend a CRAPLOAD of money, all they have to do is wait you out and can easily speed up your schedule to come out. These containers are designed to hold a LOT of weight as long as it’s held in the right spots, but anywhere else and you might as well just bury an enclosed car trailer. I couldn’t imagine being stuck in one of them with other people for months at a time.

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