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For this valentine card, we used a red pre-cut blank card, and used two pieces of Valentinea€™s Day scrapbook paper for the background, leaving a red border.
The bee and the heart are both stamps that were embossed in black, and then colored in with colored pencils.
Today here we are giving you some latest and Best Quotes Wallpapers of Happy Fathers Day 2014 and now you can easily download all the given Quotes Wallpapers of Fathers Day 2014. Download the latest and best wallpapers, Pics, Photos, Greetings, Quotes and SMS of Happy Fathers Day 2014 from here. Stay connects with us for more updates about Festivals, Wallpapers, Images, Photos, Greetings, SMS, Funny Quotes and other News. To bring out the winter wonderland theme, a palette of silver, blue and white is used to perfectly capture the essence of the season. Long rectangular reception tables are all dressed up in white embroidered table covers, with matching covers for the chairs. Super-tall silver and crysal candelabra are placed in a row along the center of the table (spaced every two place settings apart).  Each is topped by a huge round floral arrangement of white and ivory roses, surrounded by 4 taper candles.
Between the candelabra, along the center of the tables, are positioned white taper candles in holders in addition to smaller versions of the round ivory and white floral arrangements.

Blue dinner plates are a perfect complement to the white table covers, and contrast nicely with the white menu cards resting upon them. Perhaps what really lends the magic to this event setting is the reception ceiling decor – the multitude of tiny twinkling lights suspended from the ceiling, perfectly recreating the effect of a starry winter sky.  Nothing short of magical! If you want to use brads like we did here, we recommend you punch them through the outer layer of scrapbook paper, and then glue it down so the backings are in between the two pieces of paper.
The black outlining, the yellow shading, and the dashes from the bee were also all done with colored pencil. This high-end reception is obviously priced out of the budget for most couples, but you can snaffle some inspiration to use for the decor at your own wedding. Skip the embroidery and save a bundle with standard white table linens supplied by your reception facility or banquet hall. To keep the visual interest going, mix it up a bit by pairing a white bread and butter plate next to a blue dinner plate.
To create the a€?Happy Valentinea€™s Daya€? tag we just printed out the words on linen paper and cut it out freehand in the shape of a tag.
However, you will want to construct everything onto the red paper first, before gluing the whole thing onto the white card.

The brads in the four corners were put on last, and the whole thing was then finally glued onto the white card. You can write the worlds down on a card and also you can DIY a quote painting for your home.
The key elements consist of flowers, candles and twinkling lights suspended from the ceiling. This is so the backings on the brads are hidden between the layers of paper, as stated on the previous card. Mothers spend their time on their children and they always try best to protect their children. So celebrates this great day with your fathers and parents and enjoy the great moment of life. We first printed out the words in the center on linen paper and cut it out in the size we wanted.

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