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Following along with the tips and advice we’ve compiled, make a checklist and stick to it. You need to consider many factors, and in order to enjoy winter be sure to take all precautionary measures listed here. You should always be extra careful when using generators, grills, stoves, and other gas-burning devices. Along with preparing and winterizing your house, you need to take care of your vehicle too. In case you get stuck on the road, you need to be prepared with blankets, food, water, flashlight, sand, radio and batteries for it (make sure the radio is battery-powered), first-aid kit, dry and wet soft tissues for sanitation and plastic bags for the garbage. Prepare crampons for you and your family members in cases of freezing rain and sleet, frozen pathways, streets and sidewalks. Before leaving the house, check the weather conditions and forecast, in order to be always up-to-date with the situation.
Children and infants are always more fragile than adults and need special care and attention.
When the child has contact with other children and people, at school or playing outside, viruses and flus may spread quickly.
One very important rule of thumb is when you plan to leave the house to check the weather report beforehand. Even if you plan on a trip during the winter season, keep the house warm while you’re away. If you absolutely must travel, it is highly advisable to inform family members, close friends or neighbors of your plans and route, and when you come back home. If you have pets, the best option is to give them to friends or neighbors.If none of them can take care of the animals, give them to a reliable pet shelter. Winter can be a long awaited season by children, and snowboard and ski enthusiasts, but it can also turn fatal for those unprepared for extreme and seemingly unexpected conditions. The beauty of such extreme conditions is that if you’re well prepared you can enjoy even the tough moments, unless they turn into national crisis.
If these tips are carefully followed winter doesn’t have to be dreadful, and incidents can be easily avoided. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
In some areas people may lack enough rain, other areas may have excess sunlight leading to drought, in yet other areas the seasons may get more extreme and severe.

Provided where you live, city or countryside, winterize all buildings that give shelter to either you, your family or farm animals. Too much snow may get quite heavy and if the roof isn’t secured for such situations, it may endanger the habitants and collapse. Plan ahead so that it can be enough for you and your family in case you’re blocked in your house for a long period. It may be of extreme importance in case of emergencies and your car needs to be able to handle the rough winter conditions. The outer layer should be wind- and waterproof.  The inner layers can be made of Lycra (for the skin to breathe and stay dry) and wool (to keep the child warm). Teach your child to sneeze and cough in a tissue or the bend of the elbow, to prevent the bacteria from spreading around. Whenever you can, accompany your child to its playground and attend to it in case of emergency. Instruct your child how to use the cell phone and make it as easy as possible for the kid to call you. Never leave it alone, especially in extreme winter conditions such as storms, sleet, windy conditions, extreme cold, fog, heavy snowfall. Set the thermostat to a moderate temperature (ideally around 55 degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent pipes from freezing. This is in case you have no access to your home, there’s power outage or the heating system failed during extreme cold. Transport isn’t reliable, weather conditions can worsen, the roads and airports can become dangerous places, and as a result serious accidents can occur. Also, ask them to check your house regularly when possible and contact you if something needs your immediate attention.
Make sure it includes phone charger, shovel, led flares, windshield anti-freezing formula, first-aid kit. Weather forecasts always warn and send alerts to the general public but you have to always stay tuned to the appropriate radio stations, TV channels or internet websites.
And again, if these measures are considered and people are prepared, crisis can be avoided. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
If not, the generator and the appliances using its power may get damaged, and that may even cause fire.

If you suspect your child suffers from hypothermia, move it immediately in a warm environment and change it’s clothes with dry and warm ones. If you can’t always attend it, set time limits and instruct your child to come home regularly. Even sledding can go out of control, so you should always supervise your children, especially if they are young. When vision is impaired by low visibility conditions, the child can get lost, fall or be unable to determine the distance from one object to another. If you have internet, check the website regularly, before anyone of your family members plan to go outside.
Damage inside the house may cost you much more than a higher bill, so don’t compromise your safety.
Take extra care for the elderly and children in your family or very close friends and neighbors, don’t ignore those in need.
In this situation, use sparingly your food supply to avoid running out of food too quickly.
David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur.
You should be aware of how to be well prepared for extreme and unexpected emergency situations.
It is an odorless gas and kills thousands of people especially during the winter season, when these appliances are used indoors. Be prepared with extra food, that is already cooked or packaged, and check the water supply, to avoid dehydration in case of critical moments.
Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. And also always check the batteries on your carbon monoxide detector to make sure you can safely rely on it in case the gas has been detected.
Other local radios can also be helpful, if their main source is the National Weather Service.
Instruct all your family members not to approach the house or leave it while you’re cleaning the ice and snow.

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