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One of my favorite parts of my annual ritual of getting ready for spring to arrive, is going through all of my hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, sailing, and fishing equipment. Covering all of these topics will require at least 6 or 7 articles, but I think survival kits are¬†extremely¬†interesting, with so many possible variations, that I could probably write dozens of articles on this subject. If you liked what you’ve read, please consider following me on all of my online adventures. The vest can be made using a fishing vest or by purchasing a surplus military aviation vest. One other area I need to discuss is how you dress when you are in the woods, since it affects your chances for survival.
Gary Benton has over 45 years of outdoor experience in camping, hiking, fishing, and other activities. If you would like to be sure to keep up with what the Hoods are up to, you will want to take advantage of our new site.
Last week while going through my hiking gear, I came across the homemade survival kit that I carry in my day-pack. I am planning on doing a post on first aid kits as well as survival kits, so stay tuned for that.
Once you are forced to spend the night in the woods is not when you should discover you don't have matches.

I use the aviator's vest because I still have the one the military gave me more than twenty-five years ago.
I carry a good quality space blanket, a ripstop poncho, dry socks, and about twenty feet of 550 cord (parachute line). If you want to get a fanny pack and wear jeans, all of the equipment I have listed will easily fit into the container. He's no armchair survival man, he's walked the walk from the arctic to the desert and all the area in between. This kit provides for shelter preparation, fire making, water storage and treatment, signaling capability, basic medical needs and food procurement. A jigsaw blade, similar to that used in the Gerber multitool fits through the slit and the hole in the blade is lined up with the hole in the tin. Seeing and opening the kit got me to thinking about survival kits, the reasoning behind carrying them, and the theories involved in what should be carried in such a kit. Throughout the series I’ll attempt to answer the questions listed above, as well as other questions that crop up while I continue my research and analysis. I’m just about done with the article on the theories behind survival kits, and plan to have it posted in the next few days. I actually carry most of it in a small plastic box about three inches wide and about five inches long (about the size of a band aid box). Your determination to survive driving force, and your best motivation is the will to survive. Even though I’ve made and carried survival kits for well over 30 years, I decided it was time to do some serious, organized thinking about the purpose of survival kits and what they should contain.
I’ll show how to make several survival kits varying in size from very small to quite large.
I have always wonder what makes a good altoid survival kit and with the coming hiking season for me this will be very helpful.

With a survival kit, your mind, and strong determination, you too can survive until rescued.
I’ll start with my newly created EDC Survival Kit, which I made as small as possible (but still extremely useful) to insure that I would always carry it with me.
If you have any specific questions about survival kits that you would like me to address, please leave me a comment below. Use the hole to point toward the plane to flash signals to them.NotesWater purification - water is stored in the glove.
It’s time to do a re-examination of my beliefs and make sure they are still valid, and if not, to adjust them accordingly.
I’ll also share a few different versions of the ubiquitous Altoids-tin survival kits. These kits are extremely fun to make and small enough to carry in a pants-pocket or an outside pocket on a pack.
One article will be dedicated to the quart-sized-freezer-bag survival kit that I always carry in my day-pack.
I’ve been carrying some variation of this survival kit for several years in both my EDC bag and my day-pack. In the next few weeks I’ll be building a fanny-pack-sized survival kit, and will document the results in an article for this series.
I’ve never had a survival kit of this size, but I think it will be an excellent learning experience, and a lot of fun too!

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