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The last thing you should do is rely too heavily on a GPS device or a cell phone in a survival situation. Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment. Tip:  If you use mints keep them in a separate baggie or they will make your crackers taste like mint.  GOOD TO KNOW!
I had a thought…what about adding hardtack biscuits, and maybe some broth powder to flavor it, when you soak it so you can eat it? I work in homes that support people with disabilities and by licencing standards we have to have emergency food supplies. Sidenote, I was going to share this on twitter but I didn’t see any social sharing buttons. I just joined this blog site primarily for the subject matter, but also for the excellent way in which you used a simple photo to get your message across.
I enjoy reading your blog love your idea love to have excess to your sight thank you and god bless you. Hey Staff Writer, Awesome topic, Something easy to do with items we would have in the house anyway and if not go shopping for, Easy to stash and durable containers that double as water container if need be. I personally like the food list…my family would much rather eat these foods than try to choke down an MRI. That’s why we encourage you to make your own food selection, this is used as an example.
Please note that this is only a 72 hour comfort food supply, so I like to put in things I would like, this is in no way similar to my longer term food storage, which is geared to a longer survival period.

I forgot to ask do you put the water you need in this same container so it is all together? This example is geared towards a camping or scouts trip, but you can add anything that fits your need.
I include the staples you’d expect—matches, space blanket, tweezers, scissors, etc.—but these items take up almost zero extra space and can serve important uses in a pinch. Burns way longer than a match in case you’re having to start a fire in damp conditions. Use charcoal to scratch a message for potential rescuers or to help you remember which landmarks you’ve passed on your way back to civilization. You can use it to suck fresh water out of tight spots, tie it as a tourniquet, or provide air to the underside of a fire.
Should be part of your standard kit but a lot of people have forgotten the signal mirror. This provides you with constant motivation to keep fighting to get out or get rescued. Please note that this is only a 72 hour supply, so I like to put in some comfort foods, this is in no way similar to my longer term food storage, which is geared to a longer survival period. Carbs are our enemy and we need to research the labels to find things to eat that will fit our needs. Of course we cant let these foods go bad, so we keep a sheet on top of the bucket listing all the expiration dates so we can easly replace the items when they are close to expiring. Something like this, made for me and my bf’s tastes as suggested, will be perfect for putting safely in the boot when he gets his car.

I mean when you drive out to Wyoming and hike up into the mountains, make camp and start hunting.
The tape has a million uses and you can use the wood from the tongue depressor to make tinder.
Putting them all together per day (or maybe even per meal for us) makes life simpler and protects the food from knocks and some pests. We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. But even if you’re just doing a weekend camping and hunting trip closer to home, a survival kit can make a big difference. Conservation has, and always will be important to me, and I am an advocate for successful land management and wetland restoration. Extra water purification tablets as well as water… sounds like I have my next weekend project!
If you are someone like me, living in an Apartment with limited space; then this is Perfect in a pinch.
Thanks to the poster for putting the time and energy into shedding some light on one way to help from becoming a tragic statistic by actually preparing for emergencies instead of running around like a headless chicken when disaster strikes.

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