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To put your family in a warm and cozy position for winter slumber, clean mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets and comforters. Keystone Home Inspection is the premier professional home inspecting company in Northeast, Ohio. No one wants to deal with an infestation of pests, whether they're inside your home, on your children or pets, or your lawn. Once discovered, there is often an understandable rush to get rid of pests, so it's easy to forget that the treatments used may contain strong chemicals that can be harmful to people and pets, especially if they're used improperly.
If you have decided to use a pesticide to treat a pest infestation, a few simple tips can protect you, your family, and your pets. As water bills skyrocket, as more gardeners move to semi-arid locations and drought becomes a persistent problem, growers of all sorts want to know: what’s the most efficient way to conserve precious water? James Golden’s garden in a cleared patch of woods above the Delaware River in New Jersey is, as he says, good for nothing. Here’s how to keep beautiful annual and perennial flowers blossoming in your garden all season long. We’ve talked a lot about xeric landscapes, water-wise gardening, drought-tolerant plants, and the like, all good things. In an effort to reduce water use and time spent caring for lawns, some gardeners are replacing their turf with thyme. The kinds of flowers commonly called daisies are actually a smaller group than what’s in the daisy or asteracae (aster) family.
Lawn alternatives are gaining in popularity what with the rise of xeriscape gardening and native-plant gardens. Your friendly Planet Natural Blogger, a firm believer in function over form (but a lover of beautiful form as well), suggests you consider the use of your lawn. Wise 1st Step to a Healthy Home:First Find Out What's In Your Air to Find Out What Sources to ControlA key to removing sources of air toxins in your home is to know what those sources may be. What Are Some Fabric Softener Hazards - The Answer is Blowing in the Wind Feb 16, 16 05:17 AMThe danger of fabric softener and dryer sheets may involve chemical trade secrets and hard to identify fragrance chemicals. The beautiful brilliant display of colors along with the trees losing their leaves, reminds us that those falling leaves will soon be replaced with falling snowflakes. Changing furnace filters monthly will maximize energy savings and increase indoor comfort during the winter months. It is not a good idea to wait until the weather turns cold to do this, as you may find yourself in the cold! We have full confidence that if homeowners follow this Fall Indoor Home Maintenence Checklist, they will find their home running in tip top shape through the winter season and beyond.
Xeriscaping — “scape” comes from landscape and xeros, in Greek, means “dry” — is the practice of smart, sustainable water use.
That well-manicured lawn with its precisely-trimmed shrubs and hedges may look okay around an old-money McMansion, but is that what you want in your open space? You had beautiful blooms from late spring through the first weeks of July but now, in the heat, summer flowers are starting to fade.

That large group that counts some 600 species includes sunflowers as well as daisies, cone flowers, and asters.
In times of drought and increasing water bills, a water-intensive carpet of grass may not be practical. I sincerely hope this growing body of free healthy home information helps you and your family live longer healthier lives.
It is a great idea, while the weather is still pleasant, for homeowners to complete Fall indoor maintenence.
However, if our current or potential new customers are in doubt or need expert advice, rest assured that we are here to assist them.
Ideas discussed here include wise-watering techniques, rain gathering, choosing condition-tolerant plants, soil improvement, mulching — anything that results in the effective use of a valuable resource.
With water-wise planting, conversion of labor-and-liquid-intensive lawns, and utilization of native plants, many of us are providing new answers to an old question: What is a garden for? His acreage is a jumble of native and exotic plannings, a sort of living collage constructed of many pieces, each having their own interest, but assembling into one attractive whole.
If you’ve started seeds well into the season indoors, and chosen those seeds wisely, then you may have late-blooming annuals that will keep your landscape alive with color.
Gary Smith, this orchard garden phase incorporates artistic design of the sort Smith is known for even as it employs an emphasis on water conservation.
When you’re planting plugs of thyme 6 to 12 inches apart, you can burn up a lot of cash fast. When other flowers are fading away in late summer, daisies stand long and tall, gracing our landscapes with abundant blossoms.
Our personal favorites are the tiny alpine daisies that grow above timber in the highest mountain passes.
But the basic principles are simple, common-sense measures and are easy to apply almost anywhere.
Some homeowners find raising their own organic vegetables where grass once grew a more effective use of space. So the smartest move you can make is to first test your indoor air quality which can help you predict what specific pollutant sources may be causing your symptoms and poisoning the air your family is breathing. That's my mission and I spend a lot of my personal time and money to keep this a useful free & growing resource available to everyone.
At Keystone Home Inspection we understand how important home maintenance is to the longevity of your investment.
However, if you choose to have your furniture or carpets professionally cleaned, Fall is a great time. If your fridge is equipped with bottom mounted coils, use a long narrow brush to clean away dust and debris. Best thing: it becomes a carpet of attractive, lavender-colored flowers that lasts long into the season. Even those of us who’ve seen them invade our lawn and realized how hard the hardy plants were to get rid of love some kind of daisy, even if we hate those particular (usually hybrid) daisies.

Here in the southwest, annual African daisies are popular for their varied colors and drought resistance. Others find lawns just too much work and expense, especially when cared for using conventional, fertilizer-and-herbicide methods that result in harmful runoff and other environmental hazards.
But before you plunge ahead, there’s still one important thing to consider… do you really want to get rid of your lawn? We decided to create a "Fall Indoor Home Maintenence Checklist" to help you protect your investment. Professional cleaning companies offer great deals to those who schedule early in the season. If you’re looking to replace your thirsty grass with something more xeric, consider thyme.
If you have a croquet court-sized yard (in other words, large) you might want to consider planting only part of it in thyme to start. Xeriscaping is a way of continuing to have enjoyable landscapes in the face of less and more expensive water use. Listed below are 10 tips to help guide the average homeowner in completing their Fall maintenence.
You may think that starting annuals to put out later in summer is a lot of work for little return.
For all or any of these reasons (especially that one about children), you have a need for a lawn. Rest assured that clicking any compensated links will never mean extra costs to you in any way. To the contrary, my affiliate partners often allow me to make available to you many exclusive promotions and deals on healthy home products, as well as secret coupon codes for special discounts on top-rated allergy control products. Please assume that clicks or sales made through any links leading from this site to other sites may in some cases result in a small payment to me (the owner and editor of this website), and I thus reinvest earnings back into advancing this website to help more people. I am VERY discerning and I carefully research and proudly endorse only the highest quality solutions I would use, or do use myself, and which I feel will provide great value to you. I share only my honest opinions and experience independent of any compensation relationships. By using this website you indicate your understanding that any outbound links (leading off this website) may provide site-sustaining revenue.
Thank you for any support of my industry-leading partners, which in turn supports my mission to help create healthier homes worldwide.

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