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The company has produced many award-winning films and television series, some of which include Broadcast News and Jerry Maguire, but most notably, The Simpsons. The Gracie Films production logo depicts noisy movie patrons at a movie theatre hearing a woman in the back row saying, "Shhhhh!", so the title, the company's name, can be projected and that the company's musical signature can be heard. In Treehouse of Horror episodes, there is a pipe organ playing the jingle minorly and a girl screaming. In VII, VIII (along with XVII, XVIII and XX), XI, XIII, XIV, and XVI the organ played slightly different kinds of logos. In IX, the organ played, but the scream was replaced with Regis Philbin screaming, "My eyes, my beautiful eyes!" as heard in the "Terror of Tiny Toon" segment. In XV, the scream was replaced with Homer screaming through this logo and 20th Century Fox Television logo, similar to The Blunder Years. In XIX, the jingle was played in a 'Peanuts' style heard in It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse which was then reused in Gone Abie Gone. Because the episode is canon, Halloween of Horror has the normal logo instead of the halloween variant. In some episodes that feature songs during the closing credits, the closing song continues playing over the logo. The only time the logo can be seen within the episode was in You Kent Always Say What You Want, where after being interrupted by the 20th Century Fox TV logo when saying 'The truth is-', Homer on a white screen whispers to the fourth wall, "OK. Some episodes might use a sound bite from the episode, or use a voiceover from a character in that episode that plays alongside the jingle or replacing the jingle.
These kind of variants are possibly inspired by the 'Deedle-Dee Tag' of Deedle-Dee Productions as heard in nearly every episode of Mike Judge's animated comedy King of the Hill. Screaming (overran into the 20th Century Fox TV logo which was then re-used in Treehouse of Horror XV, XXII and XXIII).
On Simpsons episodes starting with Season 2, there is a shorter version of the logo without the murmuring. Earlier Season 2 episodes carried the normal logo. From the DVD release of Season 15 onwards, the 2003 logo was plastered over the original logo along with the 2007 logo of 20th Century Fox Television. On FXX prints from 2014 to present and local syndication prints from 2015 to present of pre-2009 episodes, the 2003 logo was plastered over the original logo along with the 2013 20th Television logo.

There is a list of variants on this site, but unfortunately, they haven't been updated since the end of Season 21. An even shorter version is found on the short-lived Phenom, which cuts off the first two notes along with the murmuring and "Shhh!".
On the webisodes of The Critic, the logo is in the center of the screen, is brighter and blue, and is still. It is often speculated that the main chorus of the 1990 song entitled King of Wishful Thinking by the British pop band Go West can be heard in this musical signature. The company's production office is located in the Sidney Poitier Building on the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California. Hatchet starts out with a scene very Deliverance - esque with a back woods father and son night fishing in the Louisiana Bayou where they are suddenly (and graphically) attacked and killed by the deformed ghost Victor Crowley. Inevitably our admittedly inexperienced guide crashes the boat and our cast is forced on land where they are confronted with Victor, one by one (because as you know people never stick together when threatened by a monster with a hatchet). My favorite line is when two of our characters have just been a€?hatcheteda€? and left for dead in front of the rest and Ben says to the group a€?No need to panica€?. Oh and there is a touching little back story about Victor Crowley where we see him as a deformed child being teased and eventually set on fire by other neighborhood kids. So I guess no wonder Victora€™s peeved and has come back as a ghost to inflict his pain on others. A tale of a mysterious woman, a little girl, and her single mother, The Haunting of Helena is directed by Christian Bisceglia and Ascanio Malgarini, written by Christian Biscegliaand Harriet MacMasters-Green, Sabrina Jolie Perez, and Jarreth J.
The company is primarily associated with film studio and distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment, but it still has an office at the 20th Century Fox lot due to the indefinite contract Gracie Films has had with Fox for the last 20 years for The Simpsons.
In All Singing, All Dancing, Snake Jailbird shoots his gun to stop the music as in the credits and says, "You too, Gracie music dude. The expections of the logo were the episodes "When Flanders Failed", "Stark Raving Dad", "A Star is Burns" and Season 7 episodes (up to The Day the Violence Died) use the normal logo instead.
This has been fervently denied by some members of the successful pop band, though others have expressed their displeasure. Now we know Victor is on the loose in the murky water, awaiting the rest of our cast of characters.

First we have the recently dumped, cynical Ben and his friend Marcus who would rather be back at Mardi Gras stringing beads on half-naked co-eds. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. The rest of the logo continues as normal, despite the fact that the jingle was replaced by a drum roll. A silent version also appears on The Simpsons Arcade Game and is downloadable on XBLA and PSN.
At any rate Hatchet is worth seeing only to check out the talent of main actor Joel Moore who plays Ben, and even then it may be worth it to wait for his next film. Then we have two wannabe actresses turned porn stars and their photographer, a quiet girl Mary Beth and a touristy-type couple. Victor is then accidentally killed by his own father who is trying to save him by breaking down the door to the burning house with a hatchet (Tip: kids dona€™t get too close to the door when someone is trying to break in to save you with a hatchet). Their new home, an apartment within an austere building of the fascist age, is a chance for them to start a new life.
Oh and leta€™s not forget the groupa€™s trusty guide, Shawn, who is set to take everyone on a a€?haunted swamp toura€? of the Bayou at night. After the loss of Helenaa€™s first baby tooth, a chilling obsession begins and an apparition haunts her sleep.
When Helena collects her classmatea€™s fallen teeth with an urgent hunger, it is clear that there is far more to their new home than can be seen. The Haunting of Helena will keep you at the edge of your seat as it slides in agony along the sharp blade of psychological terror.a€?For more informaiton you can take a look at IMdb.

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