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Anyone who has worked in the Emergency Department understands the gap that often exists in emergency preparedness plans. The Capacity Plus is the most Cost-Effective way to increase hospital Surge Capacity!Request a Quote! Our goal is to make all equipment, gasses, and supplies mobile so they remain patient-centric. R-S-I understands that education is the foundation of higher knowledge but experience is our best teacher. Response Systems helps health care organizations and communities prepare for disaster response, through physician-led planning and training programs. It's that gray area between frequent small patients surges and a large, MCI type disaster.
Medical equipment can be mounted directly to the IV poles or custom mounts can be added for increased stability during use. I am the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, and provide strategic leadership, vision, insight, and medical direction for our organization.

That's why we have reached out to real world subject matter experts in the fight against Ebola and through those relationships, cultivated an educational program that's informative, practical, and includes real world tactics and strategies for managing patients with highly infectious diseases like Ebola. Our medical professionals work within Hospitals, Public Health and Homeland Security settings. The large disaster has been planned for but what about those smaller, more frequent scenarios that push the department over capacity? Request a quote detailing your current situation and what you would like to accomplish with the Capacity Plus. At RSI we share the best practice approaches with a focus on local, practical, sustainable preparedness and response actions. Our staff have taken advantage of these hands on educational opportunity tapping into expertise and experience from all corners of infectious disease management from Emory University, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, and more.
Response Systems programs and classes include targeted training for all levels of management, specialized scenario-based workshops, and specialized exercises and plans such as Active Shooters, Natural Disasters and Pediatric Disaster Life Support. We are happy to work with you to customize the Capacity Plus to the specific needs and wants of your ED.

In just one year the Healthcare Risk Analysis and Threat Matrix have changed several times. When your staff's safety and your patients care are at stake, no videos or manuals are good enough. It doubles as a built-in disaster response tool that keeps equipment mobile so that it can go wherever staff needs it.
With all the capability of a room, the Capacity ?Plus? can establish an alternate care site nearly anywhere.

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