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Augusta Health is reviewing its emergency response after a lightning strike knocked out all power to the Fishersville facility Friday night. Augusta Health says its staff was able to overcome the challenge and kick its emergency plan into action. The hospital says it's these kinds of preparations and procedures that kept everyone safe.
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At Chennai's Tambaram Air Force Station, soldiers load food supplies onto a chopper in advance of air-drop on Friday. An elderly woman and a dog are carried from floodwaters by National Disaster Response Force personnel.
Commuters in Chennai wait at a railway station after most of the city's trains were suspended due to flooding.

Submerged cars and stalled mass transport have left thousands of residents stranded in Chennai. Rescue workers travel in the claw of a bulldozer as they work to rescue stranded residents on Thursday. Relatives gather outside Chennai's Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology hospital on Friday after their family members reportedly died after a power outage caused ventilators to fail. Chennai, India, is facing a slow recovery from its worst flooding in a century, which has killed at least 280 people since early November.
Normally, the facility would rely on its generators - but those quickly went down too, leaving patients and staff in the dark for about 40 minutes. Our certified, safety-trained technicians provide fast, reliable service with our state-of-the-art, EPA certified fleet of equipment. We have used them to supply power when performing planned substation maintenance or during times of emergency power for repairs.
A short dry spell and receding water levels in a few areas are providing some respite to thousands of stranded residents, and the civilian and government-run relief workers navigating the densely populated city.
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During a recent planned maintenance period in Fall 2009, we mobilized 2MW of temporary generation to support our work.
The potential causes of the deluge are gaining attention from world leaders as climate talks continue in Paris, adds McCarthy. Critics have cited the country's unregulated urban sprawl and its growing frequency of extreme weather.
Heavy rainstorms are normal for India's eastern coastal region around monsoon season, which usually concludes by December, but "the intensity of this rainfall is unusual," says McCarthy. Images from around the region, which you can see in the slideshow above, show residents and responders impacted by the record-setting flood. And beware of the doctored image floating around, showing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looking at the flooding from an aircraft window during his Chennai visit on Thursday. The since-deleted image was posted to Twitter by the government's Press Information Bureau before it went viral.Copyright 2015 NPR.

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