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In preparation for my Oral Exam on October 28, 2010, I have written down some questions and possible replies about the Industrial Revolution in modern British History.
This bespeaks a fear seen in all levels of society: the fear of change, the fear of technology, the dominance of machine over man. This working class eventually formed unions to deal with issues in the factories, and such organization and collaboration in factory politics spilled out into the politics of government as they eventually sought redresses with Parliament. How historians view the Industrial Revolution shows how history telling is affected by modern economic, political and social atmospheres. This entry was posted in History, Orals, School Work and tagged British History, Chartism, class, Industrial Revolution.
The rate at which electricity can flow through a circuit depends upon how much resistance it encounters. Some appliances have a lot of resistance and this limits the amount of current flowing through them. For example, a 100 W light globe filament has a lower resistance than a 60 W light globe filament.
Short pieces of Nichrome wire of different thickness but same length, lamp in lamp holder, cell, switch. Design a test to find out how different thicknesses of wire affect the brightness of the lamp.

The water analogy is useful here, but be aware that some water analogies can lead to misconceptions about electricity. A demonstration of a circuit using a variable resistance (rheostat) will clearly show the effect of resistance on current flow. From the Almanach comique, pittoresque, drolatique, critique et charivarique pour l’annee 1887, published in Paris. Thompson’s book title suggests, the Industrial Revolution created a new socially aware and politically active group, or class of people. Dorothy Thompson writes about such a movement known as Chartism, that happened in the 1830s and 1840s. Wanting to emulate the aristocracy, they embraced the idea of the gentleman and created a culture of private and public spheres for women and men, codes of conduct and beliefs. The biggest issue is that historians sympathetic to capitalist entrepreneurship used the data to match their conclusions, rather than to discover what was there. Historians did not take into consideration that quantity can increase and quality can decrease at the same time. This is why more current flows through a 100 W globe and it is brighter and hotter than a 60 W globe. Once a respectable and well paid trade, after industry replaced people with machines, weaver trade was poorly paid and dishonorable.
Chartism was a movement of varying and differing causes, with the intent of a better society, fueled by the long unhappy workingmen throughout the country.

Industry began a continual decent in the late nineteenth century as the middle class (the owners of industrial factories, the merchants and businessmen) abandon capitalist notions and seek the leisurely life of the gentleman. Economic historians take the rise in wages and goods and deduce that quality of live increases too. Choose a suitable length so that the lamp glows for each, but with a noticeable difference in brightness. One argument is that the decline in British industrialism was a direct result of the middle class emulating the aristocracy instead of overcoming them (socially and politically) (Wiener). Social historians look at the writings about poor quality of life and deduce that material wealth declined as well. One county may be very rich, another very poor, but combining their info and dividing by their numbers does not provide an accurate description of how those counties actually were (213-214). Thompson argues though, that these modes of urbanization were already in place and were not affected by industrialization.

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