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We were freaked out we thought it was a glitch and just then as i was building a new home i saw something rush by the window i thought it was a mob untill it went by my friends window and stared at him and me screamed IT IS HEROBRINE AHHHHH we scared we noticed he had a diamond axe and that explained the missing trees we planted. I started my survival and after I made a house and got some basic stuff, I saw 2 stone bricks stacked atop one another. I tried to get stuff to fight him but weird things kept happening and I kept thinking I saw Steve in a jungle near me but when I checked everything seemed normal.

Herobrine placed a load of signs down saying stuff like 'go away' or 'you have no chance' stuff like that.
At the end of the tunnel was a ladder leading down so I went down and when I reached the bottom there was a small stone room which herobrine must've been in and it said I was killed by ______. I ran and ran as fast as I could with F5 in Third Person to make sure he wasnt behind me and I could see where I was going.

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