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APTwenty children were among at least 91 people killed when a powerful tornado swept through an Oklahoma City suburb, tearing down blocks of homes and two schools, local officials said. The state medical examiner's office released the latest death toll but the number was climbing rapidly, as emergency crews combed through smashed homes and the collapsed remains of an elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma. Stunned weather forecasters reported a two-mile (three-kilometer) wide swath of vicious winds and television news helicopters tracked a dark funnel plowing through densely-packed suburbs. The 91 dead included at least 20 children, most of them under the age of 12, Amy Elliott, of the state medical examiner's office, told AFP. Reporters for local broadcaster KFOR-TV saw children as young as nine being pulled out of the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, a residential community of 55,000 just south of Oklahoma's state capital.
Anxious parents were being kept at a distance while search-and-rescue workers scrambled to free the students. A second elementary school, Briarwood, was also hit but did not appear to have sustained casualties. From its news helicopter, KFOR's cameras captured scenes of widespread destruction, with street after street of single-story homes in Moore stripped of their roofs and cars piled atop each other like toys. US President Barack Obama meanwhile declared a "major disaster" in Oklahoma and ordered federal aid to supplement local recovery efforts. In downtown Oklahoma City, tornado sirens went off at least three times and the Interstate 35 highway -- a busy north-south artery through the American heartland -- was closed to all but emergency vehicles.
In Moore, live images from KFOR showed people wandering among the debris and even a couple of untethered horses from a local stable that somehow managed to survive the punishing storm. Monday's tornado followed roughly the same track as a May 1999 twister that killed 44 people, injured hundreds more and destroyed thousands of homes.
Tornadoes frequently touch down on Oklahoma's wide open plains, but Monday's twister struck a populated urban area and raised fears of a high casualty toll. Because of the hard ground, few homes are built with basements or storm shelters in which residents can take cover.
Oklahoma City lies inside the so-called "Tornado Alley" stretching from South Dakota to central Texas, an area particularly vulnerable to tornadoes. On Sunday, a powerful storm system churning through the US Midwest spawned tornadoes in Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma, destroying homes and killing at least two people, US media reported. Fallin had already declared a state of emergency for 16 Oklahoma counties due to the tornado threat on Sunday, and added five more on Monday after the storms hit her capital.
In Washington, a White House official said Obama was getting regular updates and that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stood ready to provide assistance. How does such a game accomplish actually being unique (to a certain extent) in this day and age? Now while these game dynamics are quite clever and fairly unique, the game as a whole isn't as smooth as I would like.
To know how a tsunami is caused and to understand how it is fundamentally different than a tidal wave or breaking wave, visit the Wikipedia website. For a geological perspective on the tsunami and how it gathers momentum as it approaches the shore, visit this page. Visit this page for a detailed account of the effect of this disaster on individual countries and the environmental consequences. The consequences vary from loss of livelihood for fishermen to unknown damages to coral reefs and flora and fauna where the waves came a few miles inland. With so much seawater coming inland, salination is another effect that not only makes the soil less fertile to support vegetation but also increases vulnerability to erosion, the impacts of climate change and food insecurity. For humans, on the other hand, fisheries, housing and infrastructure were the worst affected.
Geologically speaking, a tsunami is like any other natural phenomenon caused mostly by natural forces of the planet. The indiscriminate conversion of natural shorelines and mangrove forest ecosystems for shrimp farming, urban settlements, tourism development and other often unregulated and unplanned human activities over the past several decades often make the coastal areas and its inhabitants much more vulnerable to the immense destructive force of the tsunamis.
The need for a global effort to prevent and predict tsunamis has been widely articulated after the 2004 disaster.
For an update on the efforts at another level, visit the official site of the World Meteorological Organisation. Apart from technology, we can also use natural barriers to protect us from natural disasters.
Coral reefs act as natural breakwaters, providing a physical barrier that reduces the force of a wave before it reaches the shore, while mangrove forests act as natural shock absorbers, also soaking up destructive wave energy and buffering against coastal erosion. Fight the destructive harvesting and unregulated trade of one of the most attractive inhabitants of our tropical oceans.
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When you work with WWF to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, you give your child, and all children around the world, a chance to get to discover our earth as we know it today. Les catastrophes naturelles sont de plus en plus nombreuses et de plus en plus frequentes, et affectent la plupart des pays d’Afrique. Secheresses et inondations ont des consequences graves sur la securite alimentaire et hydrique en Afrique. En raison de leur composition faite de plusieurs ressources naturelles – telles que le poisson et des sols alluviaux arables – les marecages et les plaines d’inondations sont frequemment hotes d’habitations rurales denses mais aussi de quartiers urbains : ainsi a N’djamena pres du lac Tchad ou dans les zones cotieres du centre et du sud du Mozambique. Humans cause global warming with our unique ability to capture and use energy from stored energy sources.
The growth of the human population and the growth of consumption adds up to an ever-escalating carbon output.
Americans consume 300 – 600 times as much as people in very poor nations, in some cases. Keep up to date with all the most interesting green news on the planet by subscribing to our (free) Planetsave newsletter.

I feel pissed when I see people letting their car or scooter running for no apparent reason for a long time.
AVOID GLOBAL WARMING BY REDUCING THE USE OF FOSSILS FUELS AND REDUCING THE USE OF CARBON- DI- OXIDE.SO THAT WE CAN HELP OUR NATURE WORLD FROM SOME OF THE SERIOUS THREATS. Hey I think that ppl dont cause global warming because this crap has been around longer than us humans and even before the dinosaurs.
There are few natural disasters that can be as frightening as a hurricane.  After the catastrophic damage that Hurricane Katrina caused, none of us has an excuse for being lazy in our preparations.
If you live in a hurricane prone area, begin to prepare for a storm even before hurricane season starts.  Trying to get prepared once you hear a storm is coming can be difficult and can lead to mistakes. Have a plan for your pets.  Will you be taking them with you?  If so, do you need to bring anything along for their needs?  If you are leaving them behind, do you have a plan for their food and water needs?  Will they have adequate shelter? Some people have hurricane shutters on their homes and that is a great idea.  The last thing that you want is for a hurricane to break a bunch of windows and then for your home to be flooded with water. The roads are often very hazardous at this point, and downed power lines are likely to be everywhere.  In addition, public water supplies may have been contaminated by the storm, so drink bottled water until you are given an indication that everything is okay.
A hurricane is not fun for anybody, but if you follow these simple steps it will give you and your family a better chance of coming through a storm smoothly. Its ok guys most people survie hurricanes if u pray and listen to directions that people give you and the article at the top. There’s absolutely nothing I cherish more than visiting this web-site every single night shortly after work.
Thursday January 14, 2010Red Cross estimate approximately 50,000 dead and 3,000,000 hurt or homeless from 7.0 mag earthquake that hit Tuesday 12th.
One of the worst human disasters to occur took place when a magnitude 7 Earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday January 12, 2010. THE TERRIBLE HAITI AND CHILE EARTHQUAKES REGISTERED ON RANDOM GENERATORS - THE EFFECTS ON GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS?
It is important to keep in mind that we have only a tiny statistical effect, so that it is always hard to distinguish signal from noise. BACKGROUNDan international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others. We know we've lost a tremendous amount of structures throughout this community and throughout the state," she said, as the Moore police chief urged people to leave the area.
The Moore Medical Center was evacuated after it sustained damage, and state authorities called out the National Guard to help rescue efforts. The recent tsunami of December 2004 in the South Asian region is the worst ever in recorded history. This informative article is also a good reference source and has links to informative sites on the subject. Within a short period of time, a trail of devastation made its way halfway around the globe and caused unimaginable misery. Various agencies undertook evaluation exercises to gauge the extent of damage and the long-term effects of the tsunami on habitat and man's future. In some fragile areas near the Indonesian coast, it may take years for the coral reefs to get back the balance and mangrove stands and coastal tree plantations may have been destroyed or severely affected. For an in-depth account of the ecological and economic consequences of the tsunami, read here. Man has to learn to respect the forces of nature in the quest for development and better opportunities. The article 'Tsunami Warning Systems' presents a brief overview of different warning systems and the international effort to set up a warning system across the globe. In fact, some of the extensive damage could have been avoided if man had not destroyed the mangroves in the coastal areas. You can also visit this link to know about how tsunami-effected areas need to reconstruct their lives keeping the environmental balance in mind.
On sait que les secheresses et les inondations passees liees a ENSO ont enormement coute humainement et economiquement a l’Afrique orientale et australe. Les inondations d’Afrique orientale en 1998 et celles du Mozambique debut 2000 et 2001 ont cause d’importants dommages aux habitations ainsi qu’a l’infrastructure. Not only does our species create huge problems that are beyond the ability of other animals to create, but we have the fortunate ability to analyze them and work to bring an end to their consequences. The very fact that you live in one place, something that was quite uncommon before the discovery of stored energy sources like fossil fuels, speaks to how your life is facilitated by these unique energy sources. Your water, food, and fuel for heating and cooking likely travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to your home. In the last 150 years, the human population has grown by more than five times and the average person uses more energy than ever. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about global warming, but if we want to decrease global warming, then the amount of carbon released each year by humans must be drastically reduced. However, it is even more important for you to understand that you have the power to help prevent global warming from getting worse — live The Green Life. Things you might find me doing here (other than blogging) are building with natural materials, gardening, beekeeping, making cheese, candlemaking, and above all else, living simply.
97% of scientists studying the climate have come to the conclusion that the matter is settled.
It could be the natural cycle of every 1500 years that the climate changes, I’m only 14 and I can put up an argument than half of the people on here.
I always try to think of it, to minimize that time, also I bike a lot whenever possible, but when you see people being that careless, I feel powerless, as they don’t seem to understand or care at all. The pictures we are seeing on our television sets are unbearable.The research project and the current feeds can be seen on my Consciousness page. A page has been set up to monitor the effects on human consciousness via the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University.

The damage is immense, and by now there are some rough guesses being made about the loss of life, with suggestions of many 10's of thousands, possibly more than 100,000 people dead.Our formal prediction includes 8 hours of time, in keeping with the majority of previous earthquake events, but given the magnitude of the event, it seems worthwhile to look at the context. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 65 host sites around the world. It continued to run for about 20 hours following the major 8.8 temblor, then stopped recording data.
Egg # 2069 was running during both days, and its data have a trajectory much like that of the network as a whole.
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Apart from the trail of death and destruction of human property that it left behind, it also caused widespread destruction of ecological habitats with lasting effect on the populations of several species.
It also includes a list of links of images from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that shook the world. It throws light on how reclamation of land for agriculture and settlement, setting up of resorts in high-risk beaches and the drastic loss of mangrove forests by man increased the damage caused by the tsunami. En 1998, les inondations d’Afrique orientale liees a ENSO ont cause des souffrances et des pertes humaines, et provoque d’importants dommages sur l’infrastructure et les recoltes du Kenya (Magadza, 2000). This energy comes largely from fossil fuels, the use of which is a direct and important cause of global warming. The remaining few each have their own wacky ideas and don’t even agree with each other.
For example, we should stop using hair spray, air-sol, charcoal, cigarettes, cigars, garbage, other such chemicals,etc. In the long run, a real effect can be identified only by patiently accumulating replications of similar analyses. The archive contains more than 10 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. On March 1st, it was restored to operation, and the stored data were sent to the GCP server and added to the archive.
The next figure shows the two individual eggs, Santiago and Buenos Aires against the background of the whole network.
However, what do you think of an actual unique game to enter the physics puzzle flash game scene? Click on the links on the right hand side of these pages to follow WWF's coverage of these issues. Les communications entre les zones habitees du Kenya, de l’Ouganda, du Rwanda ou de la Tanzanie ont longuement ete interrompues, empechant toute circulation de biens et de personnes dans la region (Magadza, 2000).
We are the ones who cut down the trees to make factories and restraunts and build new neighbor hoods.
The early part is shown in response to requests relating to unsettled feelings interpreted as possibly precognitive.
Again, single events, and data from single eggs can't be interpreted reliably, but we show this picture as an interesting display of the variation in responses.
At this time of tragedy, I am very concerned for the people of Haiti and also for the many United Nations staff who serve there. Powerful aftershocks continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning, creating confusion on the ground and internationally as power and communication signals were knocked out across the country.Reports said thousands were feared dead but it was impossible to assess the extensive damage. The graph also shows not only the 24 hours of the formal GCP event, but the next 24 hours as well.
I'm sure you can imagine how each of these disasters will affect the environment and it is quite clever in my opinion. So if you love physics puzzle flash games but want something new, Disaster Will Strike is your game! This is the case also in the last part of the figure, which shows the 13th (UTC time) when the extent of the disaster was becoming more clear. This is a powerful finding based in solid science.Subtle but real effects of consciouness are important scientifically, but their real power is more direct. While we know that the signal to noise ratio precludes strong interpretations, both the local Egg, and the 48 hour graph suggest effects on the network consonant with the unfolding picture of a devastating natural disaster. Just as the tobacco industry tried to delay realization that smoking causes cancer, the oil & coal industries are doing the same with the burning of fossil fuels. When we drive or transport our selves everyday we let out gasses from our cars that goes into the atmosphere. They encourage us to help make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world.
It’s a sad state of affairs that about half the population believes the fossil fuel industries and their talking heads while only about half believe the scientists.
Knowing this, we can use our full capacities for creative movement toward a conscious future.The Institute of Noetic Sciences provides a logistical home for the GCP. It is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton, but is not a project of Princeton University.This website is large and complex.
In the top frame are multi-link buttons that connect to facilities suggested by their names.

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