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Your interviewer may not be sitting in front of you, but a phone interview is just as important an in-person meeting.
Preparing for a job interview shows you how to conduct good background research and best use this information in preparing your phone questions.
You have a book coming out and you're starting your phone interviews to generate publicity. What are the major projects and initiatives coming up for this person in the next 12 months?
If there have been people in this role before, where did they go after working in this position?
Can you tell me about someone (or more than one person) on your executive team who ‘grew up’ in the company? What sorts of long-term career aspirations would you expect a person in this job to have, or would you like him or her to have? Can you please tell me about the rest of your team, the other roles you supervise and how the team members work together toward your department’s goals?
Looking at the next twelve months realistically, what are the biggest challenges facing your new hire? What problem or obstacle facing your team would you love to have this new hire remove in the next six or 12 months?
How do you like to manage — with an initial set of goals and then weekly check-ins, or another way? Can you share with me the short list of must-happen priorities for your new hire over the next three and six months?
How do you set goals here — do they cascade down from the overall company goals, or bubble up from the employees, or a combination? Who are the internal and external customers I would talk with first if I were hired, to generate an initial list of goals? In that 12-week course we’ll cover interview preparation, interview questions, behavioral and panel interviews, salary negotiation, interview follow-up, interview nerves and tons more. The course Interviewing with MOJO costs $299 and includes 12 weekly lessons, exercises, eBooks, podcasts, and the opportunity to ask questions of Liz Ryan and the Human Workplace coaches  during the course!
I am going to face an interview in a big power distribution company in Bangladesh( Desco.) in the position of Executive Directer, Operation next month. I just learned this one after starting a new job: Are you in serious financial trouble and will there be layoffs in the near future?
When Good Jobs Go Bad Is Work Supposed to Be Fun? Learning the basics of how to prepare for an earthquake is essential for anyone who lives in an area of potential risk. When an earthquake occurs, it is essential that every member of the family knows exactly what they must do, regardless of where they are.
They have their own guidelines and procedures already in place and will implement them if necessary. In the event of an earthquake, it is very likely that family members will not be able to reach their home for an extended period of time.
Planning ahead and taking precautions on how to prepare for an earthquake will provide the best advantage when it comes to rebuilding and overcoming devastating obstacles.
Knowing how to quickly locate and turn off these utilities is an important safety precaution. Many cell phones have chargers requiring an electrical outlet however, there are hand crank radios and gadgets that can easily charge your cell phone with the simple twist of a handle.
In addition to formulating a plan for your home, it is important that you discuss what you will do if an earthquake strikes while you are away from home or on the road.
In fact, once you have your essential items in place and a well thought out plan of action, you might want to consider taking some basic first aid or CPR classes from your local Red Cross or other training facility. Take a look at how you could prepare yourself for the next earthquake, while learning California’s major catastrophic hits. At the time of applying the DSE entrance exam, you will have to choose whether you want to go for "merit" based or "exam" based consideration for admission. The DSE entrance exam will test your knowledge of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability, Statistics, Econometrics, Game Theory, Mathematics and Logical Ability. The most important thing to do (as with any exam in India) is to solve the past years' exam papers. Do they cover all the subjects: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability, Statistics, Econometrics, Game Theory, Mathematics and Logical Ability?
There is no right time really, but start preparing as soon as you can (start of your final year in college is a great time to start).
I want to appear for the exam in 2015 and right now i am doing eco honors from PU and here we do not put much focus on maths and i am weak in maths though i have started practicing it! As the table in my post shows, Maths tends to hover 20% to 30% in Delhi School of Economics entrance exam.
I am currently doin eco hons from du and right now i am in second year so i will be giving exam in 2016 . Hi Shreya, you will have to study economics at the level of Economics (Hons) for the DSE entrance.
Yes, you can apply to DSE, but check the latest prospectus or talk with the academic office. Hi sir, i am currently in class 12th and have pcm with economics and english as my 5 subjects, can you please guide me through the admission procedure in the DSE, i want to take up economics honours.
Many people go through the interview process at times when they’re incredibly busy and wonder, what are the most essential things to prepare for before going on a job interview. Based on new technology, hiring trends, access to information, and much more, the expectations for candidates are constantly changing, and I always take that into account when I think about interview prep.  Here are 5 things you should go through and know before going to an interview in 2013. Know the job, the company, the interviewers, yourself, bring some stuff along to show off, and be prepared for the common questions.

Of course there are varying degrees of how much you can dive into all of the above – and (after you meet the basic qualifications) that is what will differentiate you from other candidates in the process.  Of course, there’s always that pesky notion of “fit”, but after that, how much you prepare will directly correlate to how successful you are in the interview. There’s an old but true saying that those who do not prepare for success are preparing for failure.
In this post, we will briefly discuss how to prepare for an exam in a rational and efficient manner. This will make you procrastinate and fool yourself that you are going to study tomorrow when in fact you are only postponing the inevitable. In the case above, the required textbook had 208 pages + a few handouts and practice problems. If you have about 1 month to prepare you can still produce great results, depending on how much you know about the topic, the difficulty of the exam etc.
If you have less than 1 month to prepare, it is still possible to get good results but you have to start studying immediately!
Emergency mode means that you will have to put anything that is not as important as passing this exam to the side! Triage is what they in the medical community call the priority system that is used in emergency situations in ER rooms in hospitals and similar places (such as during rescue operations, disasters such as floods etc). About the authorABDERISAK ADAM is an author, blog writer and a PhD candidate in the institution of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. Sign up for our email mailing list to receive the latest news, event updates, disaster alerts, and more. Are you and your family prepared to take care of your own needs for the first 72 hours after a disaster or emergency? The American Red Cross Central Valley Region is working every day to ensure our communities are ready for disaster by training individuals in lifesaving skills and empowering local businesses and community organizations to develop the necessary skills, resources, and networks needed to prepare for a disaster. By fostering a culture of readiness through personal preparedness and collaboration between location organizations, communities become much more resilient and are able to recover quickly following a disaster. We offer FREE individual preparedness training courses that cover the action steps necessary to ensure that individuals, families and their communities are prepared to respond to any disaster and emergency, large or small. Parents know the importance of learning fire safety skills, but may not have the resources to make the process fun and non-threatening to children. To request an informational booth at your next event, please complete this Preparedness Event Request Form or call (661) 324-6427.Please submit your request at least four weeks prior to your event.
Ready Rating is a free program that helps businesses; schools and organizations become prepared for disasters and other emergencies. Choose a favorite question or two from each category and write your chosen questions on an 8.5 x 11 inch notepad. Do you have a regular staff meeting, or how do your team members stay on top of one another’s priorities and interdependencies? You could just practice them at your house or ask for a friend to ask the questions to you. Following some simple preparedness techniques can make a big difference in how one fares during the course of an earthquake and its aftermath. Most schools and businesses will have developed plans for how to prepare for an earthquake. If you have children or family members who are away from the home at the time of an earthquake, it is important that you understand the procedures that will be followed at their location. While transportation is interrupted or unavailable, it is crucial that your preparedness plans include ways to have fresh water, food, clothing, basic medical provisions and even entertainment opportunities during this difficult and often isolating time. Safe, sturdy shoes and work clothing will be essential to help with clean-up and rebuilding, so will some basic tools and cleaning supplies.
While formulating your emergency plans, it is crucial that you learn where the shut-off valves for water, electric and gas are located. Review basic community information, such as where the nearest hospital or medical facility is located as well as the fire department and police station.
These devices can prove invaluable if you find yourself without electricity for an extended period of time.
Keeping a few emergency essentials in your vehicle is an important part of preparing for a disaster. While preparing and planning for an emergency is never something that comes without a little trepidation, knowing that your family is prepared should provide an element of satisfaction and peace of mind.
The percentage of marks from each section varies quite significantly each year, with little to no predictability.
It used to focus on Mathematics, and was ideal for candidates with a Mathematics background.
Alternatively, you can get hold of the Macro reading prescribed by Delhi University for the 2nd year students (3yr program). However, the exam also goes into a fair amount of maths that you learnt in Classes 11 and 12 in school.
You will find that the available options span the entire range from terrible to over-priced . For an average student, I would say 4 to 5 months of preparation time is needed for the various entrance exams. But they likely increased everyone's score by ~10marks to make the cutoff look like it is close to 40! You are from stanford , so the way you teach will it be hard or in a way everyone understands? The success rate you mentioned could you please tell us the like how many students got selected and batch size? Do you've any distance program or online course for those students who don't stay in Delhi ? At the moment you should concentrate on doing well in your undergrad and develop a strong foundation in micro, macro, stats and maths. Xavier's Mumbai and I want to start my preparations for the top indian universities for masters in econ.

Prepare for common interview questions – Last but not least, prepare for common interview questions.
With an average of 5 pages per day + day at the end of the week reserved for repetition only, one will conclude the entire book in about one and a half month.
That means that you will most likely have to forget about meetings friends, going out for shopping, leisure activities, sport and so forth.
This time however, we are planning to cover the most important parts first, knowing well enough that we might have to skip some parts. The people who are in the direst need of medical service are those who get served first so for example the person who was in a severe car accident gets to be treated before someone who had a minor wrist injury.
If you are interested in learning more about how to study and how to best prepare for exams, you should check out the Study Guide Pro.
Check out our new mapping tool, which shows how the Red Cross is working in your neighborhood each and every day to build stronger, more resilient communities. View Larger Map Didna€™t see us in your neck of the woods?
The Red Cross does rely on the generosity of volunteers to aid us in our mission and to attend community engagements. As the nation's preeminent preparedness and safety training organization, the American Red Cross developed the following emergency-specific checklists using the latest research, science, best practices and expert opinion. All in one place, Ready Rating members have access to one-of-a-kind tools, resources and information for evaluating and improving their ability to withstand disaster, maintain operations, and protect lives and property.
So, at the very latest, start by January of the year in which you plan to give the exam (which is almost always in June).
But suffice to say here that I train you to develop a problem solving habit, and not a memorisation approach.This requires understanding each student's strengths and weaknesses and train them accordingly (which requires close attention, and hence the small batch size). I want to study economics from a premier institute like DSE that offers good career opportunities also.. You can start by taking micro, macro, maths and stats readings from your friends in Eco (Hons). I am not in touch with Math after 12th and since it is Mumbai university, my syllabus has been quite theoretical than quant oriented.
The job description will give you a lot of hints about what you need to prove to your interviewer.  Make sure you understand the daily responsibilities of the job and can apply your experiences to it. The best way to handle an upcoming exam differs depending on how much time you have to study.
Don’t be fooled with the fact that you have a lot of time left before the actual writing of the test.
Skim through the entire textbook and try to produce a reading schedule and a preliminary deadline for when you need to be finished with the reading of the book. If this was intended by your professor it might not be a big of deal since the scope of the exam will not be as big as if you had had 2 months or more to prepare. For the next few days, you will need to eat, sweat and breath the topic that you are studying.
Don’t waste any time what so ever doing anything that is deemed less important than your studies.
To request your free on-site community presentation, Please complete an on-site community presentation form or call (661) 324-6427. Whether you are taking your first steps or have a fully functioning emergency management program, the Ready Rating program can help you achieve a higher level of preparedness.
The objective of this is to help any and all students going for the DSE entrance exam (or any other MA economics entrance exam) irrespective of whether you choose to work with CrackDSE or not.
And this is done at the cost of not teaching you what you actually need to know in other subjects! Economics in A-Levels is more sophisticated than CBSE, hence we covered Microeconomic and Macroeconomic theories in detail. You should start now as it'll take you time to pick up stuff since you're not from an Economics background. Sir i am from Assam & the courses of our study is quite diffrent from those in colleges under DU. Is there a specific study plan that I could be suggested to follow, considering that it is not possible to focus on all the subjects together? Also make sure you understand the qualifications and that you meet many (if not all) of them. However, if the course was indeed intended to go on for 2 months or more and you have only started studying right now, you are in some deep trouble! During the interview, you can refer to your questions on the notepad, and you can also jot down notes during the interview.
Do you have any advice on how to tailor my experiences in different industries to the one I’m interviewing in?
Given that you're in your first year, this is rather early to start preparing, but if you can keep up to speed with the Eco (Hons) course material, it will hold you in good stead when you come to the third yr and start preparing full steam. It is through the medium of repetition in which information becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes wisdom. Don’t worry though; it is still possible to produce decent results even though you have such limited time.
You’ll use those notes when you compose your amazing post-interview Thank You Letters! 1 rule in applying for a job because if they caught you lying, they will never trust you ever.
Would you please like to recommend me with the best books that can help me crack the DSE entrance & get admitted into it.

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