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In the last 24 hours, my sister’s town, Moapa Valley, Nevada was on a high flood alert. However, there was a threat that if a nearby old dam broke then a very large part of the valley could be flooded even more severely and they possibly could be flooded out as well. Although my sister and her family had their shelter, they still did use many items out of their 72 hour kit.
When I talked to her more in detail today she told of friends and family who have had their homes severely flooded, who had their vehicles washed away, who were stranded away from family, etc. When I told her that I actually was writing a post on preparation today she told me to stress the importance of having these 7 items in case of disaster.
2- Clean water, often water lines break or water sources become contaminated in natural disasters. 6- Further she stressed that it is very important to have a way to stay warm, such as a generator, fire, or propane stove. 7- You should also have a car emergency kit (click link for a list of what to include) in your vehicles as well. Recently I watched a documentary on how to stay alive in different life threatening situations.
If you live in a flood prone area having a water pump and actively watching the water levels around your home, in your window wells, drains, etc.
9 Ways to Prepare Your Family for Catastrophes, Natural Disasters, Income Loss, and Economic Depressions. If long range power outages are possible – make sure your freezer is packed as tight as it can be (a frozen turkey keeps things nice a cold a little longer) and do not open it unless you absolutely have to.
We live in a developing country, and do trips out to even more undeveloped areas than where we live (basically not even an ambulance would arrive). If you already know that there’s a disaster coming, a typhoon perhaps and you know that your place is prone to floods.
No fear pet lovers who can't adopt- we have some great ideas for other ways you can help the cause. Hurricane season is here and with it comes the potential for catastrophic damage to small businesses throughout the country. There are also other disasters such as wildfires, floods, tornadoes, electrical fires (even cyber security threats) that can also devastate your business if proper measures aren’t taken to protect your employees, property and equipment. Below are just a few things you can do to prepare your business for both natural and man made emergencies.
Take a preparedness assessment from the American Red Cross to determine if your business is ready for a disaster.
The site contains all the information needed to plan, implement, test and improve a preparedness program for your small business. The checklists can help you quickly plan for a disaster through critical tasks such as making a disaster recovery kit, creating an emergency communications plan, establishing a photo recovery plan, conducting a tabletop test and identifying unique items essential for business operations.
Each month, Prepare My Business hosts free webinars to educate small business owners about planning business continuity and strategizing for disaster recovery.
The SBA has resources that will help you develop a plan to protect your business and re-open quickly after an emergency. Disasters can destroy property and inventory, leading to dire consequences for small businesses. The US Small Business Administration is an independent federal agency that works to assist and protect the interests of American small businesses by delivering the answers, support and resources small businesses need to start-up, succeed and grow. For an online business such as myself, the key is having your hosting with a company that has done this work. If I was involved in a natural disaster, I’d be happy to be alive and with my health intact. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need.
Natural disasters can happen anywhere in the country, and it’s important for you and your family to be prepared. The West Coast experiences earthquakes, but the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico have to watch for hurricanes.
Homes in hurricane prone areas should have special hurricane straps that will help hold their homes in place during high winds. You may want to keep your family pictures, insurance papers and other irreplaceable items in a place that will stay dry and safe. Nobody wants to think about losing their home or family in a natural disaster, but it’s better to put plans in place and be prepared to prevent it from happening.
This article, Preparing Your Family For Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies, was written by Ashley Madison. Unfortunately, families around the country fail to properly prepare for emergency situations. A family needs to start off by gathering its important documents into a fireproof container.

To prepare for natural disasters, families should create a kit that contains vital resources. With rising temperatures and spring showers giving way to seasonal storms and wild fires, today, Saturday, May 9th, is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Our friends at Hill’s Pet Nutrition remind pet parents about the importance of being “pet prepared” in the event of an emergency. Prepare a “Pet Emergency Go-Kit” of pet supplies that is readily accessible in an emergency. Display a pet rescue decal on your front door or window to let first responders know there is a pet in the house.
If you need to evacuate, consider taking a pet carrier or crate for transport and safe-keeping.
Disaster is all too real and we’ve all seen the images on television of pets being abandoned and perhaps needing to be rescued from floods, fires, and other natural disasters. In 2013, Hill’s expanded its Food, Shelter & Love® program – through which it provides Science Diet® brand food to more than 800 shelters nationwide – to create the Disaster Relief Network. The team at Hill’s Disaster Relief Network recommends that pet parents take steps to being “pet prepared” if a disaster should occur. Homes were flooded, the power went out, people were stranded in or out of their homes, kids were stranded at schools and had to spend the night there, and many people abandoned their vehicles to get to safety. Luckily, we were able to reach them via text and cell and they informed us that the flood waters were coming fast but were not immediately near their homes.
They and many others were blessed that the dam held… at least so far and we are praying that it continues to hold. A huge peace of mind came over me when I realized that I would have my 72 hour kit on me in all of these instances. I share the experiences we have had when we have unexpectedly needed and used these survival kits here. Although, we are far from experiencing flooding on the scale my sister saw, I have been monitoring our home very closely. I actually talk about having cash in small bills and change in the 72 hour kit, but I appreciate you leaving this comment in case others don’t see it in the 72 hour kit post!
Always be ready with your survival kits, listen to the radio anouncements for any development, communicate with your community and friends.
For instance, nearly 19,000 New Jersey small businesses alone sustained more than $8 billion in losses as a result of Hurricane Sandy (PDF) in 2012. The site also features a free business-continuity planning suite developed by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which provides guidance on how to maintain operations during and after an emergency.
However, proper planning can mitigate damage, allow you to continue operations during emergencies and help rebuild after disasters strike. The SBA Community is an interactive extension of the site and features a variety of discussion boards and blogs that allow business owners to connect with their peers, industry experts and government representatives to ask questions, share best practices and get advice. Whether you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes or you deal with tornadoes or earthquakes, taking the time to get prepared early can save your home and family. You can also get impact resistant windows that can withstand debris hitting them in a storm. Consider a storage unit rental to keep your paperwork and irreplaceable family heirlooms protected from damage.
Important items include property deeds, social security cards, birth certificates, and similar documents. She is well known in the safety field, helping to spread the word about the importance of being prepared for fires and other disasters. Loving pet parents know the importance of having a disaster plan for your pets in place—but many people do not. While families typically have disaster plans in place, they may often overlook the importance of having specific plans and preparations relating to the family pet. No one wants to face the fear of not knowing what to do should an urgent weather emergency arise. Veterinary and Professional Affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition says, “Just knowing that a kit is packed and ready to go should eliminate some of the stress during an emergency.
The first-of-its-kind network was established in 2013 as an extension of Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® program, which has donated more than $280 million worth of Hill’s Science Diet® brand foods to over 1,000 shelters in the United States and helped more than eight million pets find new homes.
These include scenario planning, as well as creating a Pet Emergency Go-Kit, which can be quickly accessed during a disaster event.
Our family 72 hour kit has almost everything we would need to survive for up to 3 days without shelter, food, or water.
A full tank can get to someplace safe (typically), keep you warm or cool, the fuel can be siphoned out for a fire, and come in handy in other ways as well. So in addition to having these supplies it is also a great idea to have a survival book or have watched and learned about how to survive in different life threatening situations. If they rise too high you can prevent water from coming into your home by using a pump (this one can pump 30 gallons a minute) , buckets, pots, etc. Even if you work at home, there is still the risk of encountering an accident and catching fire.

I can imagine one having to really take heed and take the necessary precautions if their business was worth more. Here are six steps you should take to ensure that you’re ready for whatever may come. While you cannot stop the disasters from occurring, you can prepare based on the damage your home is likely to incur. Call your insurance company and talk to them about your coverage to ensure that you’re protected in the event of any natural disaster. Storage units are also more resistant to high winds and earthquakes than most wood frame houses, so your special items will be safe through most types of natural disasters. When a flood or hurricane forces evacuation, you need to be prepared to get out of the area.
A mother of two, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book when she isn't writing. Households that aren’t prepared could lose their belongings and even put themselves in danger.
Failure to prepare could lead to more problems than simply being forced from one’s home. In coordination with National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day on May 9th, Hill’s is taking the opportunity to share best practices for pet parents to be ready for any type of an emergency.
I keep one in each of our vehicles so that no matter where we are my husband and I both have access to emergency and survival supplies. For dinner their neighbors invited them over for some food they prepared on their propane grill. The morning after the flood there were long lines at the gas stations of people trying to get fuel in their tanks.
If you live in an earthquake prone area check out this post on how to prepare for an earthquake.
I’d be at the mercy of the utilities and ISPs for potentially long periods of time while they fix infrastructure.
You should plan for these events before you should do anything so that you’re ready when it happens. Make a list of friends and family in nearby states that you could potentially stay with in an emergency situation. In most cases, only a few steps are required to prepare for most disasters, and no family should skip out on these measures. If something happens to the home, then these documents can be destroyed, which causes countless problems.
This list allows family members to grab what they need before evacuating the home during an emergency. Undoubtedly, these items should be kept separate from the home’s normal supply of food. Each home should contain a thorough first aid kit that contains bandages, medication, and other supplies.
On the other hand, a homeowner could install a gas-powered generator on their property to make emergency situations more comfortable.
Individuals and families alike should follow these outlined steps and adapt them to their own needs. She is now grateful they have water storage because many water lines have broken and they are not sure if they will have running water. The 4G network from cell phone providers would help, but might be overloaded with emergency needs.
By taking a few moments to gather these documents beforehand, families don’t need to worry about it later on. A power outage or other event renders appliances useless and could even make tap water unsafe to drink.
It’s important to have a specific destination once the home is abandoned under these circumstances. Recently, fairly fierce natural disasters have struck areas that were completely unprepared for these events.
I cleared as much debris as I can from the drain and am monitoring the drain and water level closely. Without a doubt, these lists should be kept short because families can’t take everything with them.
Sadly, that kind of mistake can prove costly during an emergency, and many people don’t realize that fact. If needed I will use buckets or pots and pans to keep the water from coming up to our door line. Families should still follow the previously mentioned steps because evacuations are often a possibility.

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