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A hollow block is a concrete masonry unit, which is sometimes referred to as foundation block, cement block or concrete block. Besides fine gravel, fly ash or sand, clinker is another aggregate that can be used to produce hollow blocks. One of the widely used and highly important materials in the construction industry, this brick is often described as rectangular and large.
In the United States, the standard size is 20 centimeters by 20 centimeters by 41 centimeters or 8 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches.

Because of its ability to control different kinds of moisture issues, it is the preferred choice when making different kinds of structures like dining areas, shower stalls and car washes. Aside from this, it is also good to mix cement with fine gravel, especially when creating blocks that are high density. When planning to create lightweight blocks, it is best to use aerated concrete, which is a precast building material. Aside from these basic details, there are more to learn about this concrete masonry unit including the dimensions of a hollow block.
When using hollow blocks, be sure to leave out space for mortar joints, preferably 1 centimeter or 0.375 inch. For blocks that are low density, simply mix cement with an aggregate such as industrial waste.

To help fix this problem, it is good to use a decorative finish, preferably siding, paint or stucco. Due to their inferior compressive strength, breeze blocks are not anymore used in the country.

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