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Get a baseball batting cage from Sport Court® of Austin and spend more time practicing and getting better at baseball right in your own backyard! Sport Court® of Austin can also install batting cages for apartment complexes, rec centers, HOA's and other large facilities in Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas. Local youth and adult baseball leagues and teams are growing; build a batting cage and have it the main feature or a complementary component of your facility.
From the initial installation through on-going support and customer service, each customer remains a priority. Enjoy the convenience of practicing your swing at home by constructing your own batting cage. Building a home batting cage requires a sizeable amount of space in your yard, but only a few simple materials from a local hardware and sporting goods store.
Through Ideal Home Garden, Alexandra covers topics ranging from interior design to home improvement, gardening and cuisine. Ia€™m going to teach you, beginning with the stationary, how to build a batting cage, which is not exactly childa€™s play, but not as hard as one may think. Ia€™ll assume you wouldna€™t be reading this if you were willing and able to spend that sort of money on the cage, so Ia€™ll proceed with the assumption our goal is to build the best quality batting cage at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, your first decision should be a€?How long will I use this cage?a€? If your team, or child is 14 years old, material with a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years will more than suffice.
Once you are committed to a Sport Court® of Austin batting cage we, in turn, are committed to you.
Assemble the cage in your yard for summer and fall play, then simply fold it up and store it during the winter. Once you have determined what size cage you'd like, order a professionally made batting cage net.
Three frame pieces will be needed to support the cage, in the front, middle and back end, each in the shape of a rectangle (minus the bottom). Once each of the six ground sleeves have been set in concrete in the holes, the three frames can be erected, with each post resting in a ground sleeve.
You may attach the net while the frames are still on the ground, or after they have been erected. Several wires should be strung along the top of each frame, running down the length of the batting cage, for extra support under the net. Once the frame has been erected and the set secured in place, you may want to install a pitching machine.
Depending on who plans to use the cage, the size can vary greatly, making this backyard sporting accessories customizable to your individual needs. The owners and operators of this site do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of the content on this site. The next decision is what type of material are you going to use to construct the frame work of the batting cage. In our example wea€™ll use 2a€? schedule 40 PVC pipe, but the other materials will follow the same essential steps.

After setting the legs in their proper holes you can simply replace the dirt you removed, using a 2x4 and hitting it with a hammer to compact the dirt as you refill the hole.2.
A batting cage allows someone to practice baseball swings without the hassle of retrieving strikes.
A backyard multi-sport game court is a terrific place to set up your own professional batting cage.
Depending on the quality of materials used and the store you purchase them at, expect to spend between $500 and $700, and one day of construction time. If you plan to use the batting cage for children's practice, 20 to 40 foot long areas will suffice. Each frame should be stuck several feet into the ground inside of a ground sleeve to secure it against the force of being hit by baseballs, while still being removable for winter storage. No concrete should touch the frame inside the ground sleeve, and each frame post should be able to slide in and out easily. Use vinyl ties or wire to secure each end of the net to the end frames, to ensure that the net is not pulled inward by the force of the baseballs hitting it. For a complete, professional batting cage feel, install a baseball pitching machine, and enjoy the thrill of baseball in your very own backyard. Such content is not and shall not be deemed tax, legal, financial, or other advice, and we encourage you to confirm the accuracy of the content. Depending on quality, size and materials these batting cages can range from a few thousand to over 20 thousand dollars and more.
From the same corner stake, measure 4a€™ out from it in the opposite direct from the first.3.
Deeper if possible, but when digging in very rocky soil the 12a€? deep can become a real challenge. This will give you a 14a€™ leg and after inserting 2a€™ into the ground, will leave you a 12a€™ high ceiling. After plumbing and leveling each leg and securing it with stakes, fill the holes with pre-mix concrete and allow it to cure for 24 hours before removing the stake supports.3. Sport Court® of Austin provides support poles to integrate into our ball-containment systems, and the batting cage netting is custom-built to your dimensions. Also, purchasing a baseball pitching machine fully recreates the batting cage experience, allowing you to bat repeatedly without the need for another person. Typical dimensions for a full sized net are 70 feet long, by 12 feet high, by 12 feet wide.
Metal or plastic pipes, as well as treated wooden planks can be used to construct the frame. After digging all the holes do a visual sighting, then re-measure the distances to insure you havena€™t strayed from your layout. Cage length can be adjusted to the amount of space you have available, so properly reviewing how large a cage your yard can accommodate is necessary to select the appropriate amount of materials.
It is important to keep in mind that the longer the cage is, the more expensive the project becomes, as more materials will be required.

Take 1-10a€™ piece and a 2a€™ piece of pipe and glue them together with a coupler, giving you your 12a€™ span or width piece.3.
Dona€™t forget used netting is available and if it has been gently used is the way to go cost wise.
If ita€™s not even close, say 3a€™ youa€™ll have to adjust the stakes or your batting cage may look worse than the house Jack built.4. Since the first section will be an end section, glue a 3 way fitting on the top of each leg, one opening onto the leg, one opening pointing to the leg directly across, the 3rd opening pointing towards the next leg.4.
The glue sets quickly.Be sure to apply the solvent and glue thoroughly on the areas to be glued together, but you dona€™t have to glob it on. In Bruges, the doctors did not make stipulations hit run batting cages they should not be expected to visit infectious patients, but they wrote out their prescriptions in. In any event, before getting too ambitious, keep in mind the bigger the cage - the bigger the cost. Drive a stake into the ground at one end of the proposed site, Using a tape measure the length of the cage (wea€™ll use 80a€™) and drive another stake in the ground.3.
Take the remaining 12a€™ foot piece and glue each end into the 3 way openings which face it. Use a rag to wipe off excess glue around the joint, but once the solvent stains the pipe, ita€™s permanently stained. Recently, my father and I built a 70’ cage of our own with parts from Menards and a net we. This will give you the Four (4) corners of the batting cage.Youa€™re not building a house so the framework doesna€™t have to be perfect, but you do want it as square as possible.
Repeat this same procedure for the remaining 3 inner sections, except instead of gluing a 3 way fitting youa€™ll glue a 4 way fitting on top of each leg.6. The last step in fabrication is to glue 10a€™ pieces of pipe to the 3 & 4 way fittings on top of the legs, tying the entire frame work together.
To be on the safe side I would loose assemble this part of the process before gluing together and stand the cage piece(s) in the existing holes to be sure no modification is required.
The only difference is the two end sections will use 3 way fittings instead of four way fittings. How to Build a PVC Cage ~This cage was designed by Just For Fuzzies and was created for personal use ONLY, not to be used for profit.~ Building a PVC cage is easy, saves money.
FRAMEGreat quality fittings SAVE MONEY BUYING TUBING AT YOUR LOCAL HARDWARE STORE.This fittings allow you to set up your frame up to 14x14x60 ft.

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