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Guinea pig cages come in various sizes, most of which are too small for a lifetime of living.
Keep clean in between cage changing by removing the fleece canopy and tipping it sideways to roll poops out.
We disassembled everything and started over, creating a bottom that is 3x3 grids and an overhanging top that is 2x3 grids. Since these standalone units don't take up much floor space, they're great especially if you don't have room for a loft.

Move the entire unit to another area of the cage so pigs won't be getting their bottoms dirty by sitting in the same spot. At about 21.6 square feet, it's just over half the size of our previous cage, yet plenty big for two pigs. Best of all they're easy and quick to build, particularly if you have extra C&C supplies on hand. The two ramps run outside the main cage, but are connected firmly to the sides of the cage.

Truffle can often be seen hopping upstairs for a nap while Belka springs up to sniff around for snacks.

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