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Faraday FutureA concept rendering of Faraday Future's upcoming factory in Northern Las Vegas, Nevada.Faraday Future's plan to bring an electric car to market is getting a bit clearer, after months of speculation about the secretive company's plans to compete with Tesla. The company has announced a partnership with Nevada to build its vehicle manufacturing plant in a Northern Las Vegas suburb. The plant will essentially put Faraday Future in the backyard of Tesla's Reno-based Gigafactory. It's also supposed to lend credence to Faraday Future's ambitious plan of bringing an electric vehicle to market by 2017 a€” but that remains an ambitious goal, considering the company has yet to fully reveal its vehicle concept. That concept is expected to be revealed next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Faraday FutureA concept rendering of Faraday Future's upcoming factory in Northern Las Vegas, Nevada.For its part, Tesla Motors welcomes the competition.
Notably, the factory will go up in a location that's far away from the automotive supply chain. Faraday Future is backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, an investor who also CEO of the holding company LeTV, and who styles himself after Apple's late Steve Jobs, The Associated Press reports. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy caused by either solar flares or a nuclear blast.
Because of this ability, EMP weapons have been created with the aim to destroy the enemy’s technological capabilities. This fear has caused many preppers to invest in a Faraday Cage, giving them the means to protect their most valuable technology-based survival equipment. A Faraday Cage, simply put, is a metal container with a lining on the inside that does not conduct electricity.
In order for it to protect any electronics you place in it, the inside of the metal container must be lined with a protective cover so that your electronics cannot touch any metal. Just remember that the larger the metal container, the more protective lining you will have to invest in for your Faraday Cage to work. Let’s say you decide on making one out of a metal trash can since they are easy to find and relatively cheap while still being able to hold a fair amount of contents. We’ve established that you are opting for a metal trash can (for the purpose of this article). Now that you have your container, you must line the inside of it with enough cardboard so that no contents will be able to touch any metal. Any electronics you consider vital in case of an emergency should go inside your soon-to-be Faraday Cage.
If you want to take extra precautions, you can opt to wrap your gathered electronic in heavy gauge aluminum foil.
Your standard 31-gallon metal trash can will be able to keep a lot of electronics safe and is a favorite container among many preppers. EMPs are a threat to modern society and many preppers base their entire bug out plans on the event of an EMP striking their city or even the majority of the United States.

This simple project can be finished in under 30 minutes and will help insure that your valuable electronics will be safe from being fried by an EMP blast, which would happen without warning. I hope that by now, you can see that a specialized protective container specifically suited for EMP survivability should be used in place of the Faraday cage. Protection by means of complete and nu-penetrated enclosure is far more important than the ready ability to open the container. All genuine ammo cans use a rubber gasket between the lid and body flange to create the air tight seal.
An alternative to a commercial gasket, which will need to form a solid union where each end comes together, is a home built crush gasket.
A second method is to flip the EMP Box over onto it top, and melt plumber’s solder into the gap. A third method allows you to get into the box quickly, but might not work against a very strong pulse.
A larger metal container used solely as a large EMP box will need to include, in its preparation, the usual sealing methods. If you were to settle on a shipping container as a storage building, the shorter ones might make a whole lot of sense. Faraday Future has provided a glimpse of its top-secret electric car, billed the 'Tesla-killer', ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week. His vision is for drivers to interact with the systems inside the car rather than remotely controlling them with their smartphones.He also said the car will become far more intelligent, learning the driver's preferences, such as seat position, temperature and driving style.
Its nearest neighbors in Northern Las Vegas are a handful of pot farms, according to a Bloomberg report.
Because an EMP (used here on to stand in for all three) event is seen as an electronics killer due to high current and voltages frequently mentioned, the concept of a protective cage standing against the monster surges becomes an automatic connection in the minds of many. You see, the energy from an EMP doesn’t directly correlate to electricity as commonly known.
It takes but a little time to read to understand that this threat is a different beast altogether, and has only little resemblance to a 120v outlet short circuit applied to a computer, TV or phone. This gasket is trapped in the lid, and when the can is closed, it serves as a stand-off between the body and lid mating surfaces.
Aluminum foil, folder over and over, with enough material to lay over the edges of the can, will work.
The secretive Chinese-backed company today posted a teaser video of vehicle driving around showing not much more than a wheelOther than the video, Faraday has yet to share details about the car's features which it says are set to 'redefine our relationship with the automobile.'Speaking to Tech Insider, Richard Kim, Faraday's head designer, said the company aims to make a car that's 'more like a tablet'.
The assumption is that such a barrier will block all effects of the three events mentioned previously.
For those that don’t make the seemingly obvious connection, there are always others ready to supply it for them. There is no socket, no power strip and no extension cord connected to a power source with evil intentions for our electronics.

This stand off creates an nearly perfect uniform gap that is transparent to the pulse effect.
When rolled correctly, it will crush and resist crushing – pressing up against the lid and forcing you to apply a good amount of downward pressure just to close it. If you lay a solder wire along the gap as a barricade, it will help hold the melting solder near where it should be, and join into the effort.
After the box is closed, with its rubber gasket remaining in place, tape the box closed with 2″ aluminum duct tape. We can not stand in where a current seeks to fry our gadgets, and direct it out and around. Depending on the environment, it might even act as a slot antenna, which will actually assist a pulse in penetrating the can. If you go that route, consider the operating specs for the gasket, and be sure the one you buy will operate as designed within the gap you place it.
As an option, the smaller boxes can be stacked against the back wall, and a false wall, metal of course, sealed against it.
Any seams can be closed off with typical conductive gaskets used in higher end computer equipment chassis. EMP energy is created and delivered in manners unrelated to a power company suddenly turned vicious with the electronics-taser-of-death. It may not be reusable without a reforming, so be careful about opening the can to inspect things.
But the end result is a PERFECT seal that will allow you to use a desiccant in the can to control moisture. In this way, the stock doors at the other end can be closed and secured as always, giving you easy access, and hopefully keeping most bad guys out. In effect, the tape is held slightly above the can’s surface by a measurement equal to the thickness of the glue. I would have concerns if it were the only shielding, and also regarding interior condensation from stagnant and humid air. If you are decent at fabrication, that false wall may have its own resealable door built into it. If you wish to go one extra mile, remove the paint between the lid and body just outside the rubber gasket, press rolled foil into that space, and seal with the tape.

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