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This simple CPO is for those who want to practice Morse Code in a different way, ie with out the morse key.
This is not a sophisticated automatic keyer but it is lot QRP to build and to have fun operating it.
Xiaomi CEO shows off Mi Band 2 in smug Weibo photo The VergeThe Verge At $15 and $16 respectively, the Mi Bands are one of the most affordable wearable devices to come out of a respected company. The Left and Right LED`s are Connected in Series and if this circuit is used on a 12 volt system, and if a person wanted to they could connect 2 LED`s for each LED Shown.
In this article, I'll show you how to create a simple yet effective way of scaring off intruders.
Step 2 Create the circuitThe circuit is quite simple, consisting of the transformer, transistor, resistor, capacitor and diode from the camera circuit.
Step 3 Solder capacitor to transformerFinally, desolder the tiny yellow capacitor from the disposable camera circuit.
Step 4 Attach magnet wiresNow that the circuit is finished (make sure you install a switch into the circuit!), it should easily operate on the average AA battery, or 1.5 volts.
Step 6 Attach wires to aluminum stripsNow, take one of the wires you cut earlier and attach it to ONE of the aluminum strips.
Step 7 Mount the voltage circuitNow, mount the voltage circuit on the other side of the door with some tape or similar adhesive.
When C1's charge reaches sufficiently high value, it causes the transistor BC157B to conduct and pulls the relay and key the transmitter. And now thanks to Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun, we've gotten a glimpse of the Mi Band 2, the next gener 25 April 2016 Tom Brady's four-game suspension upheld ESPNESPN suspension upheld"We are pleased the United States Court of Appeals for the Second ruled today that the Commissioner properly exercised his authority under the collective bargaining agreement to act in cases involving the integrity 25 April 2016 Phone, Everlasting: What If Your Smartphone Never Got Old?

Of course, there are methods around this approach, but it's great for office pranks and general fun. Using the photo below, locate the large, black battery-like cylinder and cross the two prongs with a screwdriver. Follow these steps to create the circuit, or use the schematic below (the circuit could easily be made on a protoboard or standalone). Also, if your doorknob doesn't look like mine, or is round or another shape, the concept is simply to place the aluminum strips in a place on the handle where the victim would touch both, thus completing the circuit.
You can easily attach the wire to the aluminum by bending over a portion of the tape, and wrapping the wire around it.
The voltage from the capacitor isn't lethal (unless seriously misused), but should deliver a startling blast of voltage sure to leave the victim's arms tingling! NEVER work with large amounts of electricity unless you are experienced with safety and the dangers of electricity!Soldering irons are hot! I have tried with a 1kw heater and worked better but if I leave it on for too long I am sure it will blow it too.
The tricky part is getting the victim to complete the circuit with their hand and release the power stored in the capacitor through their hand. The idea here is to create a "circuit" out of your doorknob, so that when someone attempts to open it, the circuit is completed and electrocutes them. The wires from the aluminum strips should easily wrap around the door itself, since they are very thin and there is usually some leniency in distance between the door and the door frame. Most people don't look at a doorknob before they open a door, especially if it's one they go through often.

The pulses are coupled from the output (pin 3) to the clock inputs of IC4, IC5, and 1C6, the display-driver ICs. An LED is used to indicate the clock pulses, and a variable resistor is provided for each of these functions. The frequency (tone) can be changed by varying the 100 K variable resistor between pin 7 and 6 of timer IC555.
Attach two 5-inch pieces of magnet wire to the positive and negative high voltage outputs of your transformer circuit. It's better to disguise the silver tape if your doorknob isn't silver—there are many ways to do this.
Trimmer resistor PI controls the overall clock rate, P2 controls the winner tone, and P3 controls the display brilliance. It's easy to remove the insulation from the magnet wire with a soldering iron, because it just melts off.
They are wired to display three different symbols, an L, a 7, and bar, When all three displays show the same symbols, IC7 (a 4023 triple 3-iriput NAND gate) decodes a winner and sends a signal to pin 5 of IC3. Steve Julian, the 25 April 2016 Introducing Circuit Breaker, a new gadget blog from The Verge The VergeThe Verge Breaker, a new gadget blog from The VergeLet's answer that question, and several . And that won't stop or change — we'll still have reviews, features, videos, and big stories about and the ways it intersects with sci 25 April 2016 Supreme Court Hears Case on Bad Patents With Tech and Pharma Firms Watching Closely FortuneFortune and Pharma Firms Watching CloselyThe patent owner sued the Patent Office, asking the federal Court of Appeals to vacate the decision.

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