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But what if you want to delete the Temporary Internet Files Cache and Cookies for a particular website only, natively without using any 3rd-party tool which may include this functionality? Using this sub-menu, you will be able to delete browser cache or Cookies for a particular domain.
Incidentally, you can also view information about cookies for that domain like Name, value, sub-domain if any, Path and expiry date of the Cookie. Like all web browsers, Google Chrome maintains cache and history of a user browsing habits so that frequently visited webpages are quicker to load again, and so that users can easily retrieve and return to sites they were visiting before. The Chrome settings based approach of removing browser caches is basically the same in all versions of the browser, whether in Mac OS X as covered here, or in Linux or Windows, even clearing cache and history in Chrome for iOS is largely the same, though accessing the settings menu is different on the mobile side of things compared to desktop versions. Another option is to manually delete Chrome cache and web data based through the file system on a Mac. If you are going to modify or delete Chrome cache files manually, be sure to quit the application before doing so.
Do not modify or delete cache files or folders manually unless you no longer want browser cache to be accessible for those pages. I am not sure if any of you experienced being stuck in Gmail Compact mode, but if you have reached this post via searched, most probably you did.

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Clicking on Delete Browsing History deletes temporary Internet files, Cookies, saved passwords and web form information.
Clicking on Clear browser cache for this domain (Hotkey Ctrl+D) deletes only the browser cache and all temporary files that belong to the current domain. There are many occasions when Mac users may wish to clear out Chrome cache, web data, download history, cookies, and browsing history, often for development, troubleshooting, or privacy purposes, and thus knowing how to clear out this browser data within the Google Chrome and Chrome Canary web browsers of OS X is helpful. This is similar to manually emptying cache in Safari for Mac, and is best reserved for more advanced users only.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Nothing is wrong with your Gmail account and nothing is wrong with your memory, your Gmail is just on Compact mode.
All you need to do is logout on your Gmail account, clear your browser cache, then log back in.
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Clearing your internet cache periodically is essential for your web browser to function properly, saving you download time and allowing you to see the very latest version of the websites you visit. It may sound scary and you may question yourself, is your Gmail being hacked or did you do anything with you settings?
Gmail compact mode can be really difficult to use for some, because the messages are too close to each other. Normally, Gmail is on Comfortable Density Settings which is friendly to the eyes because of the good spacing of messages. The Developer Tools enables Web site developers to quickly debug Microsoft JScript, investigate a behavior specific to Windows Internet Explorer, or iterate rapidly to prototype a new design or try solutions to a problem on-the-fly.

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