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If you don’t immediately see changes made to the website, you may have to go the extra step of clearing your browser cache and cookies in addition to refreshing your web page. The process of clearing your browser cache and cookies is different depending on which browser you are using. The cache is a section of your computer's memory where your temporary internet files are stored.
Saving internet files is your computer's way of speeding up the process of opening web pages.

If you’ve ever been to a website that made you log in, and then later returned to that website, you may notice that you did not have to log in again. It is important to clear your cache so that you can see the most recent version of a web page. When we visit a site, the browser checks to see if those page elements are in it’s cache folder.
For example, if your instructor sent you an email stating that the link to an exam was now available and you don't see the link, you need to clear your cache.

After you clear the cache and refresh your browser you will see the new page with the link for the exam.

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