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Modern versions of the Safari web browser for Mac OS X offer a hidden feature that allows users to clear web caches from the browser without having to dump all other browsing history, cookies, searches, or other website data. In order to empty caches in Safari for Mac OS X, you’ll first need to enable the Develop menu in Safari from within the apps Preferences. There is no confirmation or alert dialog notifying the user that Safari browser caches have been cleared or emptied, it simply happens behind the scenes. Once you have enabled the Develop menu, you will also gain access to a keystroke shortcut for clearing caches in Safari using Command+Option+E, which offers a faster method of access for users who need to access the feature often without having to pull down the menu every time. Users can also force refresh and reloading ignoring cache with a Shift+click on the Refresh page button in Safari for Mac if they need to clear cache for a specific page only. For those who want to know where Safari cache files are stored locally within he file system, they’ll typically be in one of two locations in OS X, depending on what version of the OS is installed on the Mac. Again, while you can access the direct file system locations of the Safari cache files yourself, they are not intended to be user facing and thus are best cleared through the Develop menu and accompanying keyboard shortcut.
For most users, there is little need to clear out caches in Safari, but it can be a helpful troubleshooting trick for situations where the browser is not behaving as intended. For those who enjoy digging behind the scenes of the Safari browser a bit with the developer menu, additional and more advanced options are also available through the hidden Debug menu as well, including a set of cache inspector tools.
Sometimes the cache can get quite large, which can slow down your browser’s performance. If you are using the Mac version of Firefox, you can empty your cache by choosing Firefox, Preferences, Privacy, then under Cache click on the Clear button. The cache is a section of your computer's memory where your temporary internet files are stored.
Saving internet files is your computer's way of speeding up the process of opening web pages.
You might have noticed that certain website keeps suggesting you some or the other thing that you have checked in past.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol that helps users transfer files from computers to servers via web protocol. I use an app which monitors my RAM and displays it in the menu bar, and after copying several large files onto my mac from an external drive (totaling almost 5 GB), I only have anywhere from 250 mb to 400 mb of available RAM (the number fluctuates), usually this number is at least 3.5 GB. When you copied that data from the external drive, it had to read the contents into RAM first so it could then write it to the other drive. Now here's the kicker that addresses the heart of your question: Does having 5.66 gigs of data in the file cache really only leave you with 250-400 MB of RAM available? Even though that program is telling you the truth about how much RAM is being used, at the same time it is misrepresenting the amount of RAM you have available. That 5.66 GB is still free as far as the operating system is concerned Why can't OSX just mark that section of memory as free?
Your file cachet should be cleared if you check your activity monitor it should show the reduction in RAM usage on your Mac. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged osx mac memory osx-mavericks or ask your own question.
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This is a really useful feature for web workers and developers who routinely need to clear browser cache for pages and websites, which forces the browser to pull new data from the server(s) being accessed, but it can also be helpful for some troubleshooting situations in Safari as well.
This optional menu contains many developer centric features, including the ability to directly clear cache from Safari browsing sessions, which is what we’re going to focus on in this walkthrough. The advantage to this method is that it does not clear all other browser caches from Safari, it focuses on that specific page only. In addition to emptying browser cache, clearing web history in OS X Safari and clearing all cookies, or removing site-specific cookies in Safari for Mac can also be helpful for remedying troublesome browser behavior.
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All the cache files on Safari have been erased and now when you visit any website, Safari will request web pages directly from the server. We value you feedback, do share them with us in comment or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
When I open the app, it tells me that most of the RAM (5.66 GB) is allocated to the file cache. I would prefer if this could be done using an applescript file so I can easily run it in the future if I need to, but it's not necessary.
Not sure your level of computer skill but pseudo-commands if used wrong or entered improperly can seriously mess with your entire operating system.
Some intermediate versions of Safari even included a reset option which did all of this in one fell swoop, but modern versions have since removed that ability for the time being, making users have to individually empty out site data in segmented chunks.
If you visit the same site more than once, the browser will check in this folder first to see if it already has downloaded the images it needs to display the page. Clearing your cache can also be helpful if you are on a public access computer and want to make sure other people don’t have access to personal information you have entered while visiting a website.
If the images are already in the cache, then the web page will display more quickly because the web browser does not have to download the whole page. There’s also a keyboard shortcut associated with this function that you can check in the Develop menu.

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