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Right now I'm not using any filter and changing the water every other day (Purified bottled) for the two little ones. If you have a set up similiar please post me a picture as it's hard to look through everything on this site.
I was thinking about a similiar set-up however in a glass tank though as I like to see them from all sides. My daughter Tiffany had to make a diorama for a book report about an animal and its habitat.

Most people use a shoe box to make dioramas but, we didn’t have one big enough so we used a box. We began by painting the box too different blue colors, dark blue for under water and a lighter blue for the sky above the water. Valentine’s Day is so much more then the love between two individuals, it about showing love to all the people in your life that you care about.
Ive got some plants in the water to help keep it clean also.The topper is something a friend made last year when I had it set up for my painted (shes now in a 300 gal) The topper has a shop light attached to the under side.

I would not suggest doing the levels I did, because the dirt was forever mucking up the water.

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