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TIE KNOTS THE FUN AND EASY WAYBetter to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it. The eight knots in this section are the most basic knots - the building blocks of knot tying. The terms Overhand Knot, Half Hitch, and Half Knot are often confused and frequently used as though they are interchangeable. Many of these knots have critical uses in the various other sections of this website and, when space permits, these knots are repeated there. The circles indicate Connectors which act as jump nodes from one part of the process to another.
The ovals (aka Terminators) indicate the process boundaries, showing where the process starts and stops.
For reference, also see an example of an advanced flowchart using a broader set of symbols. Gears and cams were developed as an offshoot of several of these elements and are also important types of mechanisms.
Machine elements include components that allow power to be transmitted from one mechanism to another. Many of the more complex mechanisms we use today have their roots in these simpler devices.
These simple mechanical elements were developed hundreds or even thousands of years before the advent of modern automation. How to make a science fair project backboard Posted by Dr.
If you are an athlete, you might like to believe that “talent” always beats “equipment”, but the more you participate in a given sport, the more you realize that good equipment helps with success rates. The backboard needs to be autonomous – meaning that a person, otherwise not familiar with the project, should be able to understand what was done in the project without the student present to explain it.
Although the backboard is the final product, the planning for its design should start immediately. About my blog…The Science Fair has become a competitive sport and well-coached kids increase their odds of success.

Flowcharts are visual representations of the steps involved in a process and are composed of rectangles, diamonds, ovals and other shapes connected via arrows.
Open up a new document in your computer's word processing or spreadsheet program after you have finished brainstorming and mapping out your flowchart. Using the flow chart software or the template create a flow chart for each job you supervise. There are several free or fee-based options for Gantt chart design software or Gantt chart templates.
Using these basic symbols is a simple but effective way to provide a graphical snapshot of a process.
The primary purpose of a mechanism is to transfer or transform force from one form or direction into another.
The classical concept of decomposing machines into these simple elements still has relevance today, though there are elements that don’t fall directly into these categories. Elements such as bearings, couplings, clutches, brakes, belts and chains are examples of components that facilitate movement.
The ratchet and pawl is an example: it combines elements of a lever, a spring and a gear to create a device that allows rotation or movement in only one direction. Though we think of a spring as a coiled piece of pre-hardened wire, a spring is defined as an elastic device that stores energy. After the industrial revolution and introduction of electricity, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and even mechanical relays all evolved out of these concepts. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser.
This is critical because most science fairs include a component for the judges to evaluate projects prior to speaking with students. This blog is designed to help parents, teachers, and other mentors become better coaches for students wanting to successfully compete in a Science Fair. They may be used in a variety of sectors, including in business to demonstrate the processing, manufacturing and delivery of a product and in an engineering lab to define the procedure on how to test a new design. For example, if you are painting your house, cleaning all wall surfaces may be the first step.

Certain programs are specifically used for creating flowcharts, such as Microsoft Office Visio.
Edraw Soft states that rectangles are used for process steps, diamonds are used for decisions, a rectangle with a swivel at the bottom denotes when someone needs to write a document and a parallelogram represents the input or output of data. Think of a hypothetical situation and run it through the flowchart or ask a colleague to provide you with feedback. Mechanisms and simple machines can be thought of as the building blocks of more complex machines. Bearings and couplings evolved from the wheel and axle while belts and chains are derived from the concept of the pulley.
This was an important development in the evolution of the mechanical clock, along with gearing. An example is the string on a bow and arrow; this was one of the earliest examples of a spring used to amplify force. It is important to consider these basic elements of mechanical systems when designing machinery or automated systems.
They expect some of these features to be in specific places and if those features are not in the expected location, the student runs the risk of a judge concluding the student is missing that component.
Throughout the website, you’ll see many sports-themed analogies because I want to connect science with something that might be more familiar – sports.
When designing your flowchart template, divide the process into core steps and do not overcomplicate the format. It is important to make all features easy to find and spotlight the data collected on the center panel.

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