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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. As co-founder Naveen Selvadurai departs Foursquare to do something new, the mobile check-in and deals service is continuing to innovate towards a crucial question: where's the money in mobile? There's one caveat: for some startups, creating a great feature and then getting bought by a well-capitalized giant like Google or Facebook is an end game. Hear the scoop on Foursquare's strategy at IGNITION West, Business Insider's intense conference on the business of mobile and content, taking place March 21 in San Francisco. How often have you made the decision to “change your life,” listing ten things to change and fix all at the same time? Beyond buzz, mobile apps and services must be profitable at some point to stay in business.
But that's not for every founder, and so far it's clearly not in the cards for Dennis Crowley and Foursquare.

In addition to Foursquare, speakers from Yelp, Google, YouTube, Zynga, AOL, Yahoo and other major tech companies will weigh in on mobile strategy. No matter: Make It Big is an almost flawless pop record, a record that does exactly what it wants to and has a great deal of fun doing it.
I know I am guilty of doing that more often than I care to share… The problem with that approach is that a list that is too long is just that– too long! And any step, no matter the size of the step, in the right direction still gets you one step closer to your desired destination. Sure, it's slight stuff and too thinly orchestrated at times, but George Michael can write and sing rings around fellow teen dream Simon Le Bon. Decide what you want, and then decide on one small thing that you can do to move toward your goal.
And when it becomes overwhelming, most people go into shutdown mode, doing a complete 180 from their original goals.

Over the course of time, those small changes, approached individually, will each become routine habits, will no longer seem overwhelming, and before you know it, you will achieve your master goal without feeling like you killed yourself to get there. Gripe all you want about the cops from Holland-Dozier-Holland's "It's the Same Old Song," but "Freedom" is truly irresistible: snappily written, perfectly arranged, superbly sung. What should be zingy three-minute pop songs are dragged out to four or five minutes to fill up vinyl. Though that's a minor failure in the pleasantly daffy "Credit Card Baby" or the Spectorish "Heartbeat," there's really no excuse for the minute forty seconds of instrumental lounge music with which "Like a Baby" bumbles to a start.

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