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Our rear cage kit for the 1976-86 CJ7 is designed to mount to the factory roll bar and give the rear seat passengers protection in case of a roll over.
The Jeep CJ 7 Rear Cage Kit adds stability and a rugged look that sparates your CJ from the rest of the pack while you are conquering the trail! Warranty DisclaimerBecause of their intended usage, the manufacturer makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, oral or written to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service.
I would like to build little boxes like these so I can drop the cage after it's all tacked and weld the top.
Yeah, I saw that and I had a feeling that the boxes could fall under that, but I want to make sure.
There are many Jeep parts on the market, chose one for your Jeep CJ that actually feels substantial.

Purchasers are responsible for selection of proper goods and must rely on their own skill or judgement that such goods are suitable for purchasers' application. This brace must attach to the driver side upper corner of the main hoop, not more than six (6) inches from the radius, and to the opposing leg, not more than six (6) inches from the base plate. This tube shall be no higher than shoulder height and continue the full width of the main hoop, attached to both legs. If Side Hoops are used, they are to be connected together by a single horizontal tube across the top of the windshield with a maximum of 4 bends totaling 90 degrees ± 10 degrees.
A front hoop must be connected at the top by horizontal bars running back to the main hoop on each side, above the doors with a maximum of 4 bends, totaling 180 degrees ± 10degrees. In this configuration, the outer bars must also have a minimum of two (2) vertical tube sections connecting the upper and lower bars.

All of our cookies are required for the site to function as intended and we do not use any cookies for malicious or fradulent activity. Unlike our competition who leaves most of the fab work for you to do, once you have unpacked your kit from us you should have it in your jeep and tacked together in less then 30 min.
We can still ship it to you in one piece if you would like but we must add the additional shipping cost.

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