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How to trap and catch more bobcats by talking with your turkey hunting friends and or hunting clubs. It is turkey season boys and if you hunt them or not, make sure to get as many feather, wings and parts you can from you friends and hunting clubs. Most parts of the country has a spring turkey season, so thinking about getting all these trapping turkey goodies is hard to come by once the trapping season is underway. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Made 3 of these a few years ago, they were 10x20x42, I had a bunch of that panel laying around and decided to put it to use. I like the swing doors but a lot of the places I trap have cattle, when they sniff it with there nose and they always trip them. I set two large double sidedoors out yesterday afternoon had a bobcat in one this morning, but the camera didn,t take. I see some cage makers using wire cable between the pan and trigger and other use a steel rod(s). Tracy, Thanks for showing that video, Thats the first time I've seen Mercers set up, all I can saw is WOW. For you guys who cage trap bobcats what are the dimentions of you're traps?I'm going to build a few where I can't use steel because of pets.
Me and Albert was finishing up on a hunting club a few weeks back and they were running turkey hunts.
We stuffed several 1 gallon bags full of natural eye appeal that turns on any self-respecting predator.
Most of NW OK is divided into 1 mile squares because of the land runs in the late 1880's, so there's a never a need to walk more than half a mile, and of the dozen or so places that I trap, I never have to walk more than 100 yards from the truck. They are different then CageBs but would work the same at the door end.You have to look close but you can see the rod running the length of the trap has a 90 degree bend at the ends. A regular double door would work,but if it fit the contour or if it resembled more the crawl under I think it would work better.

Just like angle iron or somerthing one both sides that will sit flush with the groundYou just stick a rod or a stick through the handle and it secures it. Building a trap that works, is light enough to be transportable and doesn't take up to much space when hauling or isn't a big deal to assemeble on site.And when I say work I don't just mean mechanically. A longer pan will have a different tension than a shorter pan.For the most part, I use just enough to keep my door up when set on a hair trigger. The more you use the cages the more you learn, and things will always be changing, sometimes positive and other times negative. Anyone who as done any serious Cage Trapping will stay with the wider cages at least 10", your showing how little you know about Cage Trapping.
Oppose unscientific and inappropriate legislation pertaining to the management of furbearing animals. If you plan a head a little, you can place your traps in such a way to be able to check them at 30 MPH and or from 100 yards away.
When you do this, be carefull to not pull of chunks of skin unless you plan on freezing or salting you loose feathers.
Wrap the body with trapping wire and hook to a Freedom Brand Wolf Fang stake and drive it into the bottom of your hole. Just think of all the tree huggers out there that should be happy because you are being green on your predator lines. I would really like to make my own simply because then I can make them to the exact size I want.
Alot of knowledge to be gained by a rookie cage trapper like myself.A question for the cage builders what weight do you think is optimal for pan tension? Because I like to catch the greys as well as the cats, I prefer a lighter door tension.Hyperwrx,You asked about cable vs rod. John has some of the best cages out there and some of his condo units are over 40 pounds, they still catch a lot of fur.
Jumping through a snare hoop and going into an unknown enclosed cubbi are two different things.

If you are looking for a bender PM me and Ill give you a place to check out or look on this site as I posted it earlier.
Skin will rot and melt into the rest of the loose feathers and just be a mess to work with down the road. Most of the country I trap is either cats or greys and I will take either.Thanks for the input fellas.
I never saw you down to Ron Massey's in Mesa or at Dennis's place in Globe, 30 years ago either.
Think about all the friends you have that hunts turkey, you know they do not use all the bird. I don’t know about you, but that is an exciting product for a bobcat trapper to get his or her hands on.
Next set a few traps out front or the way you think the coyotes will approach the set and hold on. Cable does tend to take a little more tension to set it off, probably due to more friction on the cable.
Do you guys use sticks or rocks in the cage to guide the cats foot where you want it to step on the pans sweet spot?
Thought I really had something.Maybe you will come up with a trigger system that will out do what has already been developed.
Had I not been persistent, the patent I am getting for a powered guillotine door would not have happened. Sure every few days you will have to put eye on the trap to make sure lure is not gone or flag is not blown away, but besides that, go check more traps. You will find the way a wire trigger works would be inhanced due to the downward pressure on the doors.

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