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I havent forgotten to get these pics on, just having a few probs getting the pics off of my blackberry and onto the laptop, I had lost the lead, however I have now found it, but cant work it out lol!!, Will get them on asap!!!
Degu and Chinchilla WorldCages, Housing & AccessoriesSimulating The Degu's Natural Habitat ! They are curious animals and will probably wonder what is inside even if they couldn't smell it.
I've not been on for a wee while and have just been reading through this thread.Lately I have been giving my boys "uncooked" twigs from crab apple and hawthorn and slightly larger ones from silver birch as they are plentiful where I go walking - it is away from main roads etc. You should be putting them in the oven for a while to kill any bacteria especially if the wood has mould on it etc. I guess it should be ok from what I understand salt water kills bacteria through the process of osmosis.

Its all good i put them in a bath with a couple of kettles worth in n gave them another scrub an squirt with pet safe disinfectant!
As a hamster owner, providing your little pet with a great home can be just as much fun for you as it will be for them. As a hamster keeper, you don’t have to go out and build some extravagant cage like the ones above. I am not sure how good their sense of smell is I will have to look it up so I know in the future.If the cotton breaks up easily, then yes it should be fine. Their quality is usually worth the wait especially for my Steve so he doesn't get hurt ever again.I have heard good things about fuzzbutts also.
See how easy it breaks up when wet to ensure that if it is ingested it won't cause harm.If it is made from anything man made avoid it like the plague no matter how harmless it may seem - I learned that the hard way as you know with the nylon in my slumber tunnel.

Or maybe if a cage clean day is nearby remove any large pieces then whilst you're cleaning the rest out and put them in the oven? Scrubbing them down was a good idea you don't want the branches all salty and wood is quite absorbent.

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