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As with the other videos in this series, material is presented in a low key, straightforward way. Rather than summarize everything in the video, I’ll raise some questions and touch on a high point or two to give you the flavor of the issues it deals with. How will you live off the grid when your local area is without power after a catastrophic event? The section on alternative power includes an informative discussion about a solar powered trailer. Caching is a popular subject among preppers, and it gets its due coverage in this video as well. If you knew you could make one last shopping trip in plenty of time before disaster hit, what would you buy? Since discussion of firearms is included in this video, you’ll see disclaimers and basic safety rules for using guns at the beginning of the DVD, before the menu appears.
If you’re not all that experienced with firearms and home defense, the sections which give an overview of those topics are for you. While it’s a good idea to planfor the day when our modern technology may not be readily available or accessible, we can use it now as in an instrument in planning.
You can see my reviews of the other video presentations in this series here, here, here, and here. DestinySurvival Radio is replayed on the Prepper Broadcasting Network and Survival Central Radio. Disaster scenario days are practice session where you can safely try out your emergency kits and disaster survival skills.  Because you are learning these skills in a controlled environment you can make necessary adjustments to your kits and plans before a real disaster strikes! Then do it!  Try to make the scenario as realistic as possible, but don’t worry if you have to make some adjustments or even bail out mid-stream.  That’s what these practice sessions are for! Take notes throughout the exercise.  Then afterwards review them and take necessary actions, such as adding items to the kit, improving certain skills, or learning more about a particular disaster. It can actually be a fun bonding time for the whole family.  Below are some reports of our disaster scenario days.

Could we survive in the wilderness with just our 72-hour kit?  We loaded our kit up in the car and went camping three hours away to find out.  This was our first experience camping as a family as well as the first time we tried to use our 72-hour kit. Our second disaster scenario was a simulated power outage in the dead of winter.  Would we be able to stay warm when our primary hear source was rendered inoperable due to the power outage?  What happens if the water stopped flowing?
We planned a sudden and fast evacuation to a nearby campground. We timed ourselves to see how long it would take us to load up the car with our 72-hour evacuation kit and get on the road with three small children!  Did we forget anything critical for survival? When was the last time you practiced your disaster survival skills or tried out your emergency kit? Tell us about it! Author Information (optional)To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Depending on the situation, you may have anywhere from a few seconds to a week or more to make preparations to survive a disaster scenario and its aftermath.
If you live in a region where natural disasters are common, you should have a survival plan of action. If Hurricane Katrina didn’t demonstrate to every American that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not capable of adequately responding to large-scale natural disasters, you were either asleep at the wheel or willfully ignorant. If you have any doubt about the need for knowing survival tactics now, just do a quick internet search on the effectiveness of the federal government’s ability to respond to major natural disaster. When it comes to emergency and disaster management, I can’t make your plan up for you, and neither can anyone else. The focus is on long term survival when things go very bad as well as emergency scenarios after disasters.
How would you deal with environmental disasters, such as a chemical spill or nuclear accident? The consensus among those in the know is that trying to tough it out in the wilderness is a bad idea. Jeff Motes talks about Once Upon an Apocalypse, a novel to nudge readers toward preparedness. This is important because practicing for disaster situations is not convenient (say spending a night without power) and you may never get around to it if you don’t put it on the calendar.

Tornadoes and hurricanes affect large regions of the United States every year, yet few people are prepared or have a plan of action to deal with these common natural disasters.
The federal government has failed to provide timely, useful support to tens of thousands of Americans in the aftermath of numerous catastrophic events. This decision process could take a few hours or several weeks depending on the nature of the disaster. However, I can point you in the direction for you to get guidance, as I often do by recommending various resources for preppers. Each of the instructors featured previously gets his turn to discuss his areas of expertise.
The best part is, you can access their expertise any time when you watch the DVD’s or view the material online. Panteao Productions gives subscribers discounts on annual subscriptions and a 100% money back guarantee.
Even with the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, FEMA was still woefully unprepared for the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy seven years later. Or, if you’re already proficient with guns, you may want to show these chapters to a friend or family member in need of the basics.
Fear, panic and chaos often result within a few days without access to the basic survival essentials; shelter, water, food, fire and basic medical care.
The fact is the federal government is ill equipped to deal with widespread, large-scale disasters. The more money you have and the better house and car you own, the less well you’re going to fare in a disaster. In fact, just two lessons will suffice, and will allow you to fly any aircraft that presents itself.

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