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101 PalletsRecycle wooden pallet furniture designs ideas and diy projects for garden, sofa, chairs, coffee tables, headboard, shelves, outdoor decor, bench, bed frame uses. Many of you may not be familiar with the wall decoration ideas created with the help of the wooden pallet.
Wooden pallet wall art and decoration ideas are more versatile than just a wall decoration.
You could adapt this to different breeds (even different animals!) and make it in a variety of sizes. Step 5: Next, I used two dowels as shown, to hold up the cake, and also to act as a support for the front legs. Step 7: Then, I found a pot with some old floral foam in it,covered that bit with some kitchen paper (paper towel) to make it less unsightly, and stuck the dowelled head into it. Step 9: And, as you can see from the photo, I smoothed it down and shaped it, using the natural folds of the fondant to form the ears. Step 10: Next, I trimmed the excess sugarpaste away to get the ears even, smoothed the rest of it under the head and added some more sugarpaste to the top of the head to get the shape better.
Step 12: It was pretty patchy and not at all acceptable by most cake decorator standards – BUT it was only the base coat!
Step 15: The eyebrows were modelled the same way, and I used brown sugarpaste around the mouth and neck where the natural colour of the dog was darker.
Step 16: The best thing that occurred to me while I was making this cake was to use a grass nozzle (a round flat-ended nozzle with lots of holes) to make the fur look more realistic.
Step 17: The face wasn’t easy – trying to build up the layers of fur, especially those that were long and hanging down around the ears and mouth.

Step 18: For the neckerchief, I rolled out a thin layer of red modelling paste, cut it into a square, kept the off-cuts for the ties at the back, and decorated it with a black edible ink pen.
Finally, the tutorial isn’t complete without a photo of the birthday girl with the real Freddie and her cake!
Like so many other victims of the summer birthday, I watched as kids brought in cupcakes to class, knowing I would never get to experience such joys.
This article will help you to find our exiting ways to create simple and innovative wooden pallet wall decoration ideas. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
While I don't normally like to make a big fuss (okay, that's only partially true) it happens to be a big one and I'm going all out. Don't get me wrong, my parents tried to throw me birthdays, but they ended up being more of the invite your favorite, few friends and hope for the best, as summer vacations and camps made it hard to plan.
No one likes to get walked all over, but I'm pretty sure it's okay if these cute puppies walk all over my cake. First of all you always want to hand things on walls, with the help of some hooks and supports. We have multi sized and colored pallet wood furniture ideas and pallet furniture plans for outdoor and indoor decoration. There are two things I love in this world -- ok five things, but: husband, family and Guinea Pigs- today is not about you, what I love most are dogs and cake, so today in honor of my birth, I'm going to talk about that. At the office we have a tradition of celebrating everyone's birthday with a delightful feast, but alas I'm not at work either and so I'm left to celebrate myself, my way and why not?

Please check out our fun list of adorable, versatile and functional methods to utilize that under the stair area.1. Create more storage.View in galleryUnder the stairs in the perfect place to add storage space, especially for smaller homes and big collectors.
I also reserved some of the lighter icing while I was mixing it, and I used the lighter icing at the end, to highlight certain parts of the fur, especially around the face. Then you can add points of hanging, and knobs on it, which will hold you’re hanging items as well as decorate your wall. Add a cork board to post up some photos, add a couple shelves to organize and a plug to juice up the computer.3. If someone made a cake inspired by me writing about dog cakes, this is what it would look like. You don’t have to have your pet lounging around the living room furniture when you can utilize your extra space in such an easy way. Hardwood FloorsTop 5 Unusual Egg-Shaped Houses35 Timeless Black And White Bedrooms That Know How To Stand OutSEE MORE POSTS IN THIS CATEGORYLove Homedit?

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